Top 20 South Indian Eateries In Kolkata

top 20 south indian eateries in kolkata 1

Craving for some flavorful South Indian delicacies? Here you go! Here’s a list of the top 20 places you can go to satiate your cravings for some piping hot sambhar and dosa.

1.Chennai Square

Best spot for south Indian food lovers. They have a wide range of fusions to South Indian delicacies like dosa, idli, idliyappam, uttapam, and whatnot. You won’t only get your plain regular dosa here; there are many varieties like cheese dosa, paneer keema dosa, coconut dosa, dhaniya green dosa, and much more. They also have some savory drinks. It is pocket friendly, nice, and cozy. You can watch a movie and then come here to grab a bite, that’s the best advantage of its location.

Chennai Square

2.Dosa Coffee

Dosa Coffee has come up with their newest ‘Thindi’ (stand & eat) outlet in Laketown. Dosa Coffee does justice to this concept and amazingly still maintains the quality of their fare. They have a variety of options catering to different palates – from the spicy Malkapodi Idli lathered with ghee and gun powder to the slightly tarty Raw Mango Ghee Roast Dosa.

Dosa Coffee


Kaaram, the only Andhra Kitchen in Kolkata, originally started as a cloud kitchen back in 2020, has now been transitioned into a fine dining experience. They serve authentic and delicious Andhra Cuisine in an awesome ambiance, where you can enjoy food with excellent hospitality. Don’t miss The Andhra Mutton Biryani, Andhra Chicken Fry, Kaaram Rice, Malabar Parathas, and Majiga (buttermilk)  if you ever visit this cute restaurant.


4.Madras Restaurant

This place is currently owned by a South Indian family. This place always hustles and bustles with the office crowd. This restaurant has a bit old interior giving you a hint of nostalgia that you have yarn for so long. Their filtered coffee will surely bring back the memory of South Indian authentic beans coffee taste.

Madras Restaurant

5.Banana Leaf

Delivering an authentic South Indian experience in Kolkata, Banana leaf is the perfect place to gorge on delectable dosas and appams. It is best known for its range of authentic thalis. The spacious joint has already made a name for itself amongst the locals in the city. The lightly fried mini idlis make for a delicious snack, and the Mysore masala dosa, vada curry, and appam make for an excellent wholesome meal.

Banana Leaf

6.The Chutney Co.

The very famous Chutney Co. is located at Dalhousie, on the upper floor of the Great Eastern. They even share their space with The Piccadilly Square, which is like an extra masala in masala Maggi. It is very nicely decorated, with different types of lights and frames. They have covered a very good area for their sitting arrangement.

The Chutney Co.


The place is a must-visit if you are looking for authentic taste and authentic quality of Tamil cuisine. Situated just off Purna Das Road near Golpark, this offering from the house of 6 Ballygunge Place strikes the right notes for the South Indian feel and ambiance. The high beams and the granite flooring and the wall adornments feel spot very much on. Typical Adais, Kuzhi Paniyaaram, Sevai, the best filter coffee in town.


8.Tamarind Restaurant

Tamarind has served South Indian delicacies to the people of Kolkata for over 20 years. Tamarind is the first ever restaurant to have introduced delicious South Indian Non-Vegetarian dishes. If you’re bored of the regular veg South Indian dishes that most of us usually come across, then Tamarind will be a pleasant surprise. Known for their meat-based grub and authentic Kerala and Goandishes.

Tamarind Restaurant

9.Kurry Patta

Kurry Patta is a multicuisine restaurant famous for its south Indian cuisine. They have a beautiful ambiance and the décor is more like a fine dining restaurant. They serve delicious food. This is one place that also serves gunpowder with ghee.  Some of the must-try is the appam with korma, pizza dosa, dahi vada, rava dosa, plain vada, and uttapam.

Kurry Patta


Pappadam is located at Mudiali. The interior is quite classy and they have a comfortable seating area. More than 20 people can dine at a time. The interior decoration has a touch of the coastal area so do the dishes here at Pappadam. From this menu, the items to look for will be the Pork Vindaloo, Appam, Bhetki Goan Curry, Goan Dal, and Sweet Koiloreos.


11.Jyoti Vihar

Jyoti Vihar is an iconic restaurant and a favorite of many. It has been serving delicious South Indian cuisine for over 50 years now. The newest offering on the menu: is a rava dosa containing onion, dhaniya, ghee, butter, and green chilies. A must-visit to satisfy your idli, dosa, vada cravings.

Jyoti Vihar

12.Anand Veg Restaurant

Some restaurants serve you vegetarian dishes and some service you the purest vegetarian cuisines. Anand is one of those restaurants located in Kolkata that is renowned for its immaculate quality of South Indian dishes, of the purest grades. Try their Cheese Masala Dosa and Tutti Fruity sundae.

Anand Veg Restaurant

13.Madras Tiffin

One of the oldest and most loved South Indian restaurants in North Calcutta. Once you reach the place, the menu will promise you of offering you tasty food as there are plenty of varieties. The food justifies the same. If you are looking for a wholesome South Indian meal at a reasonable price, Madras Tiffin is quite ideal. They maintain hygiene properly and serve tasty food in a jiffy.

Madras Tiffin

14.Prema Villas

Prema Villas are a heritage. It is one of the first and finest South Indian restaurants. The menu mainly caters to different types of Dosa, Idly, Vada, Uttapam, and Coffee. They are famous for their dancing coffee, sada vada, upma, paneer pakoda, paneer dosa, and Pongal.

Prema Villas


If you want to treat your tastebuds to the exotic taste of Kerala, visit this place. The menu has all south Indian Kerala dishes, but the taste I doubt. The Traditional meal is served on a banana leaf layered plate laden with servings of an assortment of pappadams, podi & pickles. They Serve Both Veg & Non-Veg.


16.Pais Malgudi

90’s favorite ‘Malgudi Days’ that is the memory which you can relieve at this place. The moor, butter garlic masala dosa, and filter coffee are a must-try.

Pais Malgudi

17.Sai Jalpan Junction

Sai Jalpan Junction is a South Indian restaurant located near Laketown. This place is an ideal place for South Indian breakfast. You will find Idlis, mixed vegetable uttapam, cheese masala uttapam, paneer cheese uttapam, and many more on their menu. Idlis are soft and fluffy, Uttapams are delicious with sambhar and chutney.

Sai Jalpan Junction

18.SurFiré The Coastal Café

Surfiré The Coastal Café, brings to Kolkata the best of coastal cuisines along with some other regional delicacies. The café is cozy and nice. The décor is simple yet eye catchy. You will get absolute lip-smacking foods on a budget here.

SurFire The Coastal Cafe

19.Panna’s South Indian Bistro

One of the best places for having a South Indian dish. Don’t miss their cheese masala dosa.

Pannas South Indian Bistro


This place is a heritage located at Newmarket, Dhormotola. Food Quality has still been maintained over the years with special mention to Kulfi Falooda, Lassi, Masala Dosa, Dahi vada, and Chats.