Top 20 Places To Eat Korean Food In India

Top 20 Places To Eat Korean Food In India

Many different cuisines are trying to dominate the culinary world. One such cuisine is the Korean cuisine. With the rise of Korean music and drama among the youngsters of this generation, the demand for this type of cuisine is an all time high. The Korean cuisine mainly focuses on meat related dishes, soy-based dishes, noodles and rice. The staple food for the Korean people and the cuisine is rice.

1.North East Kitchen, Chennai

This restaurant is my personal favourite. It is located on the side of a building. It is a small place with limited seating arrangement and they serve only lunch and dinner. It is run by a Korean family who serves authentic Korean food. The ramen they serve is so chewy, it’s one of the best I have tasted so far. They have a variety of pork-based delicacies, beef, fish, and chicken. The side dishes are unlimited, and at the end of the meal, a slice of watermelon is served to digest the food we have eaten. It would be unfortunate if you were to miss out on this place if you are a major meat lover, as they have a variety of dishes to choose from, the vegetarian menu is quite small but is just as amazing as the non vegetarian dishes.

north-east-kitchen2.Gung-the Palace, Gurgaon

Gung means palace in Korean, and it spans across three floors. It is run by a mother-son duo from Korea and produce palate tantalizing authentic Korean food. The decors of this restaurant have artworks which depict the various traditions and ceremonies that take place in Korea. The staff is very courteous and cheerful. The side dishes provided are a bit spicy but delicious nevertheless. A wide variety of Korean dishes which are pork-based is the best in this restaurant. They have a karaoke place inside where any Korean music fan can let loose. This restaurant is frequented by many Koreans and is also recommended by them to the others, because of the authenticity of the food served here. A little bit on the heavy side of the pocket but well worth it.

gung3.Restaurant De Seoul, New Delhi

This restaurant operates only during lunch and dinner hours. They serve tasty pork-based dishes that leave you wanting for more. The specialties of this restaurant are bibimbap, pork sausages, and kimchi jeongal. Bibimbap is a rice which is filled with neatly cut vegetables with an option of meat and wrapped up with a layer of seaweed. This bibimbap is incredibly nutritious and healthy, a must have if you are in a rush. This place is heavy on the pocket, but it is worth a visit.


4.Hae Kum Gang, Bangalore

This restaurant located in Bangalore has great ambience and service which is rapid. They serve not only Korean food but also Japanese. The must have dishes are the bibimbap with chilli sauce, a pork based dish called samgyeopsal which is incredibly popular among the Koreans, and even the regulars who visit the restaurant. For vegetarians, worry not for they have mouth-watering tofu based and kimchi based dishes which are a delight to have. The prices of the dishes are reasonable and the quantity served is also abundant.


5.Heng Bok, Mumbai

A Korean restaurant which offers an extensive line up of meat based dishes, including a grill-it-yourself barbecue. This restaurant is mainly famous for their barbecue and grill. A traditional eight seating room with a table in the center and a grill on top which allows the customers to cook the meat themself, exactly like how it’s done in Korea. The samgyeopsal is best accompanied with Soju which is a favourite of everyone in that country. This place is a bit heavy on the pocket, but it is worth a try.

heng-bok6.Soo Ra Sang, Bangalore

This place located in Bangalore provides an extensive amount of authentic dishes of the Korean cuisine. They have a traditional seating and casual seating arrangement. The kimchi (pickled cabbage or radish) is fabulous in this restaurant and they also allow you to grill the meat if you ask them to. They will give you traditional seats with a grill placed in the center of the table. They have ten different side dishes served in the restaurant. At the end of the meal a complimentary Korean homemade cheesecake and cinnamon tea are served. The staff is very courteous and warm, including the owner. It is a bit expensive, but the impressive food just makes you forget about everything.

soo-ra-sang7.Cafe Maroo, Pune

One of the best Korean Restaurants in Pune. The ambience in this place is calm and the service is quick here. They have an incredible collection of music, which is played in the background. The must have dishes in this place are the seaweed soup, kimchi, bibimbap, and chicken/beef bulgogi which are highly recommended.

cafe-maroo8.New Seoul Hotels, Chennai

This place has amazing Korean food that will make you want to come back here. The ambience in this place is family friendly and trendy. The service is prompt and perfect. The meat-based dishes are absolutely delightful in this restaurant; they also serve sashimi and sushi. The must have here is the Korean BBQ platter which will make you speechless.


