Top 20 sweet shops in Delhi

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1.Evergreen Sweet House

One of the best sweet shops in Delhi, this place is 10 on 10 right from the ambiance followed by the staff and winding up to the sweets at this place everything is just perfect. laddos served at this place are flawless and so is the jaleebi. This place is well known for its jaleebi and the ambiance is quite and decent so is the staff. If you are craving for sweets, do visit this place once.

Address: located at pinnacle mall in Sector 10 that is in Dwarka, New Delhi


2.Bhimsain’s Bengali Sweet House

In search for some authentic traditional sweets? Do visit this place and it won’t disappoint you at all. It serves amazing traditional Bengali sweets and also other sweets like rasgulla and ras malai. Also dishes which are are worth a try include cham cham followed by rabri and gajar halwa. These are all highly recommended at this store. The shop has improved itself over the years and its quality food along with a flourished menu is definitely worth a trip.

Address: located near Bengali market in Connaught place in New Delhi


3.Old Famous Jalebi Wala

This place serves the most amazing jalebi and sweets in town at reasonable rates. Besides jalebi it also serves aloo samosa and mutter samosa. Apart from this, there are other options in sweets as well. Even though they are limited but taste heavenly. One can also find rabri here and jalebi and rabri together form an amazing combination. Do try this place. It’s worth every bite.

Address: located at dariba kalan near chandni chowk in New Delhi


4.Nathu’s Sweets

Along with sweets this place also serves north Indian, south Indian and Chinese cuisine. Sweets of this place are really popular and especially the Bengali sweets mava barfi here tastes like heaven. Even the kaju rolls are beyond explanation. The best part are gulabjamun, rasmalai and cham cham. All three of them are worth a try and they taste flavorsome. Do experience it once and you’ll surely crave for second bite.

Address: located near Bengali market in connaught place that is in New Delhi


5.Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners

Craving for gulabjamun? This is the right place to visit. It serves the most amazing gulabjamun in town. Do visit this place once if you are craving for some gulabjamun. Besides gulabjamum, motichur lado are also recommended by people. The place doesn’t serve a huge number of variety but offers a good amount of variety and rates are reasonable as well.

Address: located near fathepuri chowk that is near chandni chowk in New Delhi



Special sweets here are gulabjamun, pista lauj, badam lauj and sohan halwa. Special kaju sweets here are kaju kamal and kaju mango follwerd by kaju lemon and kaju honey. This place serves end number of variety in sweets and the flavors in this place also serves sugar free sweets and chikkis. Bengal sweets and variety in laddu are also available at this place, anarkali is something one must have a bite of and season special sweets are also available here.

Address: located near corner gali paranthe that is opposite to central bank at chandni chowk in New Delhi



Besides sweets, this place also serves north Indian, south Indian, fastfood and street food. The most famous sweets here is mal pua. It is highly recommended followed by moon dal halwa and gajar halwa this place do not serve a lot of variety in sweets but whatever the limited items are they all taste amazing and are highly recommended for sweet lovers.

Address: located near Maharana Pratap chowk situated in sector 14 in Gurgaon, Delhi


8.Hira Sweets

Along with sweets this place also serves north Indian, south Indian, street food and fast food. The place is really famous for serving gulabjamun and barfi and not just this, there is a seasonal sweet known as bhalushai. Pista bhalushai is something one must try once. This place is worth a visit and won’t disappoint you at all.

Address: located near vikas marg in Laxmi nagar that is situated in New Delhi


9.Shyam Sweets

This place serves street food and sweets and sells huge number of variety in sweets and all are worth a try. From malai burfi to Bengali sweets and kaju sweets to seasonal sweets all of them are worth a bite. Even the authentic nagori halwa here is worth a try. One cannot stop themselves from having a bite of it. This place is highly recommended to tourist and foodies.

Address: located at barshahbulla chowk that is near metro station in chawri bazaar in New Delhi


10.Anupam Sweet House

One of the best places to enjoy authentic Indian sweets and street food as well. Sweets here are really amazing, especially the kaju roll, cham cham and gulab jamun. Kaju katli of this place is also worth a try and not to forget about the mouthwatering rasgullas. They are worth every bite.

