Top 20 Best Place To Have Desserts In Ambur

Top 20 Best Place To Have Desserts In Ambur
Top 20 Best Place To Have Desserts In Ambur

We Indians get  a variety of foods from every part of India. We get to have unique dishes that are pretty famous and also regular foods. Desserts grab an equal place in food just like other dishes. Most people love to try dessert after their meal, especially children who love ice cream and cakes. Now we are going to discuss the places in Ambur where you can have dessert. Let’s see,

1.Chennai Hot Puffs

This Chennai Hot Puff is a famous dessert and savory shop in Ambur. Most people prefer this place because of the excellent quality they provide in the food items they sell. They sell every dessert and delicious item they can think of: cakes, biscuits,  ice cakes, snacks, bread, chips, and others. You can also make pre-order cakes for any occasion.

Location: Nethaji Rd., Flower Bazaar Ambur.

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2.Cake Avenue

This Cake Avenue is located on the main Nethaji Road, and you will be able to identify it. They serve a wide variety of desserts and savory items like different cakes, bread, biscuits, and samosas. Their must-try items are biscuits (Khara biscuit, Ragi biscuit, Nan Khatai).

Location: Nethaji Rd., Flower Bazaar, Ambur.

Cake avenue

3.Karuna Sweets

It is generally a sweet shop, but they sell cake, snacks, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, and other items. They provide excellence in the quality of the items they sell, especially the sweets, which are superb in quality and taste-wise. Gulab Jamun and naan are must-order items.

Location: Nethaji Rd., Flower Bazaar, Ambur.

Karuna Sweets 1

4.Saba Café

It is a newly opened café on the service road. They have two shops at easily locatable places and a minimum of seating facilities available there. You can get tasty cakes and pastries from this shop. The prices are reasonable as  they match the quality they provide.  You can get a variety of ice cakes, pastries, and other treats. Cupcakes you can also customize the cake for any type of occasion  or celebration. They provide the best quality cakes.

Saba Cafe

5.Sainsha Bakery

This Sainsha bakery is a very famous shop for selling fresh items. Be it a biscuit, buns, butter biscuits, or chips are some items that are freshly baked or cooked and then sold.

Location: Main Bazzar, Ambur.

Sainsha Bakery

6.Muneer Sweets

It is an old sweet shop in Ambur. They have been growing their business since time. They provide good quality sweets, cakes, snacks, and other items. They also give sample pieces to the customers. They also give a choice to the customer to make customization in the sweet and savory box for the occasions. In addition, they provide a price structure (From to high) for the customization box to make all customers can afford it.

Location: Old Vaniyambadi Road, Bazaar, Ambur.

It is an old sweet shop in Ambur. They have been growing their business since time. They provide good quality sweets cakes snacks and other items.

7.Waffo Treat

This Waffo treat is famous for selling delicious waffles. They sell other desserts too, like pancakes. This dessert is served with a good presentation with different toppings. Each flavour has different varieties and options to choose from. They have their signature waffles, red velvet waffles, dark chocolate waffles, and others.

Location: National Highway Kannikapuram, Ambur Plantation R F, Ambur.

Waffo treat

8.Mass Ice land

Mass Ice Land, located in Nethaji Road, is famous for selling Brand Arun Ice creams. Located in the central area, most people prefer to have this. Not only because of easy reach but also for the brands quality. They have a proper seating facility with good maintenance.

Location: Nethaji Road, Flower Bazaar, Ambur.

Mass Ice land

9.Nuts And Fills

These Nuts and Fills sell freshly baked cakes from home. Most people love the taste and quality of the cakes, cupcakes, and brownies that they sell. Also, the prices depend on the excellent quality. You can make pre-orders for the cakes and others. They provide the best customization cakes. Not only do they make customizations on cakes but also in the box, which contains different items like brownies, cakes, cupcakes, tarts, and others.

Location: Mottu Kollai Street, Ambur.

