Top 20 Chinese Eateries In Barasat, Kolkata


We love eating outside. Imagine the smell of your tasty food; slowly, you cut a small piece of it and place it into your mouth nicely. Your tastebuds filled with that flavorful taste & you are enjoying that feeling. Isn’t it an excellent feeling? Though we have different preferences about different types of cuisine. But at one particular point, we all can agree that we love Chinese food. Come on; we love Chinese so much that’s why there are hundreds of Chinese restaurants all over our city. We love feasting with Chinese Manchurian, noodles, thukpa, and all. So, we are here today to help you with a tour of Chinese dishes available in Barasat, Kolkata.

1. Chowman

We all know about ‘Chowman’ .They serve the best Chinese dishes all over their other branches. In Barasat, they also serve Chinese cuisine with Thai. The ambiance is delightful with light music and beautiful soft lighting. Perfect with friends & families. The restaurant is also within budget, for two persons it costs nearly around 800/-.They are also very particular about their hygiene.


2. Wow Momo

hinking of a plate full of happiness? If Momo is your ultimate happiness, then we are here to guide you to the best Momo world. ‘Wow momo’ is well known for its tastiest, juiciest Momos. Pan-fried, deep-fried, steamed, tandoori, every variety of Momo is available here with different fillings. Stuffed with veggies, chicken, fish, paneer, corn & even chocolates! Our journey towards good food is not over yet. With Momo, they also serve Thukpa ( A Tibetan dish made with noodles in the chicken or vegetable clear stew) & combo meals at different prices. You need to choose your happiness platter.

2.Wow Momo


‘Buddha bites’ is another treasure hunt for Chinese lovers. The cost for two persons here is a little expensive, 1000/-. The food is delicious; they serve a variety of soups, veg & non-veg both. In the main course, they have rice & noodles, with various delicious recipes. They have seating arrangements for 10-15 people. Great time spent with friends & families.


4. Bhajohari Ranna

From its name, it must confuse whether it’s a quality restaurant to choose for a Chinese platter. Don’t worry; you will not regret after tasting the chicken dishes available here. Their quality & quantity both are satisfactory. Dine-in, take away & delivery systems are available. Also, it is within the budget, for two persons 600/- approx. They have over a range of varieties in Chinese dishes. Great ambiance with music & delicious Chinese on the table. Do you need anything to spend a great evening with your loved one?

4.Bhajohari Ranna

5. Spicy To Non-Spicy

It’s a café for Chinese food lovers. Their menu includes laccha rolls, momos, noodles, soups, starters, both veg & non-veg, fried rice, schezwan rice with many other Chinese side dishes at affordable prices. The ambiance is also significant. Great time spending with family & friends. According to sources, they have a lot of happy customers, complimented this eatery knows which to make spicy & which is not at the right amount.

5.Spicy to non spicy

6. Hakkaland

Tired of trying tasteless, bland Chinese dishes? Ok, no worry, we got your back; let us open a portal to a parallel universe where good Chinese are available. Hakkaland celebrates your taste buds with top-notch Chinese flavors with a good portion for two people at an affordable price. The ambiance is soothing. Great going with friends & families. Ok, so what keeps you waiting? Enjoy your food; we are in heaven!


7. Zhongwen

Presenting a no-frills Chinese restaurant in your locality. Best Chinese at an affordable price. They serve incredible quality food that tickles your tastebuds with flavorful Chinese dishes. Their menu included some tasty soups, sizzling chicken side dishes, noodles with prawns, chickens, mushrooms & juicy momos, stuffed with chicken, veggies & many more variety of Chinese. You need to mention the name. The staff is co-operative, great ambiance. Great experience with friends & families.


8. The Wok Culture

This restaurant serves three types of cuisine; Chinese, Thai & Sichuan. Their menu loaded with momos, soupy noodles, sizzled Chinese side dishes, fried rice, schezwan rice & lot more. They have good staff service & the ambiance is lovely to spend time with friends & families. Must-try dishes: chicken Hakka noodles, Chilli Chicken [8 Pieces], Mixed Fried Rice, Mixed Hakka Noodles, Crispy Chilli Baby Corn, Egg Hakka Noodles, Schezwan Paneer Dry [8 Pieces], tangy chili paneer dry.

8.The wok culture


Chinese eatery in the locality with good quality & a good portion of food. The food service staff is very amiable. They serve various Chinese dishes, including momos, rolls, noodles, etc.



