Top 20 Best Restaurants In Pune For Iftar Food

Top 20 Best Restaurants In Pune For Iftar Food

Pune, also known as Poona, is the second-largest city in the state of Maharashtra, with many colleges and universities all around the city, known as Oxford of the East. The town has a history of Peshwa, the Mughals, and the Adil Shah dynasty. One can find any cuisine all around the city.

1.Kasur Baugh, Kondhwa

Located in Kondhwa, Kasur Baugh has many iftaar stalls that offer a variety of food items. You can find a variety of foods, from kheema samosa to all kinds of kebabs.

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2.Hotel Agra

hotel Agra is located on the Azam campus near Poona College. Their popular dishes include roasted beef, chicken 65, chicken tandoori, fried rice, and biryani.

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this is one of the best places to get authentic Muslim food. The kebab and chicken have a “you-choose-we make” custom. You get to select the chicken and fish you want and have it. It is located in the reviewer path.

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Shalimar is a catering service located on the Azam campus in Pune. It might not be aesthetic, but the food here is famous all around the localities. Chicken leg fry is the most famous dish here. You can also find chicken and mutton biryani, beef kadi gosh, mutton korma, roti, and custard.

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5.Dalchini, Paud Road

dalchini is also one of the most famous restaurants located in kothrud Pune. It includes different food from different parts of the country. The ambiance is beautiful and calm. Laal maas Rajasthani and saajuk tuneup gavran Lombardi are must-try dishes here.

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6.Hotel Imdadi

it is one of Pune’s oldest restaurants, serving for 32 years only during the Ramadan season. The menu includes Chicken Tandoori, Seekh Kebab, Imdadi Chicken, Chicken Biryani, and the Kharbooja Falooda at the end.

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7.Sharif Caterers (kausar Baug)

The place serves cuisines like vegetarian, biryani, Indian, and fast food. It is located near Kausar Baugh near Zamzam Hotel. The site provides exceptional food during Ramazan. They have delicious starters—a variety of chicken starters and desserts.

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8.Baba Jaan Dargah (Babajaan Chowk)

The stretch from Baba Jaan Dargah to the Poona College has eateries that serve an array of desserts, haleem, and floods. The haleem sold in a couple of shops will melt in your mouth. Malpuas are elaborate, deep-fried, and served with rabid. Before the fast break, floods and rabid ice creams can also be found in the adjoining shops.

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9.Qureshi Darbar Restaurant

is located in kata khana Pune. It provides a variety of Mughlai gravies like Angara, lababdar, and many more.

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10.Shahi Dawat

It is located in the Shivaji market in Pune. It serves Chinese, Arabian, North Indian, and Afghan food. It is famous for mutton soup and biryani, and beef kabab. Also renowned for sweet dishes like mango kheer.

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11.Bagban Restaurant

It is located in Hulshur camp. Famous dishes include mutton Karachi, bheja fry, rumali roti, chicken tandoori, and butter naan.

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It is located in Baner, offering elevated Mughlai and Chinese delicacies. You must include lahori chicken, butter chicken, chicken biryani, tandoori chicken, and chicken tikka. It is most widely known for its paya soup and paan shot.

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13.Taareef Restaurant

It is one of the most beautiful places to dine at. It is located in aundh pune. It provides outdoor services. It is known for its biryani, kebabs, and Mughlai food. Their popular dishes include murg Lahori, chicken tandoori, chicken Lahori, Mughlai food, and the most famous galouti kebab.

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Taareef Restaurant



it is located in Kausar Baugh and is famous for chicken biryani, yakhni pulao, shami kebab, qualia, Lahori murgh, gosht sighted, and much more. The most famous dish is the haleem.

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15.Lucknow Spice

One of the best restaurants in Pune. It serves north Indian dishes and is famous for chicken tandoori, murgh mussalam, and nawabs lassi.

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16.Cafe Arabia

it is located in phoenix market city in viman nagar. It is famous for Lebanese cuisine. The most famous dishes include baklava, mezze platter, pita bread, hummus, shawarma, and grilled chicken.

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17.Biryani By Kilo

It is located behind the Radisson Hotel in Kharadi. This eatery offers traditional biryani and kebabs. Must-try dishes include chicken korma, raita, and paneer. You can order online delivery directly or from Zomato.

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18.Mughal Sarai Restaurant

It is located in Kondhwa. It serves Mughlai, north Indian, barbeque, Indian, and tandoori. The most famous dishes include tandoori chicken, rumali roti, Kashmiri roti, etc.

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19.The Great Kabab Factory

it is in the Radisson hotel, Nagar bypass road, kharadi Pune. It is one of the most famous north Indian restaurants in Pune. It serves cuisines like barbeque, Indian, grill, Mughlai, North Indian, etc., and must-order dishes include biryani, naan ice cream, phirni, and kulfi.

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20.Gulzar E Mohammedi

It Is one of the best Irani- Mughlai Restaurants in Pune. It was founded in 1932 and is famous for Seekh – Kebabs and chicken. It is located in Blundell road camp – Pune.REFERENCES:- ZOMATO, TRIP ADVISOR.

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