Nuts and Fills

10.Zakir Sweet Stall

It is relatively easy to locate as you can reach it from the main highway to KR Briyani. They sell sweets and savory items like Ghangiri, Badhusha, Mysore Pak, Khoya, Phenoya, Khajoor, etc. In savories, they have different items of chips.

Location: Moosamiyoor St., Naganadi, Ambur.

Zakir Sweet Stall

11.New Star Bakery And Sweets

From this shop, you can get a variety of cakes. You can order it for any occasion, like a birthday or anniversary. Ready-to-dale cakes are available here. If you need it, you can pre-order it according to your preference in flavour, size, and cost. Consumers have suggested tasting the puffs.

Location: Naganadi, Ambur.

New Star Bakery and Sweets

12.Baskin Robbin

Almost everyone knows this famous ice cream brand called “Baskin Robbin. Although Ambur is a town, there is no need to worry about getting or having this branded ice cream in Ambur. You can have a variety of branded ice creams in this Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlor. You can make customizations based on your taste. From the ice cream flavour to its toppings, you can choose from all of them here.

Location: McRoad, next to Shahi Mughul Restaurant, Ambur.

Baskin Robbins

13.Café 365

This café is an excellent place to have desserts. It is well furnished, with a good seating facility and lighting. All of their shakes are served in jars with creative names like do-not ask more, Oreo weds brownie, drink 365, and more. You will not only get shakes for dessert, but they also serve fruits, chocolates, and ice cream.

Location: Flower bazaar, Ambur.

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14.Shiv Sawaliya

Shiv Sawaliya is located in the central area where you get to witness traffic most of the time. But, the best part is that this Shiv Sawaliya is situated in this area. They sell delicious varieties of ice cream, which have become the main reason for their popularity among many people. You can get the parcel from the carts selling these ice creams, or you can dine in the shop with family, friends, or others.

Location: Nethaji Road, Ambur.

Shiv Sawaliya 1

15.Sweet Sensation

This is a bakery and cake shop in Neelifield Street. They sell doughnuts, brownies, mousse, cakes, and more. Their must-try items are donuts and cupcakes. You can visit this place to have dessert between 3 to 9.30 PM.

Location: Neelifield Othavadai St., Flower bazaar, Ambur.

sweet sensation

16.Le Wrap Factorie

This is a small and nice place to dine in for having dessert. The ambience of this “Le Wrap Factorie” is good and presents the food with cleanliness. They sell different shakes and ice creams on their dessert menu.

Location: Somalapuram, Ambur.

Le Wrap Factorie

17.Lassi Shop

This Lassi Shop is a pleasant place to have desserts like Juices and Ice creams. From this shop, you can taste different flavours of lassi. Not only lassi but you can also get ice creams, falooda, Kulfi, cold coffee and others.

Location: Nethaji Rd, opp. to a mosque, Mohammed Pura, Flower Bazaar, Ambur.

lassi shop bangalore

18.Arun Ice Cream Parlour

This Arun ice cream parlour is located on Bye-Pass Road and can serve you with quality and a variety of flavors. regular ice cream cones, bars, cup ice cream, family packs, and others. You can also get cassata ice cake from here. A must-try dessert is Cassatta ice cake.

Location: Bye-Pass Road, Ambur.

Arun Ice cream parlour

19.AR’S Kool Parlor

This ice cream parlour sells ice cream by Amul Brand. You can get ice cream in various ranges. From the mini ice cream, cones, bars, and family packs, You will get ice cream from this Amul brand at an affordable price.

Location: Jalal Rd., Naganadi, Ambur.

amul Parlor ambur

20.Ideal Sweets And Bakery

These are newly opened shops in Ambur’s main bazaar, ideally suited for having desserts. You can get desserts as well as snacks from this shop. You can also get different ice cakes from this shop. In addition to that, you can also access the home delivery option.

Location: Broad Main Bazaar, Ambur

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