Top 20 Bhajias To Have On A Festive Eve

Top 20 Bhajias To Have On A Festive Eve


Onion Bhajia

Onion Bhajia or Pakora is the tastiest of all. Onion and besan flour along with some ginger garlic and chilli paste are the ingredients which goes into its making. Onion Bhajia and Pav is widely available at the local street vendors at the minimal price.


Soybean Bhajia

Soybean is a very rich vegetable and tastes like chicken when cooked with proper spices and condiments. Soybean is highly rich in proteins which are essentially for our growing body. So Soybean Bhajia is a dish which is healthy as well as tasty, and a must try for children.


Prawn Bhajia

The most delicious non-vegetarian Pakora on our list is the Prawn Pakora. As a child, the only seafood that I loved the most was the prawns. Prawns Pakora are made by dipping fresh prawns in rice batter to make crispy. It tastes delicious when served with some Chutney or Sauce.


Moong Dal Bhajia

Moong Dal Pakora or Moong Dal Bhajia are the best street food in Mumbai which is loved by all. It is soft on the inside, crunchy at the out and mildly spiced. It tastes best when served with sweet curd and tamarind chutney. The Moong Dal Bhajia are made from yellow moong lentils mixed with ginger garlic and chilli paste for taste.


Mushroom Pakora

This the second Pakora on the list which tastes like chicken when cooked with proper spices and condiments. Mushroom Pakora is juicy, crispy and even soft at the same time. Mushroom Pakora tastes heavenly when served with authentic Schezwan Chutney.


Paneer Bhajia

Paneer Bhajia or Paneer Parcel is the most delightful evening snack for all kids. Paneer Bhajia is usually served with a variety of chutneys like the mint coriander Chutney, tangy Tomato Sauce or spicy Schezwan Chutney; it gives a unique taste with every bite.


Gobi Bhajia

Gobi Bhajia are pieces of cauliflower dipped in a mixture of besan flour or rice flour and some spices. For those who don’t love cauliflower, this is ideal for its consumption. This is tasty and healthy.


Bread Pakora

Bread Pakora or Cutlet is another famous street food available at almost every street in Mumbai. Boiled minced potatoes mixed with ginger garlic and chilli paste along with onion and tomato is stuffed into two half sliced bread. These sandwiches are dipped in besan flour and then fried. Tastes best when served with coconut green chilli chutney and Tamarind chutney.


Corn Fritters

Corn fritters or Makai ke Pakora are soft and sweet at the inside and crunchy on the outside. Corn fritters contain grains of corn, mixed in corn flour along with some chillies to enhance its taste. Sometimes cheese is also added to the mixture for better flavouring. These are a must try during summers.


 Raw Banana Bhajia

The yellow banana chips coated with salt or black pepper tastes delicious. Raw potato chips dipped in rice or besan flour are fried in oil to make Raw Banana Bhajia. The taste is unique with the rawness of banana combined with some spicing to add to the taste.


 Spring Onion Pakora

Spring Onion, Spring Scallion or Hara Pyaaz are many names for a single thing. Spring onion Pakora is a North Indian dish which is salubrious. Finely chopped Spring Onion mixed in besan or besan flour are deep-fried in oil and served with delicious Chutney. Spring onion Pakora tastes best when served piping hot.


Mixed Veg Pakora

Mixed Veg Pakora taste unique with every bite because each Pakora explores new set of vegetables. This Pakora has finely chopped ingredients ranging from onion, tomato to cauliflower and cabbage. Any number of vegetables can be added to this. Mixed Veg Pakora is ideal for mothers whose kids run away from vegetables.

Mixed Veg Pakora


Potato Bhajia

Potato Bhajia or Alu ke Pakode are an ideal treat during the cold windy evenings. Bhajia with tea during rain is simply the best combination of all. Potato Bhajia is prepared by dipping potato chips into besan flour or rice flour for crispiness.


Cabbage Bhaji

Kobi Bhajia are desi Manchuria balls. Finely grated cabbage is mixed with besan flour and corn flour. It tastes delicious when served with Schezwan chutney. This is the more modern version, but the original is prepared by just mixing grated cabbage with besan flour and then fried in hot oil.


Baingan Bhajia

Baingan Bhajia or Brinjal Fritters are well-marinated slices of brinjal dipped in gram flour and then deep fried in oil. The brinjal are marinated in red chilli powder, salt, lemon juice and some other spices as per choice. These Bhajias taste wonderful when eaten with Chutney.


Mirchi Bhajia

The most chatpata of all the above Pakoras are the Mirchi Pakora. Spicy hot chilli filled ginger garlic and onion paste are dipped in the gram flour batter to make the Mirchi Pakora. It doesn’t require any Chutney to enhance its taste because it’s a self-packed cracker of taste.


Palak Bhajia

Palak or spinach is a very rich source of vitamins and minerals. Even though children love Popeye who eats spinach, but still they sometimes ignore eating it. If this is the situation in your house, then this is ideal for your household. Children will start loving spinach. The similar Pakoras can be made with the help of any other eatable leaf of your choice.


Lotus Stem Bhajia

Lotus Stem Bhajia – you must be amazed by listening to its name. It has chopped lotus roots dipped in besan flour or rice flour. Ginger garlic paste along with chilli paste are added to enhance its flavour. This is the unique of all, and a must try once in a lifetime.


Karela Bhajia

If you don’t eat oily foodstuffs or are diabetic, then the Karela Bhajia is an ideal for you. Karela Bhajia or bitter gourd fitters are made by mixing the slices of chopped bitter gourd in besan flour for deep frying. These fritters are not too bitter to taste.


Chocolate  Pakora

Pakora or chocolate? It’s simply impossible to decide between the two. So why not combine the two and make some chocolate Pakora? The insides of chocolate Pakora consist of chocolate cubes which are slightly melted due to the heat during frying. It’s a must try for people looking for something different.