Top 20 Bts-Inspired Hotels In India

Top 20 Bts-Inspired Hotels In India

BTS has taken over the world. They have songs, dances, raps, performances, clothing, food, and hotels. The BTS Army spreads over the world. This reach emphasizes people start their BTS-inspired hotel. These Hotels usually includes BTS merch, their favorite dishes, their portraits, picture, songs, etc. BTS has been a theme for many hotels lately. In India, there are more than a hundred BTS-inspired hotels. These hotels are present in different locations from North to South India. Today, we will explore the top 20 BTS-inspired hotels you would love to visit. Keep your pen and paper ready to make a bucket list.

1.Kalita Café

Kalita Café is in Guwahati, Assam. We are starting this list from North to South of India. This café is a Kpop themed café. It serves most of the famous Korean dishes. They have the BTS-Inspired Tae-Tea too. Furthermore, people can take a few K-pop postcards once they have a meal here. Also, you can enjoy the great songs played here.

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2.Map Of Seoul

Number two on the list is Map of Seoul, Jaipur. This place serves all the famous Korean, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese dishes. You can find all the famous noodles you must have heard in your favorite drama here. Plus, they have a photo corner and a great collection of Korean songs playing in the background. Give it a try too.

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3.Bite That Spoons

Now we are in Kolkata. Bite that Spoons in Kolkata has made its place in the BTS-inspired cafes. They provide famous Korean dishes. They have Korean street foods too. Plus, you get a book on BTS which you can read while waiting for your meal. You are in a high chance of colliding with your Bias mate here.

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4.Bangtan Shefs

How can Mumbai not be a part of this popular fandom? Bangtan Shefs in Mumbai has taken part in the top 20 BTS-inspired hotels. They have the best Korean cuisine and dishes. They are great at celebrating the band members’ birthdays and hosting parties for the same. Furthermore, you can find all the famous BTS merch in this place.

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5.Hai Kum Gang

Now we are heading towards Bengaluru. The Hai Kum Gang restaurant in Bengaluru is one of a kind. A native Korean leads the restaurant. Likewise, they have all the famous and traditional Korean dishes. Furthermore, you can find great decor in the restaurants. The lead has taken most of the inspiration from BTS.

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6.Busan Korean Restaurants

Heading back to the North, we found Busan Korean Restaurant for you. This place is a Jimin and Jungkook-themed restaurant in Delhi. The restaurant is very mild and calming. They serve most of the renowned and celebrity favorite dishes from Korea. It is a soothing experience.

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7.Little Seoul

Little Seoul is another Korean invention in Delhi. It is in Humayunpur, Delhi. The place serves authentic Korean food with large portions of meat. If you are a veggie, make sure to mention it. They do have all kinds of other cuisines with Korean. Furthermore, you cannot miss their hotpot, and here barbecue comes with free toppings.

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Gunj, the Palace stands tall in Gurugram. Again, I should move to Delhi anyways. This place serves Soju. They have special Tabletop barbecue facilities. The rates here can be high but are worth it. Plus, they maintain the Korean tradition of Makkoli. Do give it a try.

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Dongne is like a small Korean town in Delhi. It is the most pocket-friendly Korean-themed café in India. Furthermore, you can play a few Korean games here while waiting for your meal. The place is well-maintained and has an excellent Korean touch to it. Also, you must try their Tteokbokki.

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10.Bao Village

Exploring Delhi will give you the happiness of these best Kpop themed Restaurants. Bao Village comes along the lines of BTS-inspired places in Delhi. It is a conservative kind of place. It has good décor, and they serve other cuisines. They have Chinese, Italian, and Mexican dishes on their menu.

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11.North East Kitchen

North East Kitchen is in the south of the country. It serves the best Korean food. It is present in Chennai. They have a limited seating arrangement. However, it is a well-known place in the south. You can try their Kimchi Fried rice. It is one of the best kimchi fried rice. Furthermore, you can enjoy the decor and etiquette of the place.

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12.Soo Ra Sang

Soo Ra Sang is present near the airport in Bengaluru. You can stop here to have a great Korean meal. They serve one of the best Korean dishes. They have the traditional set of dishes from Korea. You can even have a complimentary cheesecake and cinnamon tea. Both these desserts are famous in Korea. So, do give it a try.

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13.Hi Seoul

Hi, Seoul is again present in Bengaluru. It is an affordable Korean restaurant with many famous dishes from the cuisine. It is present as a fast-food outlet below a mall. However, they have still maintained their standard. They serve the best food at the cheapest costs. So, do give it a try.

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14.Heng Bok

We are back in Aamchi Mumbai. Heng Bok is present in Mumbai. It is an authentic Korean restaurant. You will find the seating arrangements are also Korean here. One can get a feel of old Korean habits and rituals here. The resorts highlight Korean culture in the best way.

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15.Café Maroo

We are traveling the internal streets of Maharashtra. Café Maroo is present in Pune. They are famous for their black bean noodles. Furthermore, it is the only Korean or BTS-Inspired café in Pune. I am sure soon many people will come to other innovative places like café Maroo.

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16.The Himalayan

The Himalayan is a famous Korean restaurant in Bangalore. It has all the Korean dishes on its menu. They have many other idol portraits. Plus, they have chopsticks on their food equipment list. So if you know to use a chopstick, this place can be good for you.

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17.Sun And Moon

I feel like most of the BTS-Inspired restaurants are present in metropolitan cities only. Anyway, Sun and Moon restaurant is present in Mumbai. A Korean couple runs the place. Tho a little under-maintained, it is the best example of an excellent Korean Resort. It is a little pricy. But it is worth it. Make sure to add it to your bucket list.

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18.Hahn’s Kitchen

Hahn’s Kitchen takes us back to Gurugram. This place is a Delhi-based restaurant. You will find Japanese and Korean dishes on the menu. Furthermore, the menu has more Korean dishes. You can try the soup they serve. They are heart-warming.

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This place is a restaurant with a decent accent. Mostly they serve Korean meal boxes. They have the best Sushi in India. The resort offers premium dishes from Korea that are a little pricy. They have a great ambiance and decent designs. They have soft brick designs that will calm your heart.

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20.Di Miso

Di Miso is an authentic Asian restaurant. They have private booths for people. The tables and chairs will give you an antic feel. Plus, the rates of these places are very affordable. They have a clean and calm environment. The menu here includes all the Korean dishes. Hence, take time out and visit all the BTS-Inspired resorts mentioned in the list.

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