Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Hyderabad

Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Hyderabad
Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Hyderabad

Chinese is one of most widely relished cuisines in the world and Hyderabad is no stranger to the same with a vast number of restaurants dedicated especially to Chinese food. You can find a stall that sells Chinese fast food at almost any nook and corner of the street. The sweet aroma of soy sauce, chilli sauce, vinegar getting infused into rice/noodles, dazzles the passer-by. The following list contains 20 restaurants in Hyderabad that are especially dedicated to serve Chinese food.
Almost every restaurant in Hyderabad does have Chinese cuisine as they mostly comprise of a multi-cuisine system but this list focuses on the main outlets where one can enjoy proper, authentic Chinese dishes.

1.China Bistro

Located near Jubilee Hills, China Bistro is known to serve excellent Chinese food at a reasonable price, and a wide range of choices are offered to the customers, including Buffets and drinks. They also serve Thai food and few other Asian food items. With a lovely, casual dining ambience and delectable food, one can enjoy their afternoon meal with grace and joy. They have loads of options for both Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians with respect to starters, main course and desserts. Delicacies from Myanmar, China, Thailand and many other Asian countries are available.

Cost for Two: Rs 1000 (Buffet)

Location: Jubilee Hills


2.Mekong- Marigold Hotel

The Mekong River, one of the longest rivers in China, embarks its journey from central China, travelling through South-East Asia through six countries and finally concludes at the Pacific Ocean. The beautiful journey of this holy river is represented in the menu of Mekong restaurant, one of the best pan Asian fine dining restaurants in the city, Mekong serves a wide variety of cuisines including Burmese, Thai, Tibetan, Japanese, Vietnamese.

Along with a delightful ambience and brilliant authentic Asian food, the service also is prompt. A highly-recommended restaurant for the Asian food lovers out there!

Cost for Two: Rs 2000

Location: Green Lands, Begumpet


3.Holy Basil

Decorated with theme of Red and Black, with lanterns and lamps put up, Holy Basil gives you the authentic Chinese feel as soon as you enter. This Pan-Asian restaurant is located at the Radisson Blu. It has a very inviting décor, and an open kitchen where you can see the brilliance of the chefs. Known to serve the best authentic Asian food in Hyderabad, the customers can experience Sushi, Kimchi Salad, Thai Red/Green Curry, Chicken Sui Mai, Prawn tempura and many Asian dishes. For dessert, Tub Tim Krob, Basil Cream Brulee, Date pancake are some of the favourites.

Cost for Two: Rs 1400

Location: Radisson Blu, Banjara Hills



Exotica has a gorgeous, nature friendly environment and is one of the prime attractions for couples and families. Known for their pleasant ambience, it’s a good spot to enjoy a candle light dinner, or a nice, warm and cosy family gathering. They serve a variety of cuisines like Mughlai, North Indian and Chinese. The food is amazing but the ambience is the centre of attraction. I suggest the customers to book a table as early as possible as this place is almost full by nightfall especially on weekends.

Cost for Two: Rs 1500

Location: Banjara Hills



For all those food lovers who enjoy night life, partying and dancing, komatose is the place to be! With killer ambience, groovy music and a dance floor you’ll surely have a time of your life. Other than the crazy ambience, the food is awesome as well. They serve a variety of Japanese and Chinese dishes like Spring Vegetable Tamagoyaki (veggies wrapped in egg and mayonnaise), Salmon Uramaki( Salmon with a base made of cheese, cream, spring onions), Chicken Teriyaki etc. The sea food served is fresh and I recommend sea food lovers to try prawns, Sushi and Pomfret. Be sure to pay a visit here!

Cost for Two: Rs 1900

Location: Gachibowli


6.Kim Fung

Kim Fung is one of the highest rated Chinese restaurant in the city and is soft on your pocket as well. They serve delicious Chinese food and are one of the centre of attractions in Tarnaka. Recommended for a Non-vegetarian Chinese food lover, there are a variety of chicken dishes available and I’d say you must try all of them! Some recommended options are Tom Yom Soup, Mongolian Fish,Mongolian Chicken, Dragon Fish, honey grilled chicken for starters and for main course, Schezwan Chicken Noodles/Fried Rice, Singapore Noodles/Rice with black pepper gravy. At such a price you can visit this place quite frequently if you love Chinese cuisine!

Cost for Two: Rs 550

Location: Tarnaka


7.Here’s What’s cookin’

Other than their awesome Chinese food, Here’s What’s Cookin are also known for their mind-blowing milk shakes and smoothies. The food lovers have suggested lime sodas, Freak shakes, Lemon Butter Fish, mojito, chicken wings, Potato fries to be tried for sure. The price is also very reasonable and so you can find lots of youngsters and food lovers hanging out in this place. Furthermore, you and your gang can also enjoy a game of chess, Uno and many other board games whilst enjoying a thick shake and fries. If you aren’t a fan of the Chinese Cuisine, I’d still recommend the place for their shakes and other items.

Cost for Two: Rs 500

Location: Madhapur


8.Chinese Pavilion

Located at the basement, with ample seating arrangements, Chinese Pavilion is one of the top places in Hyderabad for Chinese food. With a lovely ambience, and pleasant décor, they also serve superb food. Noodles and sizzlers are one of the many things that you must try here. The service is prompt, polite,fast and very courteous.

