Top 20 Foods That Are Good For Eyes

Top- 20- Foods- That- Are- Good- For- Eyes

I like your eyes, is a serious and genuine comment I have received for several years. However, pollution, unhealthy eating habits, work stress, screening time, and disturbed daily routine can harm those beautiful eyes. These factors must have started damaging your eyes and eyesight already. Dark circles, blurred eye sight, near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and night blindness are some eye-related diseases. Basically, we need nutrients like Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vitamin C, E, and Zinc for good eyesight. Today, we will discuss the same. You will see the Top 20 food that is good for the Eyes.

1. Kidney Beans

You might feel what Kidney beans have to do with good eyesight. However, it is related to the dark circles around your eyes. Vitamin K in Kidney Beans helps in reducing dark circles. It helps in regulating blood clots and strengthens capillary walls.

2. Salmon

Our retina requires Omega-3 fatty acids for good functioning. Also, You can find all the Omega-3 fatty acids in Salmon, Tuna, and other meaty fishes. They contain them at a high level and provide them to you in a tasty way. Hence, we include it in the top 20 foods that are good for the eyes.

3. Eggs

Eggs are essential for many parts of the body. They provide Protein, and keratin to the body and hair. Furthermore, the egg yolk even has Lutein. Lutein helps you protect the retina from harmful blue lights. They will be effective if you have high screening time.

4. Squash

You must have known that Squash is good for the eyes. Our elders have served us Squash several times. Vitamin C and Zinc in Squash are helpful nutrients for the eyes. They soothe and nourish the eyes. They help with eyesight sharpening and healing the eyes.

5. Fish Oil

Did you ever feel your eyes to be dry and irritated? Well, these are the symptoms of losing eye lubrication. When we cry, we lose many lubricants from our eyes. They can cause dry eye, irritations, and itching. Fish oil stands helpful here. Basically, they re-lubricate your eyes.

6. Carrots

You must have seen Carrots comparison with your eye pupil. They are very similar in shape. Henceforth, Carrots are next in the top 20 foods that are good for the eyes. They are rich in Beta Carotene. Also, they have Vitamin A. They are great for the eyes.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are the replica of Carrots. They are high in Beta Carotene. Unlike Carrots, it has Vitamin E. Vitamin E acts like an antioxidant in your eyes. An antioxidant will help you protect your eyes from radical damage. Hence, Sweet potatoes are indeed good for your eyes.

8. Peanuts

We have heard Peanuts and Jaggery are good for Blood increasement. Similarly, Peanuts are suitable for the eyes too. Nuts are rich in Omega-3 acid and Vitamin E. They will help your eyes from age-related damage. Henceforth, try to consume an ample number of peanuts daily.

9. Chia Seeds

We all know Chia Seeds look just like our eyes. Hence, no doubt they are great for the eyes. Chia Seeds have Omega-3 acid and Vitamin E. Consuming them through cold water provides healing to your eyes. If your screening time is high; keep a water bottle filled with Chia seeds.

10. Oranges

We have many citrus fruits that are good for the eyes. Their peels have juices that are good eye cleansers. Precisely, Oranges have Vitamins C and E. They are good antioxidants. Henceforth, they will give you protection from age- related damage.

11. Almonds

Almonds are another rich source of Vitamin E. They are excellent for the right weight increase too. Also, Almonds are great for strong memory power. Henceforth, including Almonds in your diet is a great decision you can take today. Do consume one or three Almonds daily to see the change.

12. Lentils

Lentils are a rich source of Zinc and a high source of Protein. They are great for growing children. Lentils will help them in improving their vision. They are high in Protein. The Protein contained in Lentils will help in body growth too. Hence, we include Lentils in the top 20 food that are good for the eyes.

13. Spinach

Spinach coming forth is a good source of Zeaxanthin and Lutein. As mentioned above, they are indeed good for your eyes. Lutein helps in age- related blindness. Age can cause Vision impairment too. Also, Lutein helps in improving the same. Zeaxanthin gives protection from heavy ultraviolet lights.

14. Kiwi

Another Fruit that looks like our eyes is Kiwi. They are available locally and are extremely good for the eyes. Majorly, Kiwi has Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a protective shield against ultraviolet rays and other harmful sun rays. They provide a soothing and cooling effect to our eyes.

15. Oysters

Congratulations to all the Seafood lovers. People who love Oysters are saving themselves from age-related eye damage. Oysters are rich in Zinc like other seafood. Zinc will protect you from all the age-related damage that happens with time.

16. Kale

Kale is indeed famous as a superfood. Kale is good for our bodies in many different aspects. They contain antioxidant properties that protect our eyes from harmful blue light. Again, if you have high screening time, you can include Kale in your diet for your eyes.

17. Red Peppers

Red Peppers are next in the top 20 foods that are good for the eyes. They might be a little unhealthy for your stomach and tongue. However, some of their properties make them great for your eyes. They can protect your eyes from Cataract development.

18. Blueberries

Blueberries are as tiny as they can be. They stand to be good for the eyes. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that are good for the retina. They provide extra collagen cover to the retina. Covering can help them last longer. Hence, that helps you build good eye health.

19. Raisins

Raisins are also tiny. They have some nutrients that are good for your too-tiny eyes. Raisins protect your eyes from free radical damage. This protection helps your eyes to stay with you for a longer time. You will save yourself from age-related blindness.

20. Radish

Lastly, in the top 20 foods that are good for the eyes, we have Radish. They are also similar to the eyes in looks. They have nutrients that can boost your eyesight. Henceforth, you can use daily supplements to protect your eyes too.