Top 20 Indian Restaurants In Frankfurt, Germany

Top 20 Indian Restaurants In Frankfurt Germany
Top 20 Indian Restaurants In Frankfurt Germany

Indian cuisine consists of various regional and traditional cuisines native to the Indian subcontinent. No doubt, India is a country that has a variety of cuisines available, which differ from one region to the next. No matter how much we might munch on Chinese, Italian, or Thai cuisine, an Indian can never be satisfied without tasting Indian food, which consists of spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Indian meals are the most wholesome and logically designed on the basis of knowledge of Ayurveda. International trips are what every other person is planning nowadays, and no doubt they miss their Indian food and dishes. So, to help you find your favorite Indian restaurants in other countries, we have bought a list of restaurants in one such city in a European country. The below-mentioned list has 20 Indian restaurants in Frankfurt, Germany.

1.Namaste India

It is an informal Indian restaurant with sidewalk tables specializing in tandoori dishes and spicy curries. They serve masala papad, samosa, etc. as snacks. Also, they have vast options for the main course, like dal makhani, rice with bhindi masala, vegetable Mughlai, and chutney. The lassi served here taste just like you get in India and is worth tasting.

Location: On Jordan Street 19, Frankfurt, Germany

namaste india

2.Taste Of India

They offer a food buffet, which is impressive and consists of three to four dishes with rice and chapatti. The dishes in the buffet were tasty and were home-like preparations. Also, they serve hot fried pakoras to enjoy with tea.

Location: Berger Street, Frankfurt, Germany

Taste Of India

3.Ruchi Indian Restaurant

It is a modest spot serving Indian cuisine dishes with a sidewalk seating arrangement. They are specialized in Hyderabadi biryani and North Indian curries. They also have unlimited buffet options on some days, which consists of raita, two vegetables, rice.

Location: On Ludwig Street 12, Frankfurt, Germany

Ruchi Indian Restaurant

4.Prince Of India

This place has one of the best Indian lunch options in the city. The vegetarian buffet costs 7.9 Euro, and consists of aloo matar, mixed dal, rice, veg pakoras with mint chutney, two types of raita, naan, tandoori roti, puri. The buffet is filling and wholesome with tasty flavours of Indian food.

Location: near Railway station, Baseler Street, Frankfurt, Germany

prince of india

5.Jewels Of India

This restaurant is specialized in North Indian recipes that are authentic in taste and will help you relish flavours of Indian meals. They serve garlic naan, biryani, onion rings, papad, gulab jamun, palak paneer, mix veg, etc. at their premises. They are open to serve from 11:30 AM.

Location: Wilhelm-Hauff Street 5, Frankfurt, Germany

Jewels of India

6.Eatdoori Indian Restaurant

This is an authentic place where you can get Indian chaat papdi, samosa chat to satiate your cravings for chaat. They also serve mango lassi, which is perfect to have in breakfast. The coconut ice cream with mango cream is a must-try sweet dish.

Location: Kaiser Street 55, Frankfurt, Germany

Eatdoori Indian Restaurant

7.Bombay Lounge

Do you want to enjoy chole bhature and mango lassi for breakfast? If yes, then just hit this place. They serve tasty, crispy bhature with flavourful chole. They also serve all other Indian dishes and have buffet arrangements too.

Location: Kaiser Street 41, Frankfurt, Germany

Bombay Lounge

8.Saravanaa Bhavan

This restaurant is for those who want to eat at a restaurant serving only vegetarian Indian dishes. The taste of south Indian dishes is authentic and delightful, which are served and presented beautifully in Indian thalis. The chana masala and rice are also pretty famous here.

Location: Kaiser Street 68, Frankfurt, Germany

saravanaa bhavan

9.Taj Mahal

This restaurant serves a good selection of home-like preparations of Indian meals. They have thali available, which consists of dal, rice, vegetables, roti, salad and is fulfilling. For desserts, kheer will be a great choice.

Location: Schweizer Street 28, Frankfurt, Germany

Taj Mahal

10.Indian Flavours Restaurant

The top servings here are bhindi ghost, vegetable biryani, veggie thali, cut chilli, kadhai paneer. All of this has an authentic Indian flavour and are satisfying. They have varieties in ice cream available, which are perfect for desserts.

Location: Robert-Mayer Street 17, Frankfurt, Germany

Indian Flavours Restaurant

11.Taj Taj Tandoori

They serve typical Indian dishes in a glass-fronted locale with outdoor tables. The biryani and cheese naan are delicious. For desserts, one can choose from many options available like kulfi, gulab jamun, phirni, etc. The kulfi served is delicious.

Location: Kaiser Street 34, Frankfurt, Germany

Taj Taj Tandoori

12.Ganesha Restaurant

If you are craving for South Indian food, then you must visit this restaurant as they are able to match the Indian flavours in the dishes. The meals are healthy and like home preparation. The butter masala dosa and idli vada sambar are fantastic in taste.

Location: Nidda Street 104, Frankfurt, Germany

ganesha tandoori

13.Indian Curry Castle

It is a colorful space with vivid artworks and serving samosa, tandoori items, biryani, spicy curries. The dishes from Punjabi cuisine are most delicious and tempting. You can also try dahi puri and gajar ka halwa along with your meal.

Location: Bethamann Street 19, Frankfurt, Germany

Indian Curry Castle


All the dishes served here is neither too spicy nor salty. The dishes are the perfect blend of Indian flavours and taste authentic. The paneer curries and dosa are very tasty. Don’t miss kulfi and Indian masala tea if you visit this place.

Location: Tanus Street, Frankfurt, Germany


15.Bombay Palace’

This place is famous for serving tasty vegetarian South Indian meals in the locality. The dal served here is also tasty and of good consistency. If you visit this place, then do try the mango schnapps.

Location: Darmstadter Land Street 6, Frankfurt, Germany

at the steps to the bombay

16.Delhi Tandoori

They serve classical Indian appetizers and grills and vegetable curries at a laid-back stop with a patio. The mango lassi is quite popular here and is of good consistency. They also have varieties of tangy Indian pickles served with meals. The malai kulfi is a must-try.

Location: Bockenheimer Anlage 1A, Frankfurt, Germany

delhi tandoori

17.Isha Restaurant

They have various Indian options, but the Indian thali consisting of various varieties and served in Indian steel thalis is excellent. They also serve various tandoori items and biryani. The ras-malai is tasty and a must-try sweet dish.

Location: Rodelheimer Street 33, Frankfurt, Germany

Isha Restaurant

18.Curry Club

This place serves a unique combination of gulab jamun and cold vanilla that tastes delicious. The smoked spinach paneer is delicious among the curries. If you love eating fruits, then you must try the grilled fruit platter served here.

Location: Vibeler Street 27, Frankfurt, Germany

curry club gmbh

19.Little Indian Restaurant

The different curries like palak paneer, korma, dal makhani served here are very delicious. Apart from that, the bhakri served here is a unique option as it is not available in any other Indian restaurant in Frankfurt. If you are a vegetarian, then veg thali is the best option for you.

Location: Glaubur Street 6, Frankfurt, GermanyLittle Indian Restaurant

20.Tandoori Taste Indian Restaurant

It is an Indian restaurant specialized in tandoori items and pancakes. They serve amazing tikkas that would delight you. They also provide a dinner buffet, which has various options available.

Location: Lyoner Street 44-48, Frankfurt, Germany

Tandoori Taste Indian Restaurant