Top 20 Cafes You Must Visit In Sainikpuri, Hyderabad

Top 20 Cafes You Must Visit In Sainikpuri, Hyderabad

Hyderabad is known for its rich cultural heritage but is also known for its modern and uprising structures. Nowadays, there are many cafes and eateries that you can visit, most of them coming from places like Sainikpuri. This place is known for its aesthetic cafes. Drive around the lush and green Sainikpuri; you will find over 20 cafes and restaurants bustling with activity. Sainikpuri is known for its concept cafes and is also home to a drive-in. A place like this needed a hub where people could meet and eat till late at night. Sainikpuri has emerged as any food lover paradise. Concept cafes, vegan stores and wacky eateries dot its main road, leaving many spoilt for choice.

1.The Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup is a vintage and grunge café recommended for a chill hangout with friends. The place is also lavish to get aesthetic pictures. The menu primarily offers continental food. The prices range from 200 to 300 rupees per dish. As per the reviews, even the staff deliver the food on, or if lucky, before time.

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2.This Is It

This café is an outdoor café and best visited during the evenings. The lighting in this café is phenomenal and also very aesthetic. This café not only offers Continental but also Japanese, Lebanese and more. The price range is similar to the coffee cup. The food and the beverages are something to die for. The cafe is the finest place to hang out. The presentation is exemplary. It is phenomenal in the evening hours.

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3.F3 Café And Bistro

The F3 café has an outdoor and indoor seating area with a reasonable price range. The food there is immaculate. The cafe is a great place to hang out with friends and family. The food here is also something you cannot go without having at least once.

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Conçu is a well-known franchise that offers the best desserts and is a well-maintained café. The prices for this café may be a little high for each dish, but once in a while, it is worth it. The food here is multicuisine. One can find all types of desserts here. Conçu would undoubtedly be one of the best cafés in Hyderabad. Right from coffee to desserts, everything on the table is irresistible. I had been here multiple times for their desserts.

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5.W-Café By Wich Café

This café is known for its edgy food and unique way of offering its delicacies. Thus, this café is also mostly an outdoor café offering foods of different cuisines. The prices here are very reasonable for the amount of food they offer. This cafe is a tremendous place to hang out with your friends. It has a well-maintained atmosphere and the staff are so friendly they do quick service the best thing I love here is the continental food one should visit.

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6.Café Avail

This café is known for its crazy food pairings ranging from chocolate pizza to many more. This café is also known for its milkshakes, frappes, cappuccinos and more remakes of Starbucks drinks, which could be enjoyed by many for a cheaper price compared to the well-known Starbucks.

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7.La Vie En Rose Café

This café is very famous for its entirely pink layout. The cafe is a pretty café where even the utensils, and dishes are pink. This café offers the generic foods you would find in most eateries. Many girls love visiting this café with their friends for the best pictures.

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8.Third Wave Coffee

This café is a straight-up place you can have fun with friends. This cafe is the best place to have the perfect coffee of all types. It’s a great place to visit at night as well. If you want a premium experience, this place is for you.

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9.Groove 9

The Groove 9 café is a gorgeous place to visit at night because of its perfect lighting. The café is renowned and draws many visitors. It is a great place to come with friends for late-night outings. This place is also the best for its continental food.

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10.Chai Kahani

This well-known café in Sainikpuri is best known for its tea. Everyone who has visited this café has tried their tea, and so should you! They make all the different types of tea, including Iranian, Elachi, masala, etc. This place is also super well-lit, has a very aesthetic layout, and is a must-visit with friends and family.

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11.Backyard Café

This café is known for its splendid roasts and has the best non-vegetarian and vegetarian starts. It has not only continental but also a hunt for Chinese cuisine. The Backyard Cafe surely knows how to let you ease into the vibe. Standing true to its name, it is a backyard tastefully turned into a cafe. Fairy lights, yellow ambient lighting, and mist fans make it a paradise to eat in. The freshly brewed coffee is a delight for your buds.

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This café has the best quality food at the most reasonable prices. It is super budget-friendly, and many reviews can support this online. There are also board and card games to play with friends. The ambience is good; the music is loud, and the playlist is divine. They have a separate, quiet workspace to attend office meetings if you want to work from there. The prices will not burn a hole in your wallet; the taste is unique.

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13.The Garage Project

This place is for all those vegetarians who love a great-looking cafe. It offers the best vegetarian food and is an outstanding place for a date. It is a very chill place to hang out and have fun. This place is also budget-friendly because of the quality and quantity of food you get. It is a cosy little place that is very green, affordable, and has good food. Everything in this place, from a cup of coffee to their mojitos, is aromatic. The staff is also very polite and welcoming.

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14.The Big Owl Café

This café takes a more Indian approach and includes Indian designs and paintings in its ambience. This café also majors owls as its dominant theme. The price range in this café is also reasonable, and it is a great place to visit.

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15.Chateau De Café

This café is the best if you are looking for a fun place to hang out with friends. It is a budget-friendly place and offers the minimum you need to receive for the amount. Overall, it is a fun place to visit and have good food.

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16.Sholay Café

Sholay is a must-visit restaurant for all food lovers who love exploring new flavours and cuisines. The restaurant offers a unique fusion of Indian and Western cuisine, evident in their delicious and cheesy pav dishes. They have play sections for kids to play with and lots of books to read and chill. Indeed, these foods are delightful. I would highly recommend trying the Cheese Pull Pav. I would highly recommend trying the Cheese Pull Pav. The pricing is reasonable, and you can spend time with loved ones while enjoying the view or playing games.

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17.Flamingo Café Le ɛstaminɛ

Before you go, you must know that this is an outdoor cafe. You have to scan the menu and order online. With rooftop and outdoor seating, delectable food, and welcoming staff, Flamingo is a sophisticated cafe that you should check out. The traditional cold coffee here will quickly cool you off during this scorching summer; the sample of the fried prawns in tempura, nasi goreng, and raspberry mojito. There is also a swing in the outdoor space that you can use to relax or take photos.

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Cafika, a high-set cafe, has a beautiful entrance and a phenomenal appearance. This place offers typical Indian foods, both south and north, and many continental cuisines. The price range at this cafe is also reasonable. It is a great place to visit during the daytime.

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19.V2 Fit Café

The V2 Fit Cafe is a gorgeous place to visit. It has an exceptional patio. If you are looking for a place to unwind and read a book, it is an outstanding spot with decent food. Overall, it is an excellent cafe to spend some quality time in.

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This cafe has a warm ambience and seating arrangements for you to enjoy. The menu includes a variety of coffee and savoury dishes for customers to enjoy. Coffea is an excellent cafe to visit. The environment is lovely. I liked it personally. The staff are very kind and attentive as well. The food is aromatic. There is nothing to complain about other than that I consider it a bit expensive.

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