Cost for Two: Rs 1000

Location: Banjara Hills


9.United Kitchens of India

Superb food and a magnificent ambience! What else do you need? United Kitchens of India has an eclectic mix of cuisines. Andhra, Bengali, Chettinad, North Indian and of course Chinese!Also, it has a pretty long and heterogeneous menu. So, you’ll probably spend some time with it before you order even a single dish! With over 50+ variety of starters itself, this place is a utopia for food lovers!

Cost for Two: ₹1,100

Location: Jubilee Hills



A person can experience an extravagant dining experience at Taksh. It has a breath-taking ambience with a royal touch. The cuisines include North Indian, South Indian and Chinese! They serve some of the best Chinese dishes in town. Not solely dedicated to Chinese though, but sure one can enjoy multiple cuisines at the same time. Delectable food, elegant ambience all at a pretty reasonable price! A great place to take your family.

Cost for Two: Rs 900

Location: Banjara Hills


11.Urban Asia Kitchen

Pepper Calamari, Veg Sushi,Chicken Hunan soup, Corn carnal, Crispy baby corn Pad Thai Noodle, Virgin Mojito, Spicy Crab meat Soup, Momos, Chicken Dim Sum are some of the many frequently ordered dishes that UAK serve. Dedicated to serve authentic Chinese, Thai, and other pan Asian cuisines along with sea food, one can enjoy a fancy dining experience with friends and family including your vegetarian buddies. The ambience is beautiful, the service is upright, and food is delicious. Overall you surely must pay a visit.

Cost for Two: Rs 1300

Location: Jubilee Hills


12.Tim Tai

Another restaurant that’s solely dedicated to Thai, Chinese and Asian food, Tim Tai is a place for both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarians. With an attractive interior, prompt, courteous and suggestive staff, they make quite an impression already. One doesn’t feel clueless while ordering food as they are quite clearly explained in the menu, and if not, the staff is always ready to help. The food is remarkable. Some dishes might feel new to you, which makes it even more exciting. Overall a good place to take your family and friends too!

Cost for Two: Rs 850

Location: Kondapur


13.Dine O China

Being one of the top pan Asians Restaurant in Hyderabad, with fast service and courteous staff, Dine O China is yet another place one must visit to try a variety of Asian food… Other than Manchow, Wonton soup is also one of my personal favorites there. Spring rolls and American chop suey are surely worth trying. The ambience is lovely, and price wise also it’s quite reasonable.

Cost for Two: Rs 850

Location: Gachibowli


14.Once Upon a Time

Located at Begumpet, Once Upon a Time is one of the few restaurants that has a huge variety when it comes to food. They serve Chinese, Continental, Asian, North Indian, South Indian, Sri Lankan cuisines. Even though they serve dishes from so many cuisines, each dish is cooked to perfection with the right blend of spices and masalas. This is a perfect place for a family get together.

Cost for Two: Rs 1200

Location: Begumpet


15.Golden Dragon -Taj Krishna

Known to have the best ambience for a Chinese restaurant, Golden Dragon provides an extravagant fine dining experience to its customers. This luxurious restaurant has a polite staff that helps you from the very beginning with the menu. The food is cooked to perfection and the style by which it’s cooked gives you the glimpse of an authentic and original Chinese restaurant. With such a rich ambience, and mouth-watering food, this experience is one of a kind!

Cost for Two: Rs 3500

Location: Banjara Hills


16.Mainland China

Mainland China would be one of most frequent answer if you ask any Hyderabadi “Where can I eat some good Chinese food? “It has two outlets, one in Begumpet and the other in Hi Tech City. With an outstanding ambience, this place makes its first impression. Coming to the food, they serve some of the best Chinese dishes in town. An opulent dining experience that you can enjoy with your family.

Cost for Two: Rs 1500

Location: Begumpet, Hi Tech City



Tang focuses a lot on their décor and dining as almost everything in their restaurant in terms of interiors has been specially imported all the way from China! You certainly get the feel or at least the glimpse of an authentic original Chinese restaurant. Coming to the food, they pay a lot of attention to make it as authentic and delicious as possible. Thick, viscous soup that has a flavour explosion in every bite. Spring Rolls, Braised Tofu, Dumplings and Noodles are must try. Indians are known to play with their spices that adds a unique taste to dishes from other cuisines. But tang remains focused to keep their food as authentic as possible. Must visit for a true Chinese food lover!



If you want to have a casual dining experience that doesn’t have a huge impact on your pocket then Nanking’s is one of the best choice. They have a pleasant ambience, a good service and they serve spicy and awesome Chinese food! Located at Paradise Circle, Nanking’s is one of the oldest Chinese restaurant in town.

Cost for Two: Rs 600

Location: Paradise Circle


19.Bowl O’ China

Bowl O’ China is one of the most popular restaurants in Hyderabad. With soothing music and a cosy ambience, you can have a hearty meal and chill with family and friends. The food here is just marvellous, Bhutan chicken, American chopsuey, spring rolls, bamboo rice, dumplings being some of the famous dishes they serve.

Cost for Two: Rs 700

Location: Tolichowki, Begumpet, Mehdipatnam and Masab tank


20.Blue Diamond

Crispy Chicken, Chicken Drumstick, Thai Soup, Fried Rice, Cantonese Soup, Schezwan Chicken, Chicken Manchurian are some of the very famous dishes that customers love at Blue Diamond. They have a look of the 90’s and are one of the first Chinese restaurants in Hyderabad. Crispy, juicy starters with hot and spicy main course followed by authentic Chinese desserts will make the best 3 course meal.

Cost for Two: Rs 700

Location: Basheerbagh