Top 20 Best Seafood Restaurants In India

Top 20 Best Seafood Restaurants In India
Top 20 Best Seafood Restaurants In India

Seafood is a popular food choice amongst food lovers and the delicacies in this category are exotic and a must-try. The best place to try it is a good seafood restaurant. Read more to know about them.

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have been consuming seafood. It is an ordinary diet of people living along the coast. It is more popular in the coastal areas and is a delight for beach visitors. India has an extensive coastline of 7,517 kilometers where you can get traditional, unique, and modern dishes to suit every taste. It’s a combination of the local culture and a specialized food production technique. The commercial business of fishing that provides income to the locals has got a boost by the establishment of seafood restaurants that serve exceptional tastes of the Indian coast.

You will get to see a broad range of food junctions in the north, south, east, and west serving authentic seafood. If you are looking to try them and taste something exotic then it’s time to know about the top 10 best seafood restaurants in India.

We have listed the top 20 seafood restaurants in India that are:-

1. The Fisherman’s Wharf, Cavelossim in Goa

This restaurant is situated at the beautiful coast of Goa near river Sal. The Fisherman’s Wharf is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving Indian, Chinese, and European cuisines. Its magical and unique taste is a treat on the plate. The fisherman’s wharf specializes in local Goan cuisine that serves traditional dishes. It’s a must-try for everyone looking for something unusual with innovation. A popular dish called “sea devil” includes prawns wrapped with bacon. Then it’s grilled with confidential marination whose taste goes beyond description.  Another popular dish is a thick orange Goan fish curry with rice which includes a big slice of southern fish (fried) which is a classic of the region. There are several other dishes like Goan fish croquettes, ‘fish ambotik, and ‘bebinca’ for dessert that you should try for their incredible concept and bits of experimentation. You will get a beautiful blend of colors in exotic dishes that makes this place our top choice.


2. Machali Restaurant In Mangalore

When it comes to seafood in India, the coastal delicacy of Karnataka is underrated. Every seafood lover should surely try Machali Mangalore. The fish from the coast is served fresh in the local cuisine style. A unique part of the Machali restaurant is that you will get one of the best presentations of the dishes that are a beautiful sight on the lunch or dinner table. It specializes in the traditional Karnataka cuisine providing good quality food cooked in a homestyle manner.  It has pocket-friendly prices that let everyone give it a try. The well-known dishes of the Machali Restaurant include Prawns, kingfish, and prawns biryani with fishes cooked in good quality coconut oil. Just for help, some appetizers can be a little bit spicy with lots of other options in fish like masala, double, or dry fry. You can ask the waiter or other attendees for help and information over it.


3. Sanadidge In New Delhi

A good restaurant with tasty food and a relaxing ambiance is the best choice for food enthusiasts. Just like sanidine that serves a wide range of north Indian and coastal dishes to soothe your taste buds. Popular meals like kokum Kari, paneer ghee roast, tandoori pomfret kingfish naked fry, jenji butter pepper garlic, jumbo prawn Rava fry, Goan fish curry, etc are well known throughout New Delhi. You will get all the dishes that will make you travel through the rich Indian coastline. The cooking is a combination of classic receipts with a modern touch serving exotic food.


4. Gajalee In Mumbai

Gajalee serves exotic Maharashtrian seafood. It is a popular seafood restaurant in Mumbai that has become a classic brand of seafood in India. The special dishes from its menu are Butter Garlic prawns, Rawas curry, Bombil masala, spicy prawns sukha, etc. This outlet is open for lunch and dinner and has been ranked among the best Indian restaurants several times. It’s also one of the best dining corners of the city serving high-quality food. The hygienic preparation with a unique touch is unnamable.


5. Fort House Hotel In Kochi

This restaurant lies along the beautiful waterside in Kochi. So, you can have a tasty seafood treat overlooking the Arabian sea. The food will surely leave you spellbound with its authenticity. It serves the classic taste of Kerala’s seafood. Some popular dishes from the Fort house hotel are Kerela masala prawns fry, Fish Mappas, Appam, grilled black pomfret, etc. Every bite of the food will give you a taste of tradition in the food preparation of the region.


6. The lazy Goose In Goa

This restart is a progressive choice to try a Goan lunch in the afternoon to relax and relish good food. It lies around the Nerul river, which gives a beautiful sight. So, you get good food with a beautiful sight for a great experience. The lazy goose serves prominent Goan seafood. It is a famous point among tourists. Some of the best dishes of this restaurant are Crabs in pepper chili and garlic sauce, Squid masala fried, Redhead crab, and numerous dishes of Prawns.


7. Bastian In Mumbai

This restaurant is comparatively new, but it has managed to garner good popularity among seafood lovers. It has managed to rank in the best seafood restaurants in India for incredible taste and good-quality food. Bastian restaurants serve seafood in a modern style that is a paradise for seafood lovers looking for something unique. There are outstanding dishes like butter-poached lobster and various crabs and prawns dishes. Furthermore, this restaurant also services great sweet dishes after a terrific meal.


