Top 20 Chinese Picnic Foods

Top- 20- Chinese- Picnic- Foods

Where are you going for a picnic this summer? Summer brings opportunities to move around to some cool place. You can spend a few hours near the seashore taking a sunbath. You can go to a garden in the evenings. Also, you can go for a ride on the open road. So, what are you planning to take with you on your picnic? Last time we discussed Indian Picnic dishes. However, we have a bigger perspective today. We will discuss some Chinese foods you can take on your picnic. These foods will be easy to carry and good-going for your picnic vibe. Enjoy your picnic with the top 20 Chinese picnic dishes.

1. Dumplings

Dumpling is a traditional Chinese dish. It has meat covered with rice flour dough. Basically, there are different dumplings based on the stuffings they have. With that, they go well for a picnic. It is a traditional dish that evokes many memories and teachings all along.

2. Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls come second in the top 20 Chinese picnic dishes. They are easy to make and carry long distances. They have raw or cooked vegetables and meat. Some people add noodles, sprouts, and other food items to their rolls. Lastly, Spring rolls go well with soy sauce or chili sauce.

3. Hot-Pot

Hot-Pot is a traditional Chinese Dish. It consists of a pot with separation. The Pot has spiced and flavored water in it. Furthermore, different vegetables, meats, noodles, and dumplings are present. They dip it in the Hot-Pot and enjoy it. Hot Pot is famous during parties, gatherings, and picnics.

4. Fried Rice

There is a variety of Fried Rice present in China. They have Egg Fried Rice, Pork Fried Rice, Tofu Fried Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, and Fish Fried Rice. For fish fried rice, they use special Chinese Salted Fish. The Chinese love their Fried Rice. Bringing Fried Rice to a picnic is a great idea.

5. Chinese Chicken Noodle Salad

Many times you will see Chinese Chicken Noodle Salad in the picnic box. They have Chicken, Noodles, Veggies, and nutty sesame sauce. It is a tasty and healthy Chinese dish. Having them on your picnic can help you fill in your tummy.

6. Moon cake

Moon cake is a popular traditional dish in China. Majorly Chinese serve it during Chinese festivals. Basically, It has beautiful designs on the top and an egg yolk in the center. You can take a packet of Moon cakes and give it to the children on the picnic.

7. Steam Buns

Steam Buns in China are the best picnic dish. Traditionally, they are called Bao Buns. They are white, moist, fluffy, and tasty. They even have fillings in them. Basically, they come under the children’s favorite section. You can stuff it with chocolate, noodles, pesto, and much more.

8. Duck Omelette Rolls

Duck Omelette Rolls are small bite rolls. Also, they are easy to carry tasty meals. They work well as side dishes for large meals. They have eggs, green onion, chives, Chinese barbecued duck meat, Hoisin sauce, plum sauce, and more.

9. Chinese Almond Cookies

Chinese Almond Cookies are a famous Chinese Pastry that has Mung Bean. It is popular all over China. You can make it at home or buy it from stores. Usually, they taste the same. They are buttery, sweet, and full of flavor. It is a good option for a picnic box. Hence, we include it in the top 20 Chinese Picnic Foods.

10. Chinese Egg Custard Tart

Chinese Egg Custard Tart is famous as Daan Tat. They have an outer pastry and inner egg custard. They are easy to make and delicious to taste. You can find them in Chinese bakeries and local stores. Also, you can ask your granny to make them too. Chinese grannies are experts at that.

11. Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon Seeds come under famous Chinese Snacks. You don’t want to miss out on the goodness of it during your picnic. They are popular as Guazi all around China. They have a covering that cracks to give a sweet and little sour inner flesh. It is healthy and a good option for a picnic.

12. Youtiao

You can call Youtiao Chinese Churros. They are deep-fried dough fritters. They go well with hot chocolate and coffee. Talking about a picnic, they can be a good snack for all adults and age groups. You can buy them, or the best way is to make them at home. Do try and let us know.

13. Tanghulu

Basically, Tanghulu should stand first in the top 20 Chinese Picnic dishes. However, we bring it now. Tanghulu has gained fame currently. It is any fruit dipped in melted sugar. It is a good treat for almost everybody. Tanghulu helps get over the tiredness of continuous travel and is delicious.

14. Baked Sweet Potatoes

Baked Sweet Potato is a traditional Chinese dish. However, it is famous among the young generation today. Basically, they go by their name, Baked sweet potatoes. It has a mild, starchy, and sweet flavor. All the Chinese love it. It is a stomach-filling snack to take on your picnic.

15. Ramen

You might think Ramen comes from Korea. However, in the early 1800s, Ramen was born in China. You can carry Ramen packets on your picnics. They are easy to carry and make and delicious to taste. Also, you can take cup noodles. They require fewer ingredients and make good meals.

16. Pineapple Bun

Pineapple Bun is another famous Chinese snack. They are spread all over China. Surprisingly, it does not contain Pineapple. It is a small bread-like bun. You can eat it with any main course meal or all by itself. Furthermore, it can be a buddy for a spicy Hot-pot during a picnic.

17. Chinese Duck Neck

Don’t be confused. Chinese Duck Neck does not refer to a duck neck. Actually, Chinese Duck Neck is a famous Chinese snack. It has various parts of meats from Duck, Five spices, Soy Sauce, and more. They braise duck parts and vegetables in spices. You can find them in any Chinese store and enjoy them.

18. Rice snack

Chinese have a variety of Rice Snacks available. They are popular as Rice crackers all over Asia. Also, they come in different shapes and sizes. Mainly, they are perfect snacks for picnics at distanced places. They come in different flavors and colorful packets. They are sweet, salty, and spicy on average.

19. Boiled Eggs

Boiled Eggs are the ultimate Chinese Picnic dish. Yes, Boiled Eggs. They are present at every Chinese picnic. The hard boil the egg and bring them with the shell. It provides the required protein and energy during the whole travel. It is a boosting food item.

20. Dried Squid

Lastly, we have Dried Squid. It is the last food item on the top 20 Chinese Picnic foods. You can find Dried Squid on the streets of China. People enjoy it a lot, and it is nutritious too. Furthermore, we will see you in other articles with some delicious foods.