Top 20 Best Restaurants In Mumbai For Continental And Thai Food

Top 20 Best Restaurants In Mumbai For Continental And Thai Food

International dishes are known to be unique and different from all the regular food we taste here in our country or city. Of course due to India’s diversity in religions and regions we have already large variety of food for us to experiment. But not all the people get the chance to visit abroad and taste foreign cuisines, so having the facility to have wonderful restaurants serving international cuisines gives the pleasure to taste them. And when we talk about international food continental and Thai foods top the chart, they are amazing. These cuisines are unique in their own way, whether it’s the taste or look or the way of making they stand out.

1. Le Pain Quotidien

It’s an amazing place to visit, but when you enter the place you feel like you have entered into a different world altogether. The place is epitome of sheer class and beauty, the ambiance is the thing which catches the attention. The décor, the wooden furnishings, it’s all surreal. Located in Powai, central part of Mumbai its one of the best place recommended to visit for continental food. It’s specially a place for having the best breakfast one can have to start the day with. The waffles and the creamy coffee are nothing but dreamy. It’s a must try place.


2. The Irish House

The place gives the perfect Irish feels, with timber beams, brick walls, antique clocks. The food is deliciously dished out by the chefs, the décor is to die for they have friendly booths, high bar settings, also the food served is hot and crisp. The charges are average, the place is meant to be for sitting and relaxing with friends and family. Food makes you believe that you are in some foreign country and the ambiance adds to that feeling. The serving pattern is also unique and the dining area is as good as the booths.


3. Grand mama’s café

It’s a different world in itself, the place makes you go speechless with all the things you see. Weather it’s the décor or the food, the place is welcoming and peaceful the host looks up to the customers in a very well manner. The white brick walls and the photo frames hanging make the place beautiful and simple at the same time. The colors are selected perfectly. Nothing is loud and dark, It’s simple and gives peace to the eyes. The food is amazing, as they serve the food fresh and doesn’t make their customers wait for much longer time.


4. Café Mangii

It’s a cozy and comfy place to visit. The ambiance is very welcoming, dark wooden furnishings complement the creamy and gray walls. The staff is friendly, the food is must try especially the wood oven pizza! It serves the best of continental and Italian food. The French toast omelets with fresh juice are the best breakfast to have. The place is always full with customers. The service never makes you complain. It’s always perfect, be the food, décor or the service.


5. Fable

It’s one of the best places in Juhu for continental food, the place is amazingly decorated. The roundtables have numbers of the clock in it, the whole place is decorated with small saplings hanging in the windows and classy cupboards are a place for some extra effects. The whole place looks like a garden dining area even being indoor. Even books are placed in the corners with table lamps, the grilled paneer with green curry is the top chart dish and is a must try. The salads are best, along with the mocktails are amazing in taste.


6. Café terra

It’s an open terrace dining, the ambiance is good under the sky the place is beautiful in both morning and evening. It’s simply decorated with white tables and chair with turquoise color cushions. The grilled cheese toast and French fries are simply amazing. The French fries have herbs in it which makes it more delicious with the hot and spicy ketchup. The veg nachos are awesome along with the peach ice-cream which is something new and interesting the taste is amazing.


7. Ben’s café

It’s the best and only place in dahisar which serves just continental food nothing else. The place is nice and cozy, the ambiance is good, not extraordinary but the food is exceptional. The beef burger and hot wings are the must try, they have the best nonveg continental food. The egg burger is something new. No, it’s not like regular egg burger it is served with simple French fries and it’s a good combo. The charges are average and the staff is cordial.


8. Global affair

With the decent ambiance and decent music surrounding the place is good to visit. But these are the secondary factors, first, comes the food and the food is awesome. The taste and quality are satisfying the presentation are great; the garlic bread are served in the baskets. The juices are fresh and they have a variety of it with some new and unique flavors. The walls are decorated with amazing colors and the décor all over is very catchy. The ‘chocolate cocoon’ is the best thing there and is must try.


9. Woodside inn

It’s a normal all day OPEN with the best of burgers served. It has a simple ambiance with arty walls, plain white walls and black art designs in it make the place peaceful and cozy. They have the finest brew, and the goat cheese bruschetta is the amazing thing along with the salad. The salad is crisp and juicy, the stuffed chicken with fresh cheese and the b.b.q chicken burger are the must try dishes. The place has a great service the food is served hot and fresh.


