Top 20 Cafes In CST

top 20 cafes in cst
top 20 cafes in cst

Today we are going to see some of the best cafes in Mumbai near CST. CST is one of the most popular places, and, because of its historic background many people visit it often. CST is the biggest terminal station where hundreds of people travel to in their daily routine. Cafes near the station are quite good and are within a walking distance.

Here are the top 20 cafes in CST:

1.Kala Ghoda Cafe

It is well known for its sandwiches, coffee, mint tea, almond cakes and ice latte.  It’s a very peaceful place to visit, along with the fact that they have various kinds of food available. It is a friendly, peaceful and a very beautiful place to visit. The food is delicious and you must try this place at least once. Its service is good and people are eco-friendly here. Here, desserts well as tea are praise-worthy. This cafe has both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food and both have different kinds of tastes and varieties.


2.Bombay Coffee House

There are different kinds of cuisines like American food, beverages and fast food here. Some of the most popular dishes are Belgian Hot chocolate, chocolate pie and Brownie waffles. It is a place to visit for a chocolate lover. Food here is healthy and it’s a lovely place to go with friends. They have a fancy crowd and the service is good. The vibe is great there. Everything is great and you can order anything you like. The Interior is amazing you will like it.


3.Cafe Excelsior

This café was established in 1919. There are different kinds of food like Parsi, North Indian, rolls, Mughlai, desserts, Lebanese here. This place is known for its non-vegetarian dishes. The café has its famous dishes like Mutton Cutlet Gravy, Mutton Pattice, Sali Boti, Chicken Dhansak, Mutton Dhansak, Bread Pudding, Irani tea and coffee. The average cost is 700rs for 2 people.



Cafe Universal

Cafe universal has different cuisines like Chinese, continental, North Indian and Fast food. The burgers are very famous here for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. More than 20 people can sit at a time, and the food is quite good. It’s a cool and decent place with good vibes. The service is good and people are nice to you. It has a vintage vibe and it is quite airy.



Leopold Cafe

This place was started in 1871. The known dishes of this cafe are Walnut Pie, Beefy chilli and Cappuccino coffee. It also has North Indian, Chinese, Continental, desserts and many more. It is a bit costly but the food is good and has a wooden chair with a nice ambience. It’s a busy place mostly on weekends. The staff is helpful and the service is good.




Starbucks is very well known and famous for its coffees and beverages. It is the best and most spacious Starbucks than all other Starbucks. The snacks are also good with a lot of varieties. It always has a positive vibe. You can go with your friends there and chill for a long time. It’s maximum capacity there is a place for 20 people.



Creeda Board Game Cafe

This cafe is different as here you can play games as well as eat with a homey feeling. Here you can play different kinds of board games with your friends. It’s a place where you can come with your family and spend some quality time with them. The food is also good here.



Book My Show Cafe

This cafe has North Indian, fast food, Pizzas, Chinese, and Italian Food available. Famous dishes are Grande Pizza, Chunky Chicken Burger, Oreo Brownie Shake, Prawn Rice, and Basil Pesto Pasta. The place is good and it is peaceful with soft music so that you can relax and enjoy yourself. The place is nicely decorated and it is fancy.



Cafe Markivs

This cafe has different types of cuisine such as Bakery, Beverages, Fast Food, Pasta, Desserts and Shake. This place is good for coffee, chocolate, pastry lovers because of its famous dishes such as Chocolate Croissant, Dutch Truffle, Alfredo Pasta, Cappuccino, Coffees, and Pastries. It is spacious and the food is tasty. It is decorated with pictures of drama movies.



Bombay Buzz Cafe

It has North Indian, Mexican, Italian, Beverages available. Along with this, they have nice services. The place is good you could go along with your family and friends.



Chai Tapri

It is a nice place to visit with very reasonable rates and good taste of food. They serve the famous Cutting Chai of Mumbai in reusable kulhad cups. The taste and quantity of Chai is similar to the freshly brewed Cutting Chai which we get at Cutting tea stalls in Mumbai. They have their secret recipe for this Masala Chaap where different veggies, spices and flour are blended and barbecued on a stick. It had a different and nice taste.



Bombay Burgers Cafe

This place is for burger lovers as it is said in its name. You get different kinds of burgers and varieties of pizzas here. The ambience feels wonderful and they play some good music to keep the vibes flowing. The service is quick and the staff is friendly and soft-spoken. It’s quite wallet-friendly which makes it a good choice for casual eating.



The Pantry

This cosy cafe with French windows and rustic, white, wooden furniture uses paper and steel straws. The popular dishes are Quiche Lorraine, Croque Monsieur, Savoury Waffles, Mushroom Stuffing, Citrus Salad, and Egg Florentine. It has simple decor and the food is quite amazing. You can go with your friends and family.



Coffee House

It’s a vegetarian cafe and the prices are quite affordable. It has South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Biryani, Fast Food, Street Food and Beverages. The average cost is 300 Rs for 2 people. It’s a nice place to go. South Indian food is nice and delicious here. It’s a small place but it’s good.



Bake House Cafe

Bake House Cafe, located in the heart of the city Mumbai, is a cozy pretty looking place in the by-lanes of Fort. You’ll fall in love with the aesthetic interiors which have a vintage and classy look and set your mood with slow music that plays, especially if you visit it in the evening.



Teapot Cafe

It is very famous for its coffee and tea. A good place to spend time chatting with friends with good selection of teas. One must-try the Roasted Rose Tea with Scones. It has good ambience. They have tried to retain the old charm with some modern decor. The food is also good along with the decor and everything else.



Cafe Military

It opens at 8:30 am and its popular dishes are boneless Mutton Biriyani, Chicken Salli, Kheema Fry, Kheema Ghotala, Salli Boti, and Raspberry Soda. It’s a good place for non-vegetarian people. It’s a nice, small place to sit.



Zen Cafe

It has different types of food like Belgian Hot Chocolate, Sushi Platter, Coffees, Hummus, Salad, and Pizzas. The cost for 2 people is approximately 800 Rs. It’s a quaint little place with soft music and view of a furniture shop below. The services and food are excellent. You must try it once.



Modern Cafe

Amazing cafe with great taste and serves both South Indian and North Indian and shakes too. A lot of varieties in a small area. AC and non- AC both services are available. Prices are reasonable along with delicious food. It’s a vegetarian cafe. A good place for some Wada Sambar or Dosa and a Filter Coffee, it also has good chaat options.



Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Blue Tokai Coffee brings you fresh single estate 100% Arabica coffee beans, roasted with care, from the best farms across India. With food tie-ups with LaFolie, this is one of the nicest places for good food and good conversation. It has Sanitized Services, making it a clean and hygienic place. The food served is fresh and of good quality.