It is again a tiny eatery at Barasat for Chinese lovers. They offered rice, noodles, and mei-fun (rice noodles) with a wide range of other varieties of Chinese platters at a reasonable price. A quite pretty place for hanging out with friends.



Eatery for Chinese lovers. They have a variety of mouth-watering Chinese dishes, including several seasoned soups, momos, noodles & various combos with rice or noodles with sides dishes, all at affordable prices. Not only Chinese, but they also serve salads & burgers. Suitable for hanging out with friends.



Crave for authentic Chinese foods? Well, we got you. You should try China south, where an exclusive variety of Chinese foods are available at affordable prices. They have an exciting array of soups, appetizers & main courses on their menu. Moreover, in four easy steps, they can customize a special Chinese dish just for you. As follows; 1st, you need to choose the base like rice or noodles. 2nd, select your favorite toppings; three English with two Indian vegetables. Moving onto the 3rd step, choosing sauces & lastly, tell the chef to mix up all your favorites & after a while, ta-da! Your favorite Chinese dish is served hot on the table.



The name says it all. It is an excellent place to try Chinese combos at a very reasonable price, for one person, 250/- approx. They serve various combos in the veg & non-veg category, such as veg Hakka noodles with veg Manchurian, veg chili garlic noodles with traditional chili paneer, veg schezwan Hakka noodles with paneer in beans, chicken Hakka noodles with chicken in beans, chicken pan-fried noodles with classic schezwan chicken, etc. Dinning is not available, only delivery & take away.



if your friends & family persons love Chinese cuisine, then It is an excellent place to be. All the flavourful dishes are at an affordable price, for two people 400/- approx. The intelligent but helpful staff makes sure that the diners feel good. They have various veg and non-veg appetizers, soups, and noodles with Chinese side dishes. They also enlisted a five meals combo & many other combo meals to have a feast. Must-try dishes: chicken garlic noodles, two flavored chicken, paneer in burnt chili sauce, chicken in burnt chili sauce, fish in burnt chili sauce, veg schezwan rice.



people who are fond of Chinese food can also try this restaurant. They offer four types of cuisine Chinese, north Indian, Sichuan & fast food. But they have only delivery & takeaway; seating availability is not there. Food is delicious & affordable too, for one person 150/- approx. They have some happy customers. You can try ‘red dragon’ to change from the boring ‘daal-chawal’ .



Want good Chinese food on a budget? Well, this restaurant plays ‘the’ card for that role, with a bonus point for comfortable & cozy ambiance. Two people can easily have their best Chinese at just 250/-. They serve some trendy Chinese dishes. You name them. They have some delicious Chinese food on their menu enlisted. Seating & takeaway both are available.



Another restaurant for Chinese lovers. Pocket friendly, for two persons 500/- approx. They served both veg & non-veg Chinese dishes, with soup, snacks, veg & non-veg side dishes, choupsey, and Chinese roll. Various mocktails, ice creams & blossoms are enlisted in their menu. Dinning with takeaway is available. Unfortunately, delivery is not available at present. Nice ambiance. Good to go with friends.



This restaurant, with Chinese food also serves other cuisines like South Indian, Mughlai, Sichuan, and Seafood. So if you are a Chinese gobbler & your friend is not, then nothing to worry about. You can easily have the taste of manchow soup with chili Manchurian & so that is an affordable price, for two persons 200/- approx. Not only dinning they are available with delivery & take away. The ambiance is nice with friendly staff. They have veg & non-veg types of Chinese dishes.



Besides Chinese dishes, they also serve other north Indian food like Biryani & rolls. It is a small eatery perfect for takeaway. Food delivery service is currently not available here. They earn several numbers of happy customers to support their small resources.



‘The perfect 10’ is a perfect place for Chinese foods. They serve some delicious Chinese. Not only veg & non-veg starters. But with great combos. Such as chicken fried rice Manchurian or chicken hot garlic Hakka noodles with chicken hot garlic combo. They also have ten exciting, ‘perfect’ sizzler menus on their list with your customized vegetables & sauce. Open space area, suitable for taking away. So here end the top 20 Chinese restaurants for Barasat. Those who are tired of scrolling & searching & craved for some excellent & authentic Chinese dishes to enlighten their taste buds from daily ‘daal-chawal’. Hope this article may show them some ray of hope in search of Chinese. So best of luck & happy feasting!