9.Arirang Korean Restaurant, Bangalore

This restaurant serves such authentic Korean food that even the Korean locals love this place. The ambience is friendly and elegant along with beautiful artworks for the interiors. The service is prompt and welcoming. They serve herb-flavoured water along with a variety of Korean dishes which will leave you in confusion as what to pick. The must try dishes are the pork barbecue or known as samgyeopsal, dumplings, and jjajangmyun which is black bean noodles with a meat of your choice but it is usually served with pork.

arirang10.The Shim Tur, Paharganj

This place is a backpacker’s haven, with a rustic rooftop restaurant which attracts the hearts of many locals and the Korean nationals living in this area. The flavours of the Korean cuisine can be experienced here, in this breezy setting. Many of the Korean dishes here are best with an accompaniment drink called Soju. This place gets rapidly filled by college students who want to have budget lunch or dinner. The prices are at an incredibly low cost which easily encourages us to visit here regularly.

shim-tur11.Korea Restaurant, Delhi

This restaurant has a decor which excludes calm and friendly vibes to anyone who visits it. The food served here is authentic and delicious to the dot. The staff here is cheerful and prompt. The kimchi which is limitless is the one of the best in India that you will ever taste. The bibimbap and the spicy seafood noodles are a must try in this restaurant.

korea12.Thran, Bangalore

Another family run restaurant located in Bangalore. This place serves an army of side dishes which accompanies the food that are being served here. The food here will make you eat till you drop, that’s how good this place is. Like the many other Korean restaurants in Bangalore, this place has got its style and decor. The must have dishes in this restaurant are chicken kalguksu, which is chicken soup with knife-cut wheat noodles served in a large bowl with aromatic seasonings and vegetables, a seasonal dish and pork bulgogi which is a must have if you visit this restaurant.

thran13.Young Doo Restaurant, Chennai

This restaurant serves its dishes with numerable side dishes which amplify the taste by tenfold. The staff and decor are very calm and friendly which bring you back here again. Like many other restaurants, the must try dish in this place is the bibimbap which has a meat of your choice and the ramen which is chewy and leaves an unforgettable taste in your mouth.

young-doo14.Too Asian!, Mumbai

This restaurant serves Korean dishes as well as a wide variety of other cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Burmese and Vietnamese. The dish you must have in this place is the hot chicken in hot pepper gochujan sauce teamed up with egg fried rice is a delicacy to be relished any time you come here for a fulfilling meal. They come up with new dishes to spice up the menu. The owner’s father is an incredibly friendly man who will help you choose a dish if you are having any difficulty in picking a dish to relish.

too-asian15.Ssongchee, New Delhi

A newly opened cafe in Delhi which serves impressive Korean food. The ramyeon, kimchi, and kimchi fried rice are wonderful especially when they are paired up with the homemade drinks that are served. The shaved ice dessert which is one of the best Korean desserts, served here is a must have for its flavour and taste.

songchee16.Hi Seoul, Bangalore

If you are a chicken lover, this place is your go-to destination. Korean style chicken wings marinated and deep fried. Crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside, perfect with chili sauce. Kimbap deopbap is a must have delicacy, which is stir fried bulgogi (meat) stuffed inside sticky rice, and wrapped in seaweed. A simple restaurant which has prompt service and friendly service. Perfect place for a quick and hearty meal.

hi-seoul17.Malaka Spice, Hyderabad

A high-end restaurant which serves a variety of South East Asian cuisines like Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Malaysian. After the success of the branch in Pune, this flavourful restaurant has opened a branch in Hyderabad. They offer a wide variety of delicious dishes from different cuisines, that will give you a taste of the cultures of various parts of South East Asia. The notable cuisine here is the Korean cuisine, and one of the best in Hyderabad and a must visit place if you’re a Korean food lover.

malaka-spice18.Chi Asian Cookhouse, Noida

This cookhouse located in the beautiful place of Noida serves a wide variety of Pan-Asian dishes. The decor in this place is eccentric which catches your eye when you enter the rooms. The kimbap is the out of the world in this cookhouse and mouth-watering, the kind of dish which is a must have in any Korean restaurant you visit. The rates are reasonable for the quantity of food that is served.

chi-asian19.Cheong Ki Wa Korean Restaurant, Chennai

This restaurant has a Japanese cuisine which is as noteworthy as well as the Korean dishes that are served. The ambience in this restaurant is simple and friendly with a warm welcome. They serve authentic Korean dishes prepared by the Korean chefs. This place is not that well known, but it is a must visit if you are in Chennai and you crave for authentic Korean food.


20.Busan Korean Restaurant, Delhi

Busan is a district in Korea which is immensely famous for their fresh seafood and the sashimi. The restaurant is located in the streets of Manju Ka Tila which also offers takeaways. If you are a vegetarian, the must have dish is the kimbap, and if you are a non vegetarian, then the menu is huge with delicacies like bulgogi tukbap which is marinated beef with steamed rice, jjamppong sujebi which is a mix of seafood with hand torn noodles, and the dakgalbi which is spicy chicken served with rice. They offer generous portions of food and a traditional seating arrangement overlooking the banks of Yamuna. At night the entire place becomes livelier when compared to the morning hours and is much more enjoyable to visit.