Top 20 Best Gujrati Food Joints In Mumbai

Top 20 Best Gujrati Food Joints In Mumbai

Gujrati people are one big time foodies. They and food go along so well its like they cannot survive even a minute without food. Although any one cannot survive without food but when you see gujrati people all they think about is food. Gujrati’s are famous for two things- one, their sharp business mind and two their love for food. The food is always stuffed with ghee and they eat all the heavy food but that’s what makes their food so delicious, if you ask me. And well Mumbai being Mumbai we have all kinds of people leaving in here and even all kind of restaurants for all the food to be tasted.


Panchvati Gaurav

It’s a simple dining place in central Mumbai specially for gujrati and Rajasthani foods. They are specially known for their gujrati cuisines, although Rajasthani food served is exceptionally good but the gujrati food is much more in demand. The way of serving the food is uniquefor Mumbaikars, if you ask it is because that’s the rural style of serving the food. The whole big steel plate and everything served in it in small bowls it looks all mesmerizing. It just makes the carving for food more and the taste at another level. It satisfies the need and hunger.


Maharaja Bhog

It is an attractive pure veg outlet with an amazing decor. It’s highly pocket friendly and for sure serves you with the needs and satisfies them at the same time. The food is extremely fresh and tasty, maharaja bhog serves us with one of the authentic thali. Especially when someone visits from native place and wants to dine in that style then this is the place you should visit the presentation of the food is wonderful and the management and the service is very well maintained.


Golden Star Thali Restaurant

Golden star is a two-story place with a modern decor but the food is amazingly authentic. There are dishes that will make you memorize the villages and their taste and there are dishes for the young generation with modern touch. Golden star is one of the few restaurants in charni road where you get the pure gujrati food. The service is amazing and if we take a look at the place and its decor than the price they charge is much affordable and average.


Star Thali Restaurant

Star thali restaurant is in magnet mall in bhandup. It’s one of the posh areas of bhandup and has great number of visitors to the mall and hence star thali restaurant is popular among the veg food consumers. The place is simple and peaceful which attracts everyone towards it. The simple plain couches and the plain white yellow walls are nothing but soothing and calming. The food is wonderful, they have the special pan as refreshment after food which is just amazing. Well gujrati people likes to eat some refreshment after their meal.


Grand Thali

Thane is a big town in itself and is always known for its specialty that it has everything and anything one needs in the town itself, you need not go anywhere to find anything. From the best of malls to the best of vegetable market. And grand thali is the place where you will get the best veg- thalli in the town. They have the proper gujrati thalli to snacks that the gujratis love. From pani puri to sandwiches and even the gujrati sweets and farsans. The ambiance is good and the perfection is amazing. The thalli is so perfectly presented all the dishes are perfect.


Choki Dhani Mumbai

Choki dhani is a place, which is basically the setup of any village in Gujrat or Rajasthan. It serves with both gujrati and Rajasthani foods. Besides dining there are also activities like camel rides, traditional dance and other regional artistic things. The food and activities are the major factors of attraction specially among the kids, as they like to see and explore such things. It’s a mini village in literal sense. Even when it comes to food, the place discharges you from the city for that time and makes you enjoy the happiness and feeling of being in village.


Shree Thaker Bhojnalay

Thaker bhojnalays are the best outlets in Mumbai when it comes to vegetarian food. They have number of outlets in Mumbai in various parts, but this kalbadevi outlet is specially for gujrati food. It’s the best one can taste in gujrati cuisines. It’s not one of the kind of grand place with posh decor and stuff. It’s just a simple place where one can sit and peacefully have their meal and get satisfied. Thaker bhojnalays never fail to satisfy anyone.They are epitome of perfection when it comes to their food. You will not get a chance to complain about their food.


Rabdi Wala

Sweet dishes plays an important role in gujrati cuisines. Without sweet dish there meal is incomplete, there is a compulsion of having a sweet dish at the end of the meal. It can be any sweet dish even a small sweet dish but its necessary. Rabdi wala is one of the place in borivali where you can get the best of sweet dishes after your gujrati thali. Not even gujrati but any food you eat, there sweet dishes are the main center of attraction and they never fail to amaze people with the amazing sweets. The rabdis and the gulab jamuns are just fantastic.


Tuskers Sofitel

Its an evening bar to chill out preferably with friends. But purely veg and amazing gujrati snacks that make you dive in the food and forget about every other thing. The ambiance is perfect and the arrangements and the staff is also very cooperative and friendly. They have special dining areas, the place is well decorated and its good for family dining. There are all kind of gujrati foods starting from light snacks like dhokla and even the full main course thalis.



