Top 20 Best Hotels in Chennai

Top 20 Best Hotels in Chennai

1 Komala’s Restaurant

This restaurant is situated at T nagar, end of all the textile shopping stores. Komala’s Restaurant serves one of the best restaurants after a tiring shopping at t nagar, which will obviously gives you energy to regain your energy back and shop again.


2 Hotel Adyar

This is a small hotel which provides delicious dishes at affordable prices for everyone to taste their dishes at least weekly once. This hotel is situated at Chokkalingam Nagar, Chennai. This hotel serves the best fast food items in a well neat and tidy manner.


3 Aasife Biryani

Aasife Biryani is a famous biryani shop that has more branches in and around Chennai. They are famous for their Biryani for ages and till now. They provide the best non vegetarian dishes and is located at Thousand Lights near Thousand Lights Mosque.


4 Hotel Anjappar

Hotel Anjappar is one of the traditional chettinad hotels in Chennai. They serve all types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that would melt your tasting buds once you start eating. It is located at Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore.

Anjappar- chettinad

5 Hotel Amaravathi

Amaravathi serves vegetarian Andhra type foods and is located at the busy road of Chennai, Cathedral Road, and Teynampet. The provide lunch and dinner for a boring day of hectic work at office for office going people.


6 Fully Local Restaurant

The name might drop you at a confusion stage, about the hygiene and the type of foods. There is no such probability of asking some questions, the restaurant is clean and tidy and the food provided by them will make you eat more. The interior decoration of the restaurant is awesome that you must visit to this restaurant at least once. The restaurant is located at Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore.


7 Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is a place where you can enjoy the water melting and mouth watering different types of rolls. Bay Leaf is a place where your tongue rolls, for distinct types of rolls. It is located at Gopalapuram.


8 Hotel Nalan

Hotel Nalan is one of the best hotels in the city that provides best breakfast for one to have a break from their routine breakfast. Hotel Nalan is located at KK nagar.


9 Junior Kuppanna

Junior Kuppanna serves the best lunch and dinner for everyone to taste a best food. Junior Kuppanna has almost many branches in and around the city. It is located at Usman Road, Tnagar.


10 Kaaraikudi Chettinad Restaurant

Chettinad dishes would be generally spicy and tasty dishes for everyone to have on a special occasion with family and friends. This, Kaaraikudi Chettinad Restaurant is located at Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore. This hotel also provides lunch and dinner. It has number of branches in and around the city. The entrance of this Hotel looks like a typical Chettinad style.


11 Kaidi Kitchen

This is one of the unique hotels in Chennai. It is a theme type restaurant which serves vegetarian dishes. The waiters here are dressed up like jailors and the interior decoration is made as jail set up. This hotel is located at Bishop Waller’s Avenue, Mylapore.


12 Mandarin Restaurant

Mandarin Restaurant is a Chinese Restaurant which serves all types of food at nominal price. It serves all types of food with different varieties for class of people. Mandarin Chinese Restaurant is located at Cathedral Road, Chokkalingam Nagar, and Gopalapuram.


13 Murugan Idly Kadai

It would be better to have a place for a special dish, right? Here is the place which you have been wished for. A place for a specific dish named idly, exclusively one and only shop for idly. Murugan Idly Kadai is located at Usman Road, T Nagar.


14 Nalla’s Aapakadai

Here comes the next shop, which is exclusively opened for one and only Appam. It is located within Phoenix Market City, Vela Chery.


15 Hotel Pandiya’s

Hotel Pandiya’s is one of the hotels at Chennai that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. As it is located near Vijay Forum Mall and opposite to Kamala Cinemas, you could have a satisfying lunch or dinner after a movie or shopping on a peaceful holiday.


16 Hotel Ponnusamy

Hotel Ponnusamy is a distinguish type of restaurant that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for everyone to have a break from their routine schedule of lunch and dinner. It is a splendid Hotel where the y provide delicious food to taste. It is located at Palaniappa Nagar, Valasarawakkam.


17 Shree Mithai

Shree Mithai, one of the best hotels in Chennai that serves best vegetarian dishes for all vegetarian eaters in and around the city. This Hotel provides various types of vegetarian dishes that will obviously make the customers opt this hotel at anytime for a splendid lunch along with friends and family. Shree Mithai is located at Nungambakkam High Road, Thousand Lights West, and Thousand Lights.


18 Dindugul Thalapakatti

This Hotel must be known to almost every people because of their traditional taste of all the dishes. They serve the best and tastiest non-vegetarian dishes and is considered to be one of the traditional non-vegetarian hotels throughout ages until now. They have numerous branches throughout the entire state of Tamil Nadu. It is located at Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nungambakkam.


19 Hotel Virudhunagar

This Hotel serves the best Chettinad and all non-vegetarian dishes with their traditional flavors and taste. This Hotel is located at G N Chetty Road, Panagal Park, t Nagar.


20 Wangs Kitchen

This Hotel also has numerous branches in an around the city. They provide all types of spicy foods, Chinese foods and so on. This Hotel is located at Village Road, Nungambakkam.