Address: located at CH hetram Complex that is near pili kothi near dividing Road in Sector 31, Faridabad



This place serves amazing gulabjamun, rabri and rasgulla. Even rasmalai here is way to amazing. The ambiance this place is pretty good and the staff is really helpful. Do visit this place once and order the rabri here. It is worth every penny and you won’t be able to resist yourself from taking another. Rates are reasonable.

Address: located near bangla saheb marg at gole market in New Delhi


12.Bengal Sweet Corner

Besides sweets this place also specializes in north Indian, south Indian, Chinese, street food and fast food cuisines. This place is highly recommended for foodies as it serves end number of variety in all cuisines and is also recommended for sweet lovers as it comes in one of the best sweet shops in town. Bengali sweets at this place basically have a flavor of authentic traditional Bengali touch.

Address: located at community center near Safdarjung enclave at Safdarjung in New Delhi


13.Samrat Sweets

This place specializes in north Indian, south Indian, Chinese, street food and last but not the least sweets. Deserts here taste really great. The gulab jamun here are out of this world and rasmalai taste heavenly. Not to forget about malpua and jaleebi, they taste really amazing and are worth every bite. Options here are limited but all of them taste really great.

Address: Shop number 4 located at dhakshin marg at DLF phase 2 in Gurgaon


14.Corner Sweets

This place specializes in sweets and street food and serves end number of variety in both. Ras malai, gulab jamun, raj bhog and rabri here taste so good that it cannot be expressed in words. Malpua and gajar halwa are on point and so is dal halwa.

Address: located at corporation market situated in ramesh nagar near Kirti nagar in New Delhi


15.Bengali Sweet House

Kesar raj bhog is the first sweet dish that comes to once mind when you here of bangali sweet house. Besides that, rasgulla and rasmalai also taste really good here and so does gajar halwa. This place don’t really serve a huge variety in sweets but does so in food. So a perfect place for foodies to visit. Do try rabri at this place. It is mouthwatering.

Address: located at Bengali market situated near Barakhamba road, New Delhi


16.Moti Sweets

This place serves amazing sweets and also serves end number of variety in sweets from kaju barfi to coconut laddos  and from bundi laddos to rasgullas and kaju katli every sweet is available here this place serves authentic sweets that too at reasonable rate. This place totally worth a try all the sweets taste amazing

Address: located at main market near malviya nagar in New Delhi


17.Standard Burfee

Ambiance is quite simple and good but food here is mind blowing this place serves authentic  Indian sweets that too from A to Z every sweet is available here no matter gulab jamun, kala jamun or mava jamun, rasgulla, rasmalai, angoor rasgulla orkaju katli, kaju barfi, anjeer barfi, mava barfi, kaju roll or rabri and everything served here taste like heaven. This place is totally worth a try.

Address: located near ajmal khan road and Karol Bagh in New Delhi


18.Manohar Bikkaneri

This place serves authentic Indian sweets and is really famous for Bengali sweets specially gulabjamun and rasmalai here are worth a try besides sweets this place also serves street food and cakes and they too taste really amazing this place is highly recommended for foodies and specially sweets and cake lovers it’s worth a step in.

Address: located near clock tower that is near kamla nagar in New Delhi


19.Shiv Misthan Bhandar

This place is really famous for rabri as the hihly recommended sweet at this place is rabri besides sweets this place is known for street food but when it comes to sweets jaleebi and rabri are highly recommended besides these two this place also serves other Bengali sweets like gulab jamun and halwa and also malia sweets and mava sweets are served here.

Address: locate at kucha ghasi Ram situated near chandni chowk in New Delhi


20.Kallan Sweets

This is purely a sweet shop that serves only sweets ad there are no seating arrangements available here but sweets here are worth a try and can also order in bulk for occasions and packaging of sweets is amazing as well as the taste is great this place is totally worth a visit.

address: located at  bazaar matia mahal that is near Jama Masjid in New Delhi