Top 20 Places For Coffee Lovers In Bangalore

Top 20 Places For Coffee Lovers In Bangalore 275 1
Top 20 Places For Coffee Lovers In Bangalore 275 1

Fun fact, Karnataka was the first place in India where coffee was grown. Legend has it that there was a saint named Baba Budan who brought coffee beans from Africa here in the 1670 CE (approx) and since then there was no looking back as Karnataka became one of the most famous places in India for its coffee. The bitter-sweet taste of coffee can be beyond satisfying when it’s made right. Bangalore is a city that offers several places that serve amazingly brewed coffee that once taken you would fall in love with coffee head over heels.

1. CTR Shri Sagar 

CTR (Central Tiffin Room) was established in 1920,s. Throughout the years it has been very famous and people go to breakfast places in Bangalore. This place serves delicious coffee. It is a small cup of strong coffee that will freshen up your mood and mind.

CTR Shri Sagar

2. Chai Point

Chai Point has several chains throughout India and is quite famous for the filter coffee that it serves. This place is situated next to the metro station on MG Road. When their steaming hot filter coffee is consumed during the monsoon seasons or Bangalore’s winter it just hits the right spot. For all the filter coffee lovers out there this place is a must-try.

Chai Point

3. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

The well-known Brahmin food chain in Bangalore is very famous for its light as a feather Thatte idlis but what people don’t know about this place is that it has one of the best coffees. Brahmins coffee has a pinch of traditional taste like no other. If you are a fan of strong and bitter coffee this should be on your food wish list.

Brahmins Coffee Bar

4. Adyar Ananda Bhavan (A2B)

A2B is a very well-known food chain for its traditional food and coffee. A2B is one of the places that not only serves coffee but also serves carton boxes of takeaway coffee and authentic coffee powder. You take it with you if you live far away or if you want to preserve coffee and take this amazing beverage on long hauls,  road trips, etc.

Adyar Ananda Bhavan A2B

5. Chaayosos Chai+Snacks=Relax

Chaayosos chai+snacks=relax is a cafe very well known for the comfort food it has to offer to its customers. Whenever you carve for coffee in the evenings this is a place that you must try once. Every once in a while we coffee lovers crave black coffee which is not only healthy but extremely satisfactory. If you fall under the category of black coffee lovers Chaayos chai+snacks=relax is the place for you. This place offers unique and various snacks and dishes that go perfectly with their coffee. They are very well known for their desi filter coffee and black coffee.

Chaayosos ChaiSnacksRelax

6. Smoor

If you crave chilled cold coffee under the glazing sun at the noon then Smoor is the place that you need to go to or order from. Smoor is a dessert cafe and serves a tempting glass of lip-smacking cold coffee.


7. Lavonne

Lavonne is a bakery and a professional workshop in Indiranagar. It is a very unique cafe and serves the original iced milk coffee blended to perfection and served cold. It is also famous for its strong cappuccino.


8. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

If you like the best fresh farm-roasted beans in a cup this is the right place for you. Blue Tokai Roasters bring to you the best coffee from several estates in India. Their cafe specializes in roasted and ground coffee. You can get every kind of coffee beverage over here, from black coffee and cappuccino to cold coffee and filtered coffee. It is the ultimate dream destination for all the coffee lovers out there.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

9. Slay coffee

This amazing cafe is located in Koramangala and Indiranagar. This cafe specializes in coffee. You get a range of dark and bitter coffee to light and decaf coffees. They have a range of several unique drinks like the flat white cappuccino or the jack frost. They offer a wide range of coffee flavors from throughout the world.

Slay coffee

10. Drunken Monkey

Drunken Monkey is a smoothie bar chain that serves delicious thick cold coffee that’s irresistible. One serving of their cold coffee would be more than enough to fill your stomach and satisfy your coffee craving.

Drunken Monkey

11. Third Wave Coffee

High-quality arabica coffee is the specialty of Third Wave Coffee. This cafe is in Koramangala. This cafe is a movement in coffee marketing. They source their coffee from individual farms and serve all its goodness in a cup to you.

Third Wave Coffee

12. Theobroma

This bakery in Jayanagar will serve you coffee that will satisfy your craving and thirst for coffee and will leave you wanting more. Theobroma’s coffee will melt in your mouth and is quite strong like any other typical cafe coffee.


13. Glen’s Bakehouse

The famous and all-time favorite bakery and cafe of Bangalore also serves an amazing cup of coffee. Glens are placed in several areas of Bangalore. A cup of their strong coffee and their deserts balance each other out perfectly and it is all you need.

Glens Bakehouse

14. Tea Villa Cafe

Tea Villa Cafe has several chains spread out throughout Bangalore. Their specialty lies in their cappuccinos. They offer several one-of-a-kind flavors of cappuccino that goes very well with the food they have to offer. This pallet of flavors will satisfy your tastebuds and take you by a surprise.

Tea Villa Cafe

15. Truffles

One of the best and most famous cafes in Bangalore is truffles. Truffles will serve you several kinds of coffees, even though basic and cliche their taste is quite impressive and should not be missed out on. Truffles have many outlets throughout Bangalore and are not very hard to spot.


16. Matteo Cafe 

Matteo cafe is placed on church street in MG Road. This cafe serves flavorsome coffee in various styles. Their menu of cold coffee is mouth-watering and to die for. Their coffee is heavy and can fill your stomach for a couple of hours and will suffice your craving for coffee.

Matteo Cafe

17. Cafe Moshi

This is a cafe with not just amazing coffee but an amazing ambiance too. This is a European-themed cafe. It will serve you the perfect coffee to refresh your mood and mind and an amazing plate of breakfast to go with it.

Cafe Moshi

18. Costa Coffee 

We all know this famous coffee chain from the UK. Costa Coffee offers one of the best coffees in Bangalore. They offer a wide menu of various beverages all of which are several ways of coffee in different flavors and styles.

Costa Coffee

19. Cafe Coffee Day

We all know this cliche and all-time favorite cafe of India, but Banglore owns the origin of this all-time favorite cafe. The headquarters of Cafe Coffee Day is close to UB city in Bangalore. It has been serving coffee to all of us coffee lovers for as long as I can think and will content your heart with its mind-blowing and original coffee in addition to its coffee menu.

Cafe Coffee Day 1

20. Starbucks

Who doesn’t know about this world famous cafe? Starbucks has a heavenly taste in its coffee and it is very well known for its customization. It is very well known for the fact that all of us coffee lovers can make the perfect cup of coffee for us over here by adding our personalizations to the cup of coffee we are craving all the time.