Top 20 Herbal Medicines

Top- 20- Herbal- Medicines

Ayurveda provides a helping hand to many people in these times of difficulty. The majority are switching to Ayurvedic methods and medicines. They are more comforting, promising, and effective. Also, they do not have many side effects. Also, modern technology has made these Ayurvedic Medicines tasteless and odorless. They do not have the same taste and odor. Furthermore, they are proving to be better than any other cures. It has therefore essential to keep knowledge about them. Henceforth, we will discuss the top 20 Herbal Medicines in the further article.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric stands first in the top 20 Herbal Medicines. It was present for a long time in Ayurvedic history. Also, It has multiple benefits. Turmeric revealed its medicinal properties around four thousand years ago. It is suitable for skin- related diseases, liver ailments, throat-related diseases, and other infections.

2. Holy Basil

Holy Basil is Tulsi. We all know the scientific and traditional importance of the Holy Basil. Traditionally, People worship holy basil during times of difficulty. Its use dates back to three thousand years. It originates from the Indian subcontinent. Also, it cures fever, headache, blackheads, bites, respiratory problems, heart disease, and much more.

3. Neem

Neem is famous for providing coolness during the summer. People prefer to have one Neem tree around their house. They want to have it because of its medicinal properties. Neem came up about four thousand five hundred years ago. It has numerous medicinal uses.

4. Carrom Seeds

While eating Hajmula or other digestive tablets, you will find Carrom seeds. Carrom seeds are good for digestion. It was popular in the early nineteen hundreds. Basically, It originates from the Middle east region of the globe. Basically, it combats Peptic Ulcers and relieves indigestion.

5. Clove

Clove is present in the top 20 herbal medicines. You will see people placing Clove between their teeth for Gum pains. Initially, the Chinese used them as mouth fresheners in the two hundred BCE. They brought it to the world. Also, they reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and a few cancers.

6. Cardamom

Cardamom is indeed the ‘Queen of Spices’. Also, it is the Queen of Curation. Cardamom is also famous for curing teeth or gum-related problems. It also reduces bad breath. It originates from Egypt around four thousand years back. It protects you from Cancer, Chronic diseases, digestive, and other infections.

7. Mint

Mint is Pudina. The green chutney that you eat in your sandwiches is Mint Chutney. Mint has to be there in the top 20 herbal medicines. In the eighteen hundred BC, the King of Ancient Babylon declared the Mint a Medicinal herb. Since then, people do use it for curing many diseases and other bodily problems.

8. Brahmi

You must have heard the name Brahmi before. It is an old herb that is useful for many purposes. Its uses date back to the third century. Furthermore, it is available everywhere. It cures inflammation and lowers blood pressure, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more.

9. Tweak

The tweak is the Tall east Indian Timber Tree. It is not available easily. However, it has numerous medicinal properties. It came in the late eighteen hundreds. It is good medicine for Hyperacidity, Diabetes, Dysentery, and other indigenous diseases.

10. Cumin

Cumin in Jeera. Personally, I like Jeera rice very much. Cumin is a daily food item with tons of medicinal benefits. Just like many other herbs, Cumin comes from Egypt too. It originated there around five thousand years ago. It fights more than ten powerful diseases like Blood Sugar, weight loss, and high cholesterol.

11. Lemon Grass

Have you seen commercials where lemon tea is present? It is because of the benefits of Lemon Grass itself. Many anti-aging techniques have Lemon grass as their main component. It originates from Sri Lanka. It spread widely in the early nineteen hundreds. It cures joint pain, cough, cold, fever, high blood pressure, asthma, and many other diseases.

12. Algae

Some people might find it surprising to see Algae in the top 20 herbal medicines. Some people already know it because of its medicinal benefits. There are different types of Algae. Of which some are good herbal medicines. Algae has been curing ADHD and PMS for centuries.

13. Star Anise

Star Anise comes into the main spices category. Talking about its medicinal qualities, it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Star Anise showed its medicinal properties in 1550 BC. Majorly, it fights Stomach Ulcers. Star Anise also helps cure depression, menopause, anxieties, and high sugar levels.

14. Guava Leaf

We have heard the leaves of the trees to be the best bandage ever found. Some tribals still believe and practice it. Guava leaves came in handy for treating Diarrhoea many years back. It is famous for its other medicinal properties too. It cures gastrointestinal infections.

15. Thyme

Thyme is present extensively in many recipes. Thyme also has some medicinal properties. Initially, dentists used Thyme oil as an antiseptic during the nineteenth century. Today, Thyme can cure different infections and other diseases. Hence, we include them in the top 20 herbal medicines.

16. Jojoba

There are advertisements where Jojoba oil is present. Indeed, it is a great herbal medicine. Jojoba is available almost everywhere in the corners of the world. It helps cure Alzheimer, acne, sunburn, and hair loss. Hence, keep Jajoba handy to save yourself from these diseases.

17. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha should be present in the top 20 herbal Medicines. It is similar to Tulsi. Furthermore, it is a good cure for stress and anxiety. Ashwagandha came up as medicine in six thousand BC. It is the main ingredient in the practice of Ayurveda. It helps cure Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s disease.

18. Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is popular Herbal medicine. People use it as Gotu Kola Tea. This tea helps increase its intake. Basically, it originated in China around two thousand years ago. They brought it to other places along with their other teas. Gotu Kola is useful for treating Hepatitis, fever, asthma, and Chronic insufficiency.

19. Kava

Kava comes into the medicinal herbs which are present as Alcohol substitutes. People use Kava to reduce Alcohol addiction. It comes up first in the Northern Australian region in the 1980s. Furthermore, it cures anxiety, insomnia, and other nervous diseases.

20. Black Pepper

Lastly, we have Black Pepper. It is one of the main spices present in every kitchen. Its uses came into action three thousand years ago. Today, every house has Black Pepper in it. Basically, it covers almost all cancers. It prevents many of them. It is suitable for digestion, constipation, hair, depression, weight loss, and other respiratory diseases.