Top 20 Ladoos For This Diwali



Dinkache Ladoo

Dinkache Ladoo also known as Goond ke Ladoo is a very famous Maharashtrian recipe which is cooked in the whole country. This Ladoo is quintessentially famous for its high nutritive value and the best sweet to be given for pregnant women. The most important ingredient of this recipe is the edible gum. Sounds interesting!!


Besan Ladoo

‘Besan Ladoo’ I don’t think I need to speak a lot about it, the name speaks it all. This Ladoo is locally available sweet dish at every house in South Asia during the festive period. It’s soft when bitten and simply melts on your tongue.


Rava Ladoo

Rava Ladoo is another recipe which is found in almost every house during the festivals. The making of Rava Ladoo involves minimal ingredients, and they are rava, sugar, grated coconut. It’s is a light and grainy Ladoo. Kesar can also be added to this recipe to enhance its colour and taste.



Methi Ladoo

Methi Ladoo is a traditional Indian recipe which is high in vitamins and minerals. It is more of an Ayurvedic medicine than a sweet dish. So why not invest in our and others health this festive season with this auspicious Methi Ladoo….


Boondi Ladoo

Boondi is soft and sweet Indian dessert prepared from besan batter. Boondi Ladoo is super soft and sweet with a slight taste of desi ghee. While making Boondi Ladoo, we get two dishes with the same effort that is Boondi Ladoo and Boondi.


Sev Ladoo

Long crunchy Sev dipped in sweet sugary syrup. The Sev for this recipe can be made thick or thin. Children sometimes call it Noodle Ladoo. It’s a very healthy and delicious treat.



Khobra Ladoo

Coconut has always been a salubrious food due to its high nutritional content. Coconut Ladoo or Khobryache Ladoo as said in the local dialect of Maharashtra is a very unique and healthy recipe. It is usually prepared during Narali Purnima, celebrated in the coastal region. Naralachi Vadi is same as this Ladoo, the only difference being that they are flat tikkis.


Motichoor Ladoo

Motichoor Ladoos are my personal favourite. I can have as many of these Ladoos at any time; they are just so tasty and full of juice. Motichoor Ladoo gets its name because of its pearly appearance. It is made up of very fine Boondi soaked in sugar syrup and bonded into small balls. It looks same as the ball of pearls.


Ragi Ladoo

Ragi is an excellent source of iron and fibre. This Ragi Ladoo is the most health beneficial Ladoo of all. Ragi is finger millet which supports in relaxation of the body. Ragi Ladoos are a must try for all those who are very much health conscious.


Sesame Ladoo

Sesame Ladoo, popularly known as Til ke Ladoo, has unique properties in it. It is mostly eaten in winter to provide warmth to our body. Maharashtrian people celebrate a festival called Sankranti during which they give each other sesame Ladoo and celebrate it. Sesame mixed with sugar syrup, or jaggery syrup is the main ingredient.


Dry Fruits Ladoo

Dry Fruits Ladoo are an ultimate shower of different delicious dry fruits. It is full of creamy cashew nuts, crunchy roasted almonds, walnuts, sweet dates and any other dry fruit which we like. Some people also add Anjeer or fig fruit to it to add the health quotient. It is very satisfying as with each bite we get small pieces of nuts.


Shengdana Ladoo

Groundnut or Shengdana as said in the local Maharashtrian language is a salubrious nut. People in India widely use the groundnut oil for cooking. Chunks of groundnut with sweet jaggery or sugar syrup are good for our health. This combination is highly nutritious and also given to small children.



Sabudana Ladoo

Most of us crave for tasty and different kind of dishes during fasting. So here in this list, we have this Sabudana Ladoo which is ideal for the fasting period. It is made of sago seeds which are mostly consumed during fasting.


Badam Ladoo

Badam or almond is known by everyone. People believe the brain power improves with the consumption of almonds. Almond has various properties which prove it beneficial for health as well as our hair. The piece of crunchy almond mixed in sugar syrup or jaggery is a delight. Good for health and also good to taste.


Atta Ladoo

Atta, which is a common word for wheat flour is usually used to make roti or chapati. These Ladoos are not only famous during the winter but also during the summer. These can be prepared anytime as the ingredients are readily available in everyone’s house.


Dates Sesame Ladoo

Soft sweet sesame with the warmth of sesame is ideal to munch on during any time of the day. If you have a constant habit of eating something or the other than why not use this healthy treat which is good for our health. It is prepared with sesame, dates and jaggery or sugar as per requirement.


Malai Ladoo

Malai Ladoo is rich and delicious sweet dish to be cooked mainly during festive occasions. Malai Ladoos are cooked from the milk cream and some sweetening ingredient. Malai Ladoos are also served during festival times.


Chocolate Ladoo

The most delicious and top on children’s list are the Chocolate Ladoo. Chocolate Ladoo is a very innovative dish which may contain any number of nuts or any kind of fruit along with the basic ingredient chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? So this Chocolate Ladoo is a must try for everyone this festive season.


Maa Ladoo

Maa Ladoo is one of the many sweets which can be made very easily with minimal ingredients during festive occasions. It is highly rich in protein. This dish is mostly prepared Southern part of India where it is called as Pottukadalai.



Kurmure Ladoo

Kurmure Ladoos are also known as Murmure Ladoo. Kurmure is eaten by all in our favourite Bhel. So this is Kurmure Ladoo prepared from Kurmure and some sweetener. This is the lightest of all the Ladoos in the world.