Top 20 Sweets In Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick, Kolkata

Top 20 Sweets In Balaram Mullick Radharaman Mullick Kolkata
Top 20 Sweets In Balaram Mullick Radharaman Mullick Kolkata

If there is one shop that is famous among all Bengalis all over the globe, especially in Calcutta, it is Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick. This shop started off as a tiny store but now is the most famous and iconic sweet shop in Kolkata. The baked rosogollas is the most famous and most bought sweet here.

1. Abar Khabo Sandesh

This sweet was made of kheer, pistachios, cashews and raisins cooked and made into spheres. This was first made by Nobin Chandra Das.


2. Baked Doi

This is a very creamy sweet where the Doi or curd is made fresh, sweetness in the form of condensed milk is added and then it is baked. Once the baking is done, it is left to chill. The more it is chilled, the taste is enhanced.

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3. Baked Mihidana

Baked Mihidana is a very popular dish in Calcutta. This is prepared with besan, ghee, sugar syrup, and rabri. You make a batter with besan and fry them in pure ghee. Then leave them in the sugar syrup. Once they have soaked the syrup, take them out and add them to the rabri and garnish with Elechi and thinly sliced almonds.

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4. Bhapa Pitha

This is a rice cake sweet that is mostly cooked and eaten in the east part of India, like Bangladesh, North-East and East India. This is typically made during winter and eaten hot or cold. They can be served fried or steamed depending on your preference.


5. Blueberry Sandesh

Blueberry Sandesh is a unique sweet which is a combination of Blueberry and Sandesh. So, if you are into Blueberries and love Sandesh, then this can be your go-to sweet!


6. Blueberry Doi

If you enjoy having curd and are health conscious and have berries, then this is the perfect dish to have in Balaram and Radharaman Mullick.


7. Chhanar Jalebi

This is a very popular Bengali sweet. They prepare it with full cream milk, lemon juice and maida. It’s made by boiling milk in a deep pan and adding lemon juice to it when the milk has come to a boil. Once the milk curdles, drain it with a muslin cloth and bound it and leave it for two hours for the water to completely drain. Then they knead this mixture and add salt and baking soda to it. Then they roll them out and make them into jalebis and fry them. Once they are done, soak them in a sugar syrup and you are done. This delicious sweet could be yours if you came here.

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8. Chaler Dudh Puli

Dudh Puli is a famous Bengali Pudding made by slow-cooking the milk with rice flour dumplings that are stuffed with cooked coconut.


9. Gokul Pitha

It is a traditional dish that consists of fried dumplings soaked in hot sugar syrup. This is made mostly on the occasion of Makar Sankranti or Poush Parbon in Bengali homes.


10. Baked Rosogolla

They are an authentic Bengali sweet that is extremely popular. The best ones can be found only in Balaram and Radharaman Mullick stores in Kolkata. This is made using rosogolla, khoya, condensed milk, sugar, milk, rose water, and sometimes even saffron.


11. Kalo Jaam

This is a popular cheese-based dessert, which looks similar to a dumpling. It is made with milk solids and then soaked in a sugar syrup. They sometimes put rose water and saffron to the sugar syrup.


12. Kesar Kulfi Sandesh

This divinely combines of a Kesar kulfi and Sandesh. Now what more do you want?


13. Patisapta

This is a thin crepe made with rice flour and filled with coconut or kheer cooked in patali gur. To make this, you need to condense the milk by boiling and stirring it continuously. After that, add the khoya or rice flour and mix it. Then add the sugar for sweetness and let it come to the perfect consistency of a crepe batter. For the filling, grate the coconut and add Gur to it and let it cool down a bit. To assemble and make the patisapta, make the crepe in a non-stick pan and add the filling to one side and roll it.

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14. Ross Bara

This is a traditional Bengali sweet dish made with dal and sugar syrup. You can find this dish here at an affordable rate.

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15. Sankh Sandesh

Sandesh is a very Bengali sweet dish that is common in every Bengali household. They are made with channa and sugar, cardamom powder and rose water cooked in a perfect quantity, heat, and timing. So the Sankh sandesh is basically the sankh shaped sandesh.

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16. Bhaja Rangalur Pithe

This is a classic sweet dish where they fry sweet potato and stuff it with coconut, which is soaked in sugar syrup.

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17. Elixir Sandesh

This is a Sandesh made with loaded amounts of Almonds and pistas.


18. Gurer Kulfi

This type of kulfi is made with nolen and the taste is just blissful. This is made in the same way as a kulfi but instead of adding sugar to it, people add Gur. It is also good as Gur does not have long-term effects like refined sugar.


19. Nollen Gurer Rosogolla

Rosogolla itself is the first love for Bengalis and if there is Gur added to it, it becomes all the more taste and makes you want to finish that entire plate of rosogolla. One advice: Try having it hot it tastes amazing.


20. Rosogolla

This is a South Asian sweet dish which is cooked with balls of Chenna and semolina and soaked in sugar syrup.