Top 20 Breakfast Items Near Lanka BHU Road In Varanasi

Top 20 Breakfast Items Near Lanka BHU Road In Varanasi 1
Top 20 Breakfast Items Near Lanka BHU Road In Varanasi 1

When it comes to the oldest living cities in the world, Varanasi is one such city that makes its name to the top of the list. This holy city is famous for its Ghats, oldest temples, and narrow lanes and is also known for its street food items and breakfast dishes which one can enjoy in the early morning hours. Lanka BHU road is one of such places in the city where you can find students from various states who can never let go of the memories of such place as it feeds them from breakfast to evening snacks and even a full course meal. Let us look at the 20 breakfast items that one can have near Lanka BHU road.

1. Tea And Coffee

Nothing can compensate for without starting our day with tea or a coffee. There are numerous tea stalls on every corner of the city to have a fresh and energized start to the day with varieties of tea and coffee. One of the oldest and most famous tea stalls is Kashi Tea Stall at Assi Ghat. The place offers tea and coffee made from Italian and South Indian beans.

Tea And Coffee

2. Bread Butter Toast

For those staying inside the BHU campus, this dish is not new. You can enjoy the bread butter toast or bread with white butter spread as toppings cooked on coal in the tandoori style. And yes, a bonus tip you can enjoy it with a hot kulhad tea. You can find this near the Amul shop inside the BHU campus.

Bread Butter Toast

3. Sandwich 

Sandwich is a go-to and one of the most fulfilling breakfast items in every house. You can have a delicious potato and cheese stuffed sandwich at the Amul shop inside the BHU campus. This place is also famous by the name Limbdi corner near IIT BHU.


4. Dosa And Uttapam

Dosa and uttapam are the most preferred breakfast items in the category of light and diet-friendly food. There are numerous dosa and uttapam corners in and around every corner of the city. The specialty of dosa and uttapam is that they contain simple onion and tomato and are fully loaded with Amul butter served along with white coconut chutney. This white chutney adds life to the dish. It’s a must-try breakfast item, especially on cold winter mornings.

Dosa And Uttapam

5. Puri Sabzi

I am sure the Chachi kachori shop is a name everyone must be well aware of in Varanasi. Chachi Kachori shop offers famous delicious mouth-watering puri-sabzi for breakfast. The sabzi contains various veggies and potatoes and a mix of spices. People come from far-off areas of the city to fulfill their empty stomachs and have this tasty breakfast item to start their day.

Puri Sabzi

6. Chana Jhol Kachori

These are potato-filled mini kachoris served with sabzi comprising of garbanzo (also known as chickpeas or chana in layman’s words) along with toppings of sweet and mint chutney along with sliced onion on top. This dish can be found during morning hours and sold by various street-side food vendors near Lanka BHU road. The taste just can’t be described in words.

Chana Jhol Kachori

7. Jalebi-Rabdi

For many people, this combination of jalebi-rabdi might sound a bit unusual but coming to the craze of this dish in this holy city of Varanasi makes it a must-try combo. This jalebi-rabdi combination is available in many shops selling puri sabzi. Locals of this place go gaga over this combination.

Jalebi Rabdi

8. Choora-Matar

Choora-matar comes to mind while merging special foods from two states. This dish is a bowl of flattened rice mixed with boiling peas and spices like garam masala, black pepper, etc. While it is known as poha in Maharashtra, it is known as poha chiwda in Bihar.

Choora Matar

9. Baati Chokha

Baati Chokha is known to be the most authentic dish in the state of Bihar. Well, it has its charm in the city of Varanasi as well. Baati Chokha is sold at various points in the city while going to Lanka BHU road. It is a one-course meal as it is so fulfilling that it serves the purpose of breakfast and lunch. It is wheat flour stuffed with chana dal and various spices. The baati is in the form of a ball loaded with desi ghee and served with chokha made of eggplant, tomato, onion, green chili, and potatoes.

Baati Chokha

10. Maggie

The students and young crowd must be aware of the place known as Nestle at Madhuban BHU. This place offers a variety of snacks to feed for breakfast. Maggie with some beverages and sandwiches is quite famous. Maggie is available in various shops outside the famous VT temple inside the BHU campus.


11. Banarasi Paan

Well, who hasn’t heard of the famous banarasi pan? It is a source of refreshment for the people of Varanasi. Banarasi Pan isn’t specifically a particular time item. Especially during summers, the cool mint contained in the Pan gives another level of refreshment. Banarasi Pan comes in a variety of flavors. The most famous shop at Lanka BHU road is Keshav Tambul Bhandar near Ravidas Gate.

Banarasi Paan

12. Idli 

Idli is another one of the most loved south Indian dishes and a favorite of all diet-conscious people. Idli here in Varanasi is one of the hot-selling breakfast items sold in the city. Talking about Lanka BHU road, one can have a variety of idlis such as fried idli, idli Sambhar, or just simple fluffy idli served with white coconut chutney. One can easily find such dishes outside the VT temple in BHU.

Idli 2

13. Chole Bhature

People who love Punjabi breakfast and want a good meal to keep them full all day can taste delicious chole bhature near Lanka road. The famous chole bhature is available at a stall opposite Capsicum Restaurant on Lanka BHU road.

Chole Bhature

14. Kabab Paratha

Some dishes serve two in one purpose. Those who cannot get too early in the morning and find it hard to take some time for lunch can have kabab paratha at Lanka BHU road at around 11 am. Many street vendors sell kabab paratha just opposite Capsicum Restaurant at Lanka BHU road.

Kabab Paratha

15. Fruit Chat

Again here is another healthy breakfast option for health-conscious folk. One can grab fresh fruit chat sprinkled with black salt and lemon at Lanka BHU road opposite the V2 kart shop. It’s a go-to and a refreshing breakfast option during summers.

Fruit Chat

16. Juices

To keep yourself hydrated in the scorching summer heat, nothing better can come to your rescue other than some fresh and cool fruit juices. One can find many juice shops inside the BHU campus and on Lank BHU road. Options available are mango juice, apple juice, and orange juice.


17. Malaiyo

You cannot skip on this sweet dish named malai yo especially when you are in Varanasi in the winters. People of Varanasi love to go on a morning walk at the ghat and enjoy malaiyo. Serving it in kulhad makes it even more delicious. The dish is available in many shops in the city on Lanka BHU road.


18. Thandai

When speaking about Varanasi, one must have heard of this famous drink known as Thandai.  One can easily enjoy Thandai at the shop named Thandai Bahar. Thandai comes in many flavors served in had filled with dry fruit toppings, rabdi, or ice cream. People of Varanasi enjoy thandai after breakfast as a refreshment drink.

Thandai 2

19. Lassi

When it comes to the famous lassi of Varanasi, one cannot miss out lassi of Pehalwan lassi. The Pehalwan Lassi is the oldest lassi shop near Ravidas Gate, Lanka. The lassi is after breakfast or an all-time drink. People generally prefer to have it along with or after breakfast. Lassi is served in kulhad and acts as a perfect after-meal appetizer.


20. Samosa Chola And Chutney

This breakfast item must be a favorite be it a student of BHU or just any random person visiting the VT temple. The hot potato stuffed samosas with optional Chola and chutney makes it a mouth-watering item to start your morning. This breakfast item is available at a shop outside VT temple BHU.

Samosa Chola and Chutney