10. Yoko sizzlers

It’s a continental sizzler special is the name suggests, it serves the best sizzlers in the whole of oshiwara area. The décor is awesome with antics hanging in the wall; the fiery lights in the plain walls give it a good illuminating feel. The sizzling crab soup is the best starter, all the food is amazing to be it veg or non-veg the chicken dishes are perfect the chickens are juicy and crispy. The place is affordable and welcoming, Yokos has many outlets all over Mumbai and there are famous for their sizzlers and the best quality and service.


11. The house

It’s an amazing place, indoor dining, and even outdoor rooftop dining area. The place is very colorful and cheerful, with colorful artistic designs on the walls. The plain white chairs with colorful cushions add to it, the indoor décor is opposite of the outdoor one. It’s like two different place altogether, the indoor dining with the dim lights and the slow music couches and wooden tables. The nachos are amazing with the white, green and red sauces complementing it. It’s a must visit the place.


12. Hogg quarters

It’s a small outlet but has a cozy environment with decent seating arrangements and a good service. The food is the best part in here, it’s fresh and presented in a good manner. The cheese grilled burger is the awesome dish along with the crispy French fries. And the best is the barbecue chicken its juicy spicy and crispy at the same time it’s nothing but perfection. The charges are average and the facilities are great, they are even working till the dawn the place is open till 4 am and the delivery is quick even if ordered after midnight.


13. And chilies

It’s one and the only place in Mahim for Thai and continental food and it’s the best by far. The best of spicy Thai food is available here and all the dishes are must try because they are unique and amazing. The ambiance is nice and simple but it’s classy and the lights are illuminating. The corn salad along with the spicy Thai dishes is an awesome combo. The place has a good service and the charges are affordable and average. It has all the dishes around Asia not just Thai.


14. Pan of Asia

They serve the best of Asian dishes, but the attraction is the Thai food. Every person visiting here is attracted to the Thai food, not just the food but the presentation is wonderful. The Thai plate has the beast of curry, Thai rice and the momos and the crispy salad, it’s a perfect dish for lunch or dinner and the taste is world class. The simplest of the dishes are served so perfectly, even minute details are taken care of.  The staff is very friendly and cordial, it has an eye catchy ambiance.


15. Mamagoto

Mamagoto is an experience which one will never forget the whole lifetime. It’s a place which will make it to your heart, be it the staff, ambiance or the food. Everything is such wonderful, the place has the relishing feeling the food is next level. Especially the potato chili, it’s the most served dish all the dishes are served in the traditional Thai style of serving. The perfect Thai food experience is incomplete without the Thai presentation. The Thai red curry is the most delicious curry one can ever taste.


16. TAO 9

This is one of the best places for Thai food in lower parel, especially the paneer dishes, kung pao paneer is the awesome paneer dish and it tops the list when it comes to the paneer dishes served here. The Thai noodles served with the Chinese Manchurian makes the meal perfect with the spicy Thai chili it can’t get any better. The food is served hot and fresh and especially the noodles and soups are served hot without fail. The quality and the quantity are very considerate, the charges are average and the staff is cordial.


17. Go panda

This is the sweetest place one can have ever visited, the place is small and cozy not that small to suffocate. It’s the cutest joint in Lokhandwala, the interior is just awesome and it starts from the door itself. Letters are printed on the door in white, the red tables and classy charcoal black chairs make it more attractive. The dim illuminating lights are very peaceful and give a good vibe. The food is presented in a very good way, the staff is friendly the slow music in the background makes the experience more beautiful. The charges are affordable and the food is must try especially the Thai curry rice.


18. Silli chilli

This is a decent fast food joint, with best of food and services. The place has very happy environment simple seating arrangements are done no big chairs and tables, but booths with wooden stools to sit on. The food is served fresh and crisp; the Thai and Chinese finger foods are very delicious. The service is quick, even though there is only a few staff. The value for food is pocket-friendly and they give satisfaction to your taste buds.


19. Lemon leaf

It is a perfect place for dinner with family and special ones. Nice, quiet and cozy, lemon leaf has a wide range of Thai and continental dishes to choose from. The food is hygienic and reasonably priced with the service which is satisfying. The food is served neatly and the presentation is decent, the décor is graceful and soulful. It’s a perfect place to have a wonderful dinner with loved ones, the roof top setting is amazing and having dinner under the sky in cool breeze adds to the wonderful feeling.


20. Emprino

Emprino in bandra is a simple place which serves the wok Thai cuisines the service is always on time. There are large variety of option to choose from, the veg crystal dim sums are the best along with the vegetable chili Thai soup and Thai fried rice. The service is at its best and even the prices the presentation of the food is just amazing. The food is complemented with the asparagus and the fries which makes the presentation more interesting and the food tastier.