Top 20 Best Foods Of North East: One Should Not Miss Eating

Top 20 Best Foods Of North East One Should Not Miss Eating
Top 20 Best Foods Of North East One Should Not Miss Eating

Northeast is one of the nature gifted places in India from its beautiful landscape to the vast variety of dynamic cultures consists of various traditions, dress and food. When we talk about the northeast we often forget about the authentic cuisine of the North East. North East is not only rich in their natural beauty but they are also rich in their authentic and traditional food which one should regret not eating.

Here is the list of the top 20 foods which one should not miss:


 1. Bamboo Shoot 


When we talk about the northeast one of the most important dishes which is notable mention is Bamboo Shoot. It adds distinguished flavor and pleasant smell to dishes making them highly delicious. It can be consumed directly with a variety of food in the form of various chutney and pickles. It can also be a companion partner with various meats, fish, soups and vegetables.

Bamboo_Shoot_Stir_Fry2. Pika Pila

 Another mentionable dish of Arunachal Pradesh is Pika Pila, typically a type of pickle made from bamboo shoots and pork fat by the Apatani tribe. One of the key ingredients of the dish is king chilli which is the hottest chilli in North East. 

download3. Lukter

 Popular crispy evening snacks for beef and meat lovers usually eat with rice and a hot cup of tea mostly prepared during December to celebrate New Year.


4. Pehak

One of the most famous spicy chutneys of Arunachal Pradesh eats along with rice and lukter. It is made of king chilli, hot chilli ,Bhoot Jolokia and fermented soya bean.

  5. Khar

 A highly popular and unique dish of Assam made from the natural banana tree, raw papaya, meat and pulses. It is served with the main cuisine in lunch and dinner.

maxresdefault 6. Aloo Pitika

 One of the simple yet highly tasty recipes made with mashed potatoes and with mustard oil. What made it unique is its easy cooking recipe with ingredients which is usually available at one’s home . It is mainly served as a side dish with rice and meat.


 7. Pitha

 Pitha is the most popular traditional sweet dish prepared mostly during the Bihu festival made of rice flour with coconut and jaggery filling. It is usually eaten in breakfast and as evening snacks. One needs a lot of precision to make it correct as it is considered as one of the technical food of Assam.


 8. Duck Meat Curry

 Assamese love this dish especially during special occasions and festivals made with meat, lentils, pumpkins and various pulses. It is cooked very slowly to make it perfect in taste and flavor.

photo (1)

 9. Ou Tenga Chutney

 A simple combination of sweet and sour chutney made with Jaggery and Sour Apple .it is served as a side dish along with the main dish to increase the taste of the main dish. A typical traditional Assamese thali is incomplete with this chutney.


 10 Gundruk Soup

 A traditional popular vegetarian soup of Sikkim made during the winter season with fermented vegetables, tomatoes, onion and garlic.

IMG_7751_E 11. Sael Roti

 A typical mother watering dish made with fermented rice is usually deep-fried in crispy doughnuts shape. Mostly eaten during Sikkim traditional and festive season.

unnamed 12 Tibetan Bread

 The traditional yet popular food of Sikkim comes in different styles and sizes.

A morning snack eats with tea. It comes in different flavors like sweet, sour, chilly and many more.


 13. Chaang

 It is usually the most popular local alcohol beverage made with fermented Rice, Millets and Yeast. It is usually drunk in the traditional bamboo pipe. It is the most suitable drink which is suited according to the environment of Sikkim to keep one’s body warm.


 14 Jadoh

 One of the most famous and traditional dishes of Meghalaya’s Khasi community is made of red rice cooked along with pork. Locals mostly eat it with fish and meat. It is the most delicious pork dish.


 15. Doh Khlieh

 One looking for healthy options this is must-try dishes usually a pork salad made with meat, pork, vegetables, spices. This is a too popular dish among the northeast people.


 16. Nakham Bitchi

 One of the most popular soup eats before meal which is made with typically dried fish called Nakham. It is super light and easy to cook. Chillies and Pepper in soup gives it nice flavor which makes the dish unique one among the North Indian dishes.


 17. Minil Songa

 It is typical made of Minil rice cooked in fresh bamboo gives it a fresh aroma and authentic taste. It contains a high amount of starch which helps to cure constipation or indigestion.

Minil18. Ootti Thongba 

One of the tasty cuisines of Manipur is considered a heavy meal prefer mostly at lunch. It is a vegetarian dish made with green peas and lentils. There are many ways in which it can be cooked using different vegetables, pulses and spices.


 19. Paaknam

 Just like Dhokla of Gujarat, it is treated as Dhokla of Manipur made with the thick batter of Besan along with herbs, fresh vegetables and spices. It is preferred mostly along with the main dish.


 20. Morok Metpa

 It is a typical type of Manipuri Salad made in both veg and non-veg form usually preferred at the time of lunch along with the main dish. Another healthy dish that increases the taste of the main meal.