8. Trishna Restaurant In Mumbai

Trishna restaurant is an old restaurant but popular among the crowd. It’s a very crowded place making you wait. But, the food is worth it. It serves authentic seafood with savory recipes that are worth visiting. Some best dishes from the Trishna restaurant are Butter garlic squids, King crabs, etc. A popular and classic dish among the masses is prawn koliwada.


9. Mangalore Pearl In Bangalore

Mangalore Pearl serves the classic Mangalorean seafood. It adds coconut flavor that is traditionally used to cook the cuisine with aromatic spices. You get to eat a pure taste of the region with dishes like Bangada curry and numerous prawns dishes. The fish served at the restaurant has an altogether different fan-following.


10. Carnival De Goa In Goa

You get the taste of Goan seafood at Carnival De goa that will give you an exotic Goan aroma at its place. The interior inspired by a Goan shack is complimentary with the authentic taste and beautiful candles lit on every table are something unique. The restaurant serves well-known gaon seafood like seafood curries, jumbo prawns, and its specialty prawns peri-peri.  The Goan seafood thali is a delight to seafood lovers.


11. Sea Spice By 7 Star In Bangalore

Sea spice by 7 serves delicious seafood with a mix of local spices and local specialties. It has been a leading choice among the residents of Bangalore for its Karnataka seafood delight. You should give its Squid rings, Kane Tawa Fry, and prawn dishes a chance to leave you spellbound. Moreover, it’s a pocket-friendly option.


12. Ritz Classic In Goa

Every seafood lover in goa will be familiar with Ritz classic in goa. It’s among the top choices to have Goan seafood delicacy. This place is equally crowded. Still, you will be satisfied with leaving with remarkable seafood memories. It’s a simple restaurant with good taste that matches your budget. Its tasty meals include prawns curry with rice and grilled kingfish. While it’s Goan thali is a mass favorite.


13. Zeebop In Goa

Zeebop is a good place for modern seafood lovers looking for edgy food. There are stunning cocktails and cheerful music for a perfect night’s delight. But, the best part remains its food near the Utorda beach with a good ambiance. It’s a Balinese style restaurant that serves dishes like Red snapper and crispy crab etc.

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14. Swagath In Delhi

The capital city of India lies in the northern part of the country with no coastline. But, seafood lovers can get authentic coastline food at the capital with Swagath restaurant. It’s the best choice for seafood delicacies of Goa and Kerala. The prawn koliwada is renowned in the whole city.


15 Guppi By Ai In New Delhi

Guppy by Ai serves several Indian and international recipes with fine dining with family. The menu is designed by internationally renowned chef Vikram Khatri. It’s the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Delhi. It’s among a few places to try popular Japanese dishes like sushi and Indian coastal delicacies.


16. Mahesh Lunch Home In Mumbai

Mahesh lunch home ranks among the best Indian seafood restaurants in various listings. It serves genuine South Indian seafood like Chicken tandoori, prawns butter garlic, Neer dosa, and balti Rawas curry. The gravies and curries are composed of flavorful Indian spices with a whole new experience.  Mahesh’s lunch home lies at the street end with a comparatively quick service.


17. Giri Manja In Mangalore

Giri Manja serves good Mangalorean non-veg food in a relaxing and homely atmosphere. The service is fast with a comfortable experience. The popular dishes from Girimanja include prawns ghee roast green masala, squid fry, kingfish Tawa fry, etc. Few dishes shall be a little spicy. Still, you can consult the waiters for the same.


18. The Marina In Chennai

The Marina in Chennai is a popular seafood front in the city. It also has some good vegetarian dishes on the menu. It serves good grilled fish, prawns, veg stir fry, Tender coconut payasam, Malabar gravy of Harmoor fish, shrimp fry, etc. Handful dishes are cooked in rich ghee with clarified butter. It’s a crowded place with good service, numerous gravy options, etc.


19. Oh! Calcutta, Elgin Road, Kolkata

You get to eat the classic Kolkata menu reflecting its traditions with Bengali seafood. There are enchanting desserts with exotic ice creams and incredible mocktails on the menu. The signature dishes of this place include a fish fry, prawn malai curry, chicken salad, cream prawn curry, etc. At oh! Calcutta there is a comforting service, refreshing atmosphere, and food that symbolizes the culture of the area.


20. Fresh Catch In Mumbai

Fresh catch is a small home-style karawari restaurant. It serves north- Karnataka coastal cuisine inspired in the 1980s. This restaurant in the lanes of the Mahim region of Mumbai city is easily accessible. The food is prepared through special recipes by the owners’ mother. It includes numerous dishes reflecting common men like fish and seafood items. The popular feasts of it are Fish Roe, Konkan treasure prawns, Rava fish, Bombay duck, etc. There is cottage cheese (paneer) and spinach alternatives to soothe vegetarian taste buds. Finally, you get some decent dessert options.