Top 20 Special Dishes Of Village From Tamil Nadu

Top 20 Special Dishes Of Village From Tamil Nadu
Top 20 Special Dishes Of Village From Tamil Nadu

In South India especially in Tamil Nadu, There are a lot of traditional dishes and each one has a special unique taste, colors and smell. Especially in village sides, we are able to see more traditional foods. Actually Tamil Nadu has a good cuisine of vegetarian and Non-vegetarian foods. The major food of Tamil Nadu is rice. So almost every food contains rice as an ingredient. Let’s see some of them:

1. Vathal Kulambu

When it comes to Srirangam vatha kulambu, No other district can beat thistraditional taste of Srirangam. Vatha kulambu is a tangy, spicy gravy and served as a gravy for plain rice. When it comes for any vegetarian function vathakulambu is a main gravy for plain rice. Which was served with gingelly oil with hot steamed rice and some roasted papad. Which contains Tamarind extract, baby onions, pinch of salt, gingelly oil as an ingredient.


2. Ulundhangali

Ulundhangali is a most efficient and healthy food especially for girl child afterpuberty. In the village sides of Tami Nadu Ulundhangali is a frequent food for village people. Which contains white chick peas (ulundu paruppu), gingelly oil, palm jaggery(Karuppatti). It is most helpful for girls and women. It gives more strength to bones and hip region. Maintain proper digestion and give strength to the heart.


3. Kambu Koozh

Kambu koozh is a thick consistency oatmeal. Especially during summer season in Tamil Nadu kambu koozh is the famous dish of the village side. Which contains pearl millet. And we use small onions as a side dish. It is a very healthy dish in the Village side and mostly farmers eat this kambu koozh while farming. Because It gives strength to them.


4. Valaipoo Usili

Vazhaipoo usili is one of the most traditional recipes of Tamil Nadu village. Which is boiled food. And a spicy one. Basically banana flower reduces the Chances of pelvic attack and prevents cancer.vazhai poo usili contains toor dhal, banana flower, and it is a less oil dish.

Valaipoo Usili 1

5. Thatta Payaru Kulambu

It is a flavorful dish and smells like Kara kulambu. It has the ingredients of cow peas, coriander, Coconut and fennel seeds finally this thatta payaru kulambu( cow peas gravy) is served as a side dish for rice. Thatta Payaru contains more fiber and protein.


6. Pallipalayam chicken

Pallipalayam chicken is a famous dish in Erode. It is crispy, crunchy, Spicy and filled with spice fragrance.Pallipalayam chicken is a high protein non-vegetarian dish. It is served as a side dish for rasam rice or plain rice. Most Non-vegetarian people love this dish.


7. Kozhukattai

Kozhukattai is a famous south Indian dumplings made from rice contains coconut, jaggery, and it is a steamed dish and lacks oil, so it reduces fat and is a very healthy dish. Kozhukattai gives a sweet taste.


8. Avial

Avial is a coconut based mixed vegetable curry. And is made of any special occasion in Tamil Nadu village sides. It contains mixed vegetables like drumsticks, carrots, potatoes, beans… Avial is a Steamed dish and served with boiled rice.


9. Mavizhaku

Mavizhaku is a rice flour lamp made with rice flour and Jaggery. In village sides of Tamil Nadu, it is a tradition to serve in Thai, aadi Friday’s. It contains raw rice, jaggery, ghee. It is a very healthy dish.


10. Manga Pachadi

Mangapachadi is a spicy side dish in Village sides. It should have six flavors of sweet, salt, bitter, spice, and sour. It was made in village sides for any occasion like New year. And it was prepared during mango seasons. Its significance is to understand our life is a combination of good, bad, sorrow, victory, defeat.


11. Vazhaipu Vadai

Vazhaipoo vadai is a crisp snack or side dish of rice. Made with Banana flowers and chana dhal. Which is a famous Tamil Nadu village dish. It is also served with ketchup as an evening snack.


12. Kelvaragu Dosai

Kelvaraku Dosai is a healthy Breakfast of village people. Kelvaragu(Ragi) is rich in calcium and protein. It is a frequent main dish for village people in Tamil Nadu. Made by Ragi. Also, we make Kelvaraku idli by the same method.


13. Kothamalli Rice

Kothamalli Rice is also named Coriander Rice. Which is made up of coriander leaves. First make the gravy of coriander leaf and then mix it with boiled rice. Which is a fragrant full, spicy rice. Kothamalli Rice is a common food of village people.


14. Vazhaipoo Meen Kuzhambu

Vazhaipoo Meen Kuzhambu is a very Interesting and tasty vegetarian fish curry gravy. Which is made up with banana flowers. This dish has a special unique feature. That is the only dish with the names vegetarian and non-vegetarian at the same time. It is famous among the Chettinad village side.


15. Milagu Kozhi Varuval

Milagu kozhi varuval is a famous dish from Chettinad village. It Tastes like crispy and spicy. This is usually taken to cure colds and coughs. It is a famous non-vegetarian food of village people in Tamil Nadu.


16. Mutton Chukka

Mutton chukka is also a famous Non-vegetarian dish from Tamil Nadu village. It Tastes like crispy and spicy. And it is made by deep-frying mutton. It is a famous side dish for rice and Biryani.


17. Palaya Sadam

Pazhaiya sadham is the most famous food of Tamil Nadu Village people. It is made by The remaining rice from yesterday. It is served with vathal and greenchili and onion. Which gives more stamina to our body. Mostly, farmers like this dish.


18. Thengai Sadam

Thengai sadham is a simple and easy homemade dish of village people. It is made with coconut milk and crunches. Which is a spicy and crispy lunch, and it is served with vathal.


19. Idiyappam

Idiyappam is a healthy oil-less food. And served with coconut milk or any gravy. It is a tasty breakfast made with idiyappam flour. It is named as Rice string hoppers. First we have to make soft dough with rice flour. And we need an idiyappam Ural to make idiyappam.


20. Kuli Paniyaaram

Kuzhi Paniyaram is a very healthy breakfast. It is made with rice flour batter and served with vegetable gravy or Coconut chutney. Which gives a brisk feel in the morning, and it is mostly preferred by Tamil Nadu people.