Top 20 Best Places to Eat in Nagercoil


Nagercoil is a town situated in the southernmost part of Tamil Nadu. It also lies close to the Indian Peninsula tip. Nagercoil was a part of Travancore state for almost a decade. The town is the administrative & Municipality headquarters of Kanyakumari district.

It is a beautiful town with beautiful sightseeing locations. Some of them are-

Nagarjuna Temple, St. Francis Xavier’s, Mani Medai or the clock tower, Catholic Church, Parvathipuram Ayyapan and much more.

The town is also known for different varieties of bananas. Their food is a fusion of Kerala and Tamil Nadu traditions. Fish is a common item that found in almost every dish out there. Apart from that, Puttu, Appam, Idiyappam, Murukku are also very popular dishes in Nagercoil.

If you visit ever visit the town, then below are top 20 places best places to eat out there:

1. Arya Bhawan

Food can be enjoyed, if it would serve nicely and neatly. Arya hotel is a restaurant where you will not only enjoy the food but also be satisfied with their neat and tidiness. Arya Bhawan has a chain of restaurants in Nagercoil one and located in the Court Road, and each of them maintains high quality in their food. The restaurant is vegetarian and serves South Indian dishes. You can try their baby corn dosa which is unique and quite unusual from the regular one.

Address: No.62-A, Court Road, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 629001


2. Hotel Prabhu

Prabhu hotel is a well-known restaurant in Nagercoil. They serve delicious nonveg dishes. Many South Indian restaurants serve food in banana leaves, out of which Prabhu is one among them. The taste of the food enhances when served in this traditional way. Their Biryani is must to try. Located on the S. P office road, Vaddeswaram.

Address: SP Office Rd, Meenakshipuram, Vadiveeswaram Village, Ozhuginasery, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 629001


3. Odel Digest

This restaurant is quite famous in Nagercoil. It is so crowded that sometimes people wait outside for their turn. Earlier it was only on the G floor, but now they have extended to the 1st floor too. The restaurant is small but neat and tidy and serves hot and fresh food. The best to try out here is the grilled chicken. Even the staff are very cordial and managed and multi-language like Hindi, English, Malayalam & Tamil.

Address: Duthie School junction, Court Rd, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 629001


4. Azhagar Chettinad

This tiny restaurant located on the M.S.road may not be attractive from outside, but once you enter, you will be happy and contented with their service and neatness. The ambiance is whelming, and the food is also tasty. The most delicious out here is Nattu Cozy Biryani, Mutton Biryani, and Nattu Cozy pepper roast. The restaurant had got Underground parking facility as well.

Address: Plot No 725, MS Road, SGS Lodge Building, Opposite Vadasery Market, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 629001


5. Ustads

Previously this restaurant was located on K.P road, but then it is shifted to 2-A Cake Street. The restaurant food has more varieties for lunch, and its food is a mixture Kerala and Tamil Nadu traditions. The restaurant has an average ambiance but serves some yummy food. The best to try out here is Kinnathappam and tender coconut pudding. It also has delicious fish varieties.

Address: 1-A Cave Street Duthie to Home church Road, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 629001


6. Shri Gowri Shankar

Shri Gowri Shankar is a well-known eatery in Nagercoil. It is a vegetarian restaurant and serves its food in traditional way i.e. on banana leaves. They have hot only delicious items for meals for also have varieties in dessert. At an affordable price, you can enjoy a satisfactory meal here. Their Sambhar and chutney are very delicious.

Address: Opp Tourist Bungalow, Kottar-Parvathipuram Rd, Simon Nagar, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 629001


7. Al SafaIndoarabean

If you crave for some mouth watering Arabian cuisines, then you should step into this restaurant. Al Safa is a small restaurant with an attractive interior. The price range is also average, and so you will not be sad to your penny out here. The best to eat out here is Biryani, Shawarma and Grill chicken. They take some time for their service but serves fresh food. They claim not to use any artificial color, tastemakers, and preservatives in their meal.

Address: No 314D/1A, K P Road, Rajakkamangalam, Nagercoil – 629001, Opposite Royal Enfield Showroom


8. The Chettinad

The Chettinad is a perfect choice to have some Chettinad food which is rich in its flavor and seasoned with authentic South Indian spices.Apart from Chettinad food, they also serve North Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisines. Located on the Distillery Road, Vadasery. If you ever go there and you should try their Tandoori Chicken Salad which is unique and delicious.

