Top 20 Cafés in South Kolkata

top 20 cafes in south kolkata 1
top 20 cafes in south kolkata 1

Looking for having some alone time, a purlieu place with your musketeers, or love visiting cafes for quirky pictures and food. There is a wide range of restaurants or eateries all over Kolkata, but if you are anywhere near south Kolkata, there are some fantastic, aesthetic, Pinterest cafes with mouthwatering food which would make you swoon over it.

1. Artsy coffee and culture

Artsy is the perfect cozy place for book lovers and food lovers. Everything here is an ideal combination of art and culture and shouts out a veritably peaceful and comforting vibe. Thai, Vietnamese, and Asian cuisines together with freshly brewed coffee, is the reason for the café’s popularity. You will additionally witness workshops, poetry, gigs, and numerous further.

Artsy coffee and culture

2. Potboiler coffee house

This coffee house is dream come true for coffee suckers as there are film lands where they explain the coffee-making procedure. It also has Harry Potter theme cushion. You can also exchange or contribute old books. If you want to escape from the megacity hustle, then this is where you should visit.

Potboiler coffee house

3. Wokies (2D Cafe)

Wokies 2D is the megacity’s first-ever two-dimensional monochromic café which substantially serves authentic Chinese food along with some Thai and Korean food. Beverages are also being served. The moment you step in, this cartoon-like illusion café offers you a sense of being inside a comic book.

Wokies (2D Cafe)

4. Symi Café

Want to witness a slice of Greece? Then Symi café is the answer. This café has an eye-catching décor with various patterns, quaint lights, and traditional cabinetwork, and further. Symi Island picture is also kept inside that will make you want to visit the place right down! Here you can find a mixture of Continental, Italian, Chinese and seafood dishes along with some appetizers, and salads.

Symi Café

5. Marbella’s

The vibe of the place is cozy, and the attention to detail is impeccable, which makes it is a social media users’ dream cafe.  You must try the Pesto Caesar Salad and Watermelon Espresso, among other delectable. A place serving soul food, and therefore, the menu is being curated for all age groups.


6. Roastery Coffee House

It is an effortlessly retro style coffee house with two sections i.e. Indoor and outdoor. The food and the veritable essence remind you of comfort home food. This place is for coffee lovers. The menu features various kinds of beverages from cold and nitro to pour overs and succulent ice cream blends. Cold pop cinnamon cascara and juicy BBQ chicken wings are recommended mainly.

Roastery Coffee House

7. Snacking

Snacking café is the perfect purlieu place for friends to hangout without getting weary. The cafe is strictly non-alcoholic and solely serves ‘cafe food’ with no hookahs. This cafe attracts a crowd from all age groups who wants to spend some fete time with their friends and play board games together.


8. The Country House Café

The Country House is the most favored café for couples or dates. It has a cutesy interior with quaint air and its warm country vibe. It serves both Veg and non-veg menu along with pancakes, shakes, and a lot more. They serve their food in the most remarkable ways, have the prettiest, and are the best place to head to for a converse over coffee.

The Country House Café

9. Paris Café

Paris Cafe is taken into account to be one of the most popular cafes in Kolkata for its ambiance, French décor, and food. They have got an all-day breakfast menu. With French fineness, Monotone colors, satin, and lace on tables, fashionably designed take-down boxes, and sparkling driblets of the chandelier. The interiors have been tastefully done in light colors, and there’s dainty cabinetwork to add to the air.  You can enjoy a cozy romantic date with the feeling of being in Paris without even moving an inch.

Paris Café

10. Mrs. Magpie

A café with a cute stylish décor and a veritably charming air makes it a great place to be after a stressful day or to have a good time with musketeers. The tasty cupcakes and the goodies here are to die for, especially the rich, hot, and sinful chocolate. The cabinetwork is a blend of old and new with various walls and numerous antique traces. The menus varied and have a commodity for every palate.

Mrs. Magpie

11. Café Mezzuna

The stark white walls, light rustic cabinetwork, and bookshelves, and other quirky scenery rudiments are very much loved by the guests. It also serves Mediterranean fare specializing in thin-crust pizzas & blintzes. The binary funk pizza and the chocolate cheesecake are a must-pass. You can savor some of the finger foods, emulsion foods, snacks, and mocktails. But the most notorious of this place is its unethical goodies. There is also live music and occasionally gigs and stand-up slapsticks that are a significant draw for the guests.

Café Mezzuna

12. Calcutta Bakery Café

It is a cozy café with a lovely atmosphere where you can hang around with your musketeers and family. A comforting breakfast menu with fantastic breakfast chargers makes you drool over the food. The Dadagiri Platte is a must-go for it.

Calcutta Bakery Café

13. 8th Day Café

8th-day Café is a comforting place with simple décor and a warm vibe. Their menu is full of comfort food. They rally their coffee sap and have all feathers of classic American shakes, and fast food particulars and are pocket friendly. The décor is simple, with adequate space, and indeed has a wall space devoted to original artwork, oils, and sketches that can be bought. You can enjoy your favorite board game or enjoy alone time with a good book. We essentially recommend the chunky chocolate Breakup brownie.

8th Day Café

14. Sienna Café

It is a café with a store. It has a beautiful décor that makes you swoon over it. The menu has wholesome foods that change with every season for the freshest ingredients. The coffee is fabulous, and their hand Avocado Salad with crunchy tortilla chips crushed is a must-have. The products in the store are hand-made at their workshop and kept then for trade. Alongside the café is the store section, where there is a fantastic collection of jewelry, beautiful home décor particulars, stylish, chic clothes, and perfect handmade gifts.

Sienna Café

15. Piccadilly Square

It is one of the stylish places with its amazing quaint lights and exquisite paintings on the wall. It’s notorious for its pancakes, waffles, and cheesecakes, and further. It is considered to be the ideal purlieu places among the youths and the teenagers; the cafe is also being visited by middle-aged people who visit then for its fantastic ambiance and food.

Piccadilly Square

16. The Blue Mug

This café is known for its quirky décor with kettle lights, mismatched chairpersons, and lights. They also have a guitar, and piano and anyone can play it. It offers a range of fantastic tea or coffee along with succulent Italian and international food. The café is reasonable enough and a perfect purlieu place for friends.

The Blue Mug

17. The Bikers Café

The Bikers’ café has a rustic and a biker theme and is known to be one of the top breakfast corners in the megacity of Kolkata. They serve transnational cookeries along with a full handling bar. It has three sections – a bar, a lounge area, and a private dining area.

The Bikers Café

18. Café Na-Ru-Meg

Café Na – Ru – Meg is a cycle-themed café located at the heart of Kolkata. The interior has sufficient space and has a veritably earthy vibe. They serve a variety of international foods along with different kinds of tea. Cajun potato, BBQ chicken wings, grilled steak and numerous further are highly recommended.

Café Na-Ru-Meg

19. Garden of Dreams Café

If you wish to unwind and relax over great global cuisines, beverages and further, then Garden of dream café is the right place. It has a veritably cheerful and beautiful décor with a tropical vibe. You can enjoy the food amid a tropical feeling, and it’s simply incredible.

Garden of Dreams Café

20. Zold Café

A café and kitchen with enough and soothing décor, cozy vibe, and warmth are perfect place for spending time with your musketeers. It has a pocket-friendly menu with a wide range of food particulars starting from Italian cuisines to international cuisines as well. Blueberry cheesecake is a must to die for!

Zold Café