Top 20 Chinese Dishes To Have Near The Arera Colony, Bhopal


Eat like there’s no tomorrow, I’m sure the foodies will relate to the quote. Food makes everybody happy, and when it comes to food, it’s not just about satisfying hunger but also about giving your taste buds a treat. Bhopal, The capital of Madhya Pradesh, is known as the City of Lakes but, do you know, it is also very famous for the food this city offers? The food provided by the City of Lakes is a pure delight. The food speaks volumes about the ethnic culture that is vibrant here. Arera Colony, a famous area in Bhopal, is a hub for exploring Chinese cuisines. These dishes will surely give your mouth a blast of flavor. So let’s explore them.

1.Spring Rolls

The most readily available street food of Bhopal, Spring Rolls are rolled appetizers that commonly fall under Chinese cuisine. They are famous as starters and snacks, made from refined wheat flour filled with grated cabbage, capsicum, and carrots. If you are health conscious, you can eat spring rolls made of rice flour as it is typically both low in calories and fat. Surely these tiny rolled bites will give your mouth a blast of flavors.


2.Dim Sums

Dim Sums mean to touch the heart in Chinese. They are initially Chinese cuisine enjoyed as snacks. Most people generally confuse momos with Dim Sums, but Dim Sums are pretty different as they are made from any type of flour, including rice flour, but momos are made from refined wheat flour. They are small rice flour balls stuffed with vegetables like red cabbage, carrot, or tofu.


3.Hot And Sour Soup

It is a spicy and hot soup with mixed fresh vegetables, mushrooms, spices, and soy sauce. Here soy sauce is the principal ingredient. As the name suggests, it tastes sour due to vinegar and hot due to soy sauce. It is a trendy starter served as an appetizer before the main course meal.


4.Schezwan Chili Chicken

You will love the bold, distinctive, spicy flavors of Schezwan Chili Chicken, made from juicy, succulent chicken marinated in aromatic and intensely flavourful ingredients stir-fried to spicy perfection. It makes use of elements that complement each other flawlessly. Whenever you eat Schezwan Chili Chicken, please don’t eat the chilies, they are used for flavoring and are not meant to be eaten.


5.Chili Paneer

Chili Paneer is one of the most famous Indo-Chinese appetizers. They are fried paneer cubes coated with a batter, tossed in a spicy, salty, tangy and, sweet sauce made with green bell peppers, garlic, ginger, green chilies and, soy sauce, which is the heart of chili paneer. If you are a spicy lover, try these finger-licking munchies.


6.Manchurian Noodles

This Indo-Chinese dish is a hit among kids! Manchurian is a deep-fried vegetable ball, and when it’s combined with the Noodles, this dish becomes a bomb of flavors. Soy sauce, vinegar, and spicy-tangy sauce prove to be game changers in this recipe. This fusion is one of the most favorite amongst Chinese lovers. If you are a Chinese lover, do give it a shot.


7.Mushroom Chili

Crisp fried mushrooms tossed in a sweet and spicy chili sauce! These saucy mushrooms taste simply delicious with an earthy aroma of their own. Restaurant-style Mushroom Chili is very famous in the Arera colony. Fresh pieces of mushrooms are lightly covered with a batter and shallow fried to golden brown and enjoyed with fresh green chutney.


8.Peri Peri Fried Rice

It is the most popular Chinese dish in this area, especially amongst the youngsters of Bhopal. This delicious recipe is an exciting dinner option full of flavors. Basmati rice, in peri-peri sauce, which is the principal ingredient of this dish, makes it very wholesome. If you are a rice enthusiast just like me, do give it a try. You’ll indeed thank me later.


9.Honey Chili Potato

This super crispy Honey Chili Potato is a finger-licking appetizer. It is very addictive among kids. Fried chili potato fingers tossed in a honey chili sauce that’s sweet and spicy and is served with some white sesame seeds. Voila! I’m sure you would be licking the plates. If you are a potato lover, you should try this out.


10.Schezwan Rice

The aroma of Schezwan sauce draws you from your home to your favorite Chinese restaurants in Arera. This insanely flavourful and delicious dish is amongst the best sellers in this area. Unlike regular fried rice, Schezwan Rice is hot, spicy, full of zest with bursting flavors of ginger, garlic and, soy sauce.


11.Hakka Noodles

A Hakka Noodle made from the unleavened dough (rice or wheat flour), cooked in boiling water is a popular Chinese dish. The Main difference between noodles and Hakka noodles is the style of preparation. It is an Indo-Chinese dish of stir-fried noodles, veggies, and sauces. The veggies are left a little undercooked, which gives it a great crunch and burst of flavor.


12.Dry Manchurian

Veg Dry Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese starter. Manchurian is a vegetable ball coated with corn flour and deep-fried. It is one of the most loved snacks by kids. The spicy, tangy, zesty sauce is the hero ingredient of this dish. Sagar Gaire near Arera Colony serves the best dry Manchurian in Bhopal.


13.Manchow Soup

Manchow Soup is a trendy starter, served as an appetizer before the main course meal. Originally an Indo-Chinese cuisine, this hot spicy and tasty soup is a delicious starter. Restaurant-style Manchow soup made with mixed vegetables, garlic, ginger, soya sauce, and ground pepper is one of the most loved soups by kids and youth in India. This hot soup is served with crispy fried noodles.


14.Kimchi Salad

Kimchi Salad is a popular Chinese dish that is made by fermenting cabbage, along with some spices. Garlic, ginger, vinegar, soya sauce, and chili give it an extra spiciness. You can have it with rice or, as usual, with roti or sabzi. It enhances the taste of the food by making it a bit spicy and tangy.


15.Egg Roll

Who doesn’t love Egg Rolls? Indian Egg Roll is a unique and tasty recipe in which cooked roti overlapped with an omelet, is pan-fried, and then wrapped with the yummiest veggies as per the choice. Served with a hot and tangy sauce, this is a must-try dish on the streets of Arera.


16.Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried rice is a wholesome meal made with chicken, rice, onions, carrots, bell peppers and, peas. Fried rice has always been a loved food among kids. The aroma of cloves, fennel seeds and, cinnamon gives you a bang of flavors. This version of fried rice is so flavorful and zesty that nobody can resist it.


17.Tandoori Momos

Tandoori Momos is undoubtedly the most famous street food of Arera Colony. You must be lying if you say that you don’t love momos. I mean who can resist momos, and that too tandoori Momos? It has an Indie-tandoori taste, which makes it a favorite among Indians. Because of the smokiness it gets due to the tandoor, these momos are insanely flavourful. If you visit Bhopal, you must try these Tandoori Momos for sure.


18.Hot Garlic Noodles

This Indo-Chinese dish is a favorite among youngsters. Hot Garlic Noodles made by tossing noodles in a spicy and savory garlic sauce, usually made with oil, garlic, green chilies, and soya sauce is a perfect dish. This dish is bombarded with flavors and gives your mouth a spicy and hot hit.


19.Mushroom Manchurian

Mushroom Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese appetizer made of mushrooms which are first covered with a batter, fried till crispy golden brown and, then tossed in hot and spicy Manchurian sauce. Adding mushrooms to Manchurian sauce makes it plentiful and wholesome.


20.Schezwan Noodles

The aroma of Schezwan drags you from your place to the streets of Arera. This insanely flavorous and delicious dish gives a new twist to regular noodles. It is also amongst the best sellers on the road. So, give it a try once you visit Bhopal.