Address: Hotel Sahana Castle Distillery Road, Vadasery, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 629001


9. King’s Chic

King’s Chic located on 146, K.P Road, ChettiKulan. The restaurant is quite small but the location is very peaceful and so it is quite popular in Nagercoil. Their main highlights are chicken and Mutton dishes and also has a variety of side dishes. The restaurant has the comfortable sitting arrangement with good lights. Address: No 147, KP Rd, Chetti Kulam, Simon Nagar, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 629001


10. Banu Chicken Corner

Banu Chicken Corner is popular food joint in Nagercoil. The restaurant is small but doesn’t matter as long as you can enjoy some relishing dishes. Located on 73, Police Station Road, Near UCO Bank. The restaurant has got its name for their chicken varieties mainly their chicken fry (Parippu), fried in coconut oil. You can also take away their items and enjoy at home.

Address: Ozhuginasery, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 629001


11. Drizzle Bistro

The restaurant is decorated with some attractive lights. It is located on 15, Duthie School junction, Nagercoil and is non-vegetarian. Drizzle Bistro is well known for their chicken items. You can try their Kebabs, Satay Chicken, Drizzle Bistro exceptional state chicken or their signature dish which is Chicken Piccata. Enjoy some relishing and mouth watering chicken items.

Address: 15, Duthie School Juntion, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 629001


12. Hotel Mani Bhawan

It is a small restaurant located on the70, Thalavai Street, Meenakshipuram, Nagercoil. The restaurant is quick in their service and has a polite staff. The restaurant is good for breakfast.

Address: 78, Thalavai Street | Meenakshipuram, Nagercoil


13. Hotel Kurinchi

Nagercoil has an enormous range of restaurants to grab a brunch or a quick bite. They have all kinds of restaurants starting from the luxurious one to the average one. Kurinchi is an average one, but its food is so delicious that you will not mind about the ambiance. It serves organic and healthy food with ethnic taste. Must try their different fish items and desserts.

Address: No 347 Kottar, Nagercoil, Kannyakumari Dt, K P Road, Nagercoil – 629001, near Hindu colony


14. Mogul’s Restaurant

The restaurant specializes in various biryanis. Located on the K.P. Rxoad, near collector’s office signal, the restaurant has a calm and soothing atmosphere. They specialize in veg and nonveg biryanis. The place is worth and doesn’t compromise the quality of the food.


15. Sabsan’s Hangout

It is low on the ChettiKullam, KP road. Nagercoil doesn’t have a KFC, but then Sabsan works out well instead of it. They serve burgers both chicken and veg, fries, wraps, pizzas, Mojitos and much more.  Their ice creams are also very tasty and give free WiFi too. A perfect place to have quick snack.

Address: 419 – A2 1st Floor, KP Rd, Chetti Kulam, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 629001


16. Mano Hotel Restaurant

If you are bored with regular menus and want to taste some unique and unusual food, then you should step into Mano Hotel restaurant. Located on the 49 State Highway, ChettiKullam, the place is an exclusive place to enjoy a delicious meal. Their menu includes duck egg omelet, duck roast, crab curry, prawn fry, Turkey Biryani and much more to fill your tummy.

Address: Rajakamangalam Road, State Highway 46, Chetti Kulam Junction, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 629001


17. Hotel Tasty

Just like its name, Hotel Tasty serves tasty food. It includes Indian and Chinese dishes along with different fast foods. The hotel serves food in banana leaves and has a very polite staff. What can be better than having an authentic food in a small comfortable place? It is located on the New Port Street, Near Syndicate Bank.

Address: Near Naag Mandir,Shreenagar


18. Vijayetha

It is one of the spacious restaurants in Nagercoil and beautifully arranged. Located on the W.C College road on the top floor through which you can enjoy the scenery of the town along with your food. It is worthy to eat there at very affordable price.

Address: W.C College Road, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 629001


19. D Caffeine

Apart from enjoying a delightful meal, Nagercoil has also cafes to enjoy some awesome beverages. D Caffeine is exactly the right choice to have a cup of coffee. Their filter coffee with South Indian touch is must which you can enjoy with some Banana Bajji. Overall a nice place to hangout. It is on the K.P road, Palpannai junction.

Address: K.P Road, Palpannai junction, Nagercoil


20. The Hut

It is another restaurant in Nagercoil that serves some relishing dishes. It is located on the Chunkankadai, Near St. Xavier’s. You can try their different fish dishes and sea foods which are juicy and yummy. It is simple yet delicate.

Address: Chunkankadai | Near St.Xaviers, Nagercoil