Nimantran is great place to be visited with the family, its near vile parle station and a wonderful place with much wonderful food. The place is simple and sometimes crowded, well when the food is good then people tend to visit frequently. Its just like another simple eating place but the food is what matters and the food is amazing for sure. Along with the wonderful service and the place is much of average costing. The ‘patra’is the most famous dish over here, people are always very keen to taste the patra here.


Khandhani Rajdhani

Ghatkopar is a place which is mostly occupied with gujrati residents, so its not a amazing thing to find gujrati restaurants in ghatkopar. And khandani rajdhani is one of the best restaurants in ghatkopar. With the amazing ambiance and food which is double the wonderful. The thing which adds to everything is the presentation of the food. The food is served in the steel thalis and golden thalis. The plates are so clean and shiny all the time it feels like they use new set every time. The khaman dhokla and the full thalli is quite famous among its customers.


Samrat Veg Restaurant

Samrat is one of the well-known veg restaurants in central Mumbai. Specially known for its gujrati food, they have a classy style of serving the authentic gujrati dishes. Specially the pani puri, they have different flavors of pani puris there and the stuffing is also wonderful. They serve with more than two three types of chutneys and stuffing’s. The place has a good surrounding, the service is good and the cost is also average the staff is friendly and cooperative. The couches gives a comfortable vibe and the pleasure of dining increases.


Shree Kalpana Club

A time comes when you are lazy and doesn’t wanna cook but Want to eat home made food then this is the ultimate place. The food is perfect, not much oily and very healthy. The thali with different types of vegetables, chapatti, sweets and buttermilk is to die for. It’s the place where we get ‘ghar ka khana’clean place and decent staff who are always ready to help. They have a real good combination of gujju and marwadi cuisine. Serves a large variety of food and is very pocket friendly. So basically a must try place when one want to have pure and fresh homemade food.


Adarsh Thali

They offer the delicious gujrati thali among with the rajashthani dishes, they have a affordable pricing and the place is maintained hygienically along with the good seating arrangement. The place is just like a simple canteen, and it’s almost always crowded. The food is popular among the crowd and the service is also friendly. They have this special unlimited dishes for the ones who order the whole thali. Some dishes like the sweet lapsi(sheera), farsan methi bhaji, and the allo bhindi shakh are unlimited with the thali. Their gulab jamun is also very delicious and they charge less for it.



Located opposite to the famous Babulnath temple, it’s a small and cozy joint. The ambiance is good and it’s nice to sit there and have your meal. It’s mostly crowded with the people who come to visit the temple hence the service seems to be slow at times but they manage the crowd well. Their specialty is the saat dana khichdi- it’s some thing new, the khichdi is light and perfect for lunch and the kadhialso compliments the khichdi. They have these pita pockets with salad, which is very tasty and healthy. And the masala papad, which is must for gujratis is also served.


Swati Snacks

Snacks is one thing that the Gujrati people cannot live without. Wherever they go they carry snacks with them they never like to be without food. Swati snacks provides all types of snacks and breakfast dishes and is an appropriate place to have breakfast with friends and family. If you want to get introduced to gujrati food then there is no better place than swati snacks. The place is always crowded, people wait to get seats and enjoy their food, Although they have tables for 6 people. The food is awesome and the service is wonderful. They handle the crowd with ease and the ambiance is perfect.



This is the great place to go and enjoy some authentic thalis. They have a lot of options in thali to choose from and it is all you want for making your stomach full. Four types of vegetables, two daals roti, bhakri, rice, khichdi kadhi, then two sweet dishes and then last but not the least butter milk. That’s a lot for a single person to eat but you cannot resist it for its nothing but amazing and healthy. The service is good and the ambiance is cozy and peaceful. They cost average for the food.


Dadar Surti Farsan Mart

This is an outlet for typical gujrati breakfast and snack. Located in the heart of dadar, the place is nice and the service very good. The staff is very friendly, the food is great they serve a unique chutney which is nowhere to be seen its just delicious. The samosa is very famous here, and the special chutney is not to be forgotten. The food is always fresh and hot, its served directly from the kitchen freshly made. The place is a must visit if one is keen on trying different types of snacks.


Sabar Veg Restaurant

They place has a very homely ambiance and serve the best of gujrati food in CST, located just near the station the place is very good to visit with family and friends. It serve the simple gujrati thali but its more than enough to full your stomach. The special item is the butter milk with the jira masala, its just so tasty that one can have more then one glass at a time. The quantity and quality of the food is very good, specially the buttermilk they serve it in a big glass. As the gujrati meal is incomplete without it, it gives a perfect closure to the meal.



Its plain and simple place, neatly maintained with simple of staff and food. The food is simple but extra ordinary in taste, they serve the grand thallis and they are grand when it comes to the quantity and even the quality is good. The price is decent according to their service and food. It’s a perfect thali with various types of veggies and rice, khichdi and sweet dishes. It is sufficient for some one with large appetite, it satisfies very well.