Top 20 Chinese Restaurants You Must Try In Bangalore

Top 20 Chinese Restaurants You Must Try In Bangalore

1 Mainland China


Mainland china is considered to the best when it comes to serving Chinese food in some places around India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and so to say it has a vast base in the city of Bangalore also. Mainland china has what most people would love to go for a dinner or lunch if they choose to eat Chinese cuisine, because it provides various varieties of food which is available and also caters vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections of people. Therefore, it is said to be the best place to get a meal where it’s worth the money and satisfying.

2 China Pearl


China pearl is another such kind of place that is starting to establish its name around the city. Starting from a small one-floor service area to expanding its business over the city, china pearl has made its name around the city of Bangalore. The food they serve is outstanding and mouthwatering! The few dishes you’ve got to try here at least once are ‘the dragon prawns’, ‘chicken satay’,‘ shrimp fried rice’ and ‘steamed wantons’ are some such dishes that are exquisite on their menu. Therefore this is another such happening spot that is located in the city.

3 Chutney Chang


Another restaurant famous in Bangalore for the wide spreads of buffets is chutney chang. They serve almost more than twenty five different types of starters, a wide range of main course, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and also the desserts are mind boggling. One would not know what to leave and what to eat. If an individual having a good appetite is looking for an amazing meal, then Chutney chang is the place to go to.

4 Aromas of China


The most familiar name of a restaurant that serves Chinese cuisine that flashes across everyone’s mind would be the name of ‘Aromas of China’. This place has been here around for years and caters to top hotels that are located around the city. Another place that solely stands out for its food and ambiance would be that of Aromas of China because they’ve got a wide spread of very delicately made food that would tingle the taste buds. This is a definite restaurant one has to go to experience its delicate food and the hospitality.

5 Chung Wah


Chung wah is another place to be in the city, which has been one of the pioneers that brought Chinese food in the city of Bangalore. The ‘tender pork meat’ is one of the most amazing dishes to try and also the drums of heaven available at the restaurant are something one would die for. This is another lovely restaurant in context of its set up, and turns out to be, another business that is starting to bloom and one can see many such Chung Wahs in Bangalore.

6 Delicacy China Man


Another place in Bangalore that stands out for its food is delicacy China man that serves authentic Chinese food and stands out to be one among the best places in the city to go to for authentic Chinese cuisine. The place is an upcoming restaurant that is starting to make its name and also, for this reason, has earned its spot in today’s society of Bangalore city.

7 Mandarin


Mandarin located in one of the prime areas in the city, Indranagar. It is said to be the best cuisine that is around in the city of Bangalore. Mandarin serves exquisite, delicious food and the highlight dish of the place is the ‘crispy fried chicken’ that is served and also the exquisite ambience located at the place would make you feel that you are in the middle of China.

8 Green Onion


This is another place that is located in the central hub of the city that is brigade road and this is one of the places that serves the best food in the city for a cheap price because of this it is considered to be one of the most visited places among most Bangaloreans that are located in and around the city.

9 Chungs


Chungs is a small humble place around Bangalore that serves some of the best ‘red dragon chicken’ around the city. It is said to be the most preferred place that people choose to go to for an authentic Chinese meal or even for a chat among friends and if they would want to pamper themselves with a good meal, then chungs is the right place to be to.

10 Beijing Bites


‘Beijing bites’ is also another famous restaurant that serves authentic Chinese cuisine and caters to all crowds in the society. Beijing Bites serves a dish called the ‘crispy spinach chicken’. This by far is the best Chinese dish that one could even eat around the city of Bangalore and not only this specific dish but the food on a whole at this popular restaurant is much more than what one would generally ask for.

11 Rice Bowl


This is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants that ever existed around the city of Bangalore. The place was ever famous for the easy accessibility of its location and also the delicious pork that is generally accompanied by the drinks that are served at the place. Rice bowl is said to be a landmark of its own and also for the one of a kind ambiance that is felt once an individual enters the place.

12 Momoz


Another restaurant that is located in kamanahallli that serves a delicious heart meal at a very nominal rate would be momoz. Even being a recently opened venture it has been gaining recognition ever since it began and also the food served there is worth the money and would also make the customer contended after his meal. Therefore, another such restaurant to go to while in Bangalore would be to visit momoz and check out the food they have to offer.

13 Panda boy


This is a basic restaurant that only home delivers actual authentic Chinese combos and soups around the city of Bangalore. Although the service area they cater to is small but the food served at this destination is brilliant. One should not forget to check to find out more about this location. Therefore, this is another important place to be at once in Bangalore.

14 Taipan


Taipan is one of the oldest places around the city of Bangalore. Taipan when it started, carried out its function out of a small kitchen but once they started to pick up business they gained recognition and also expanded they’re business to a whole new level. Thus another good place to be in Bangalore for its Chinese food is to be at taipan that is located at Frazer town.

15 New Pekingnew-pecking

The name ‘New Peking’ was coined once the old service area of the restaurant was renovated, from just a single floor service area to expanding the business to an entire building. This place has surely reached heights with regards to its food, ambiance, and service. The sizzlers and steaks that are served at the place are too good to ask and turns out to be an all-time favorite of most people around Bangalore.

16three-quarter Chinese


This place is located at the hub of the city, Church Street. It is most famous for its ambience and also one could consider hiring the place for any sort of private parties with a Chinese twist because of the ambience they offer. The food they serve and also the hospitality of the stewards. A highly recommended joint that will entertain both individuals and families.

17 Memories of china, M.G road


This restaurant will make you feel in just the right place if you are looking for a wholesome Chinese meal. The restaurant is located within a star hotel ‘Vivanta by Taj’ and also the food served here stands up to its star location. People that visit the hotel prefer this place to be a worthwhile place to be considering the fact that is right within the hotel and also it more than just serves the purpose of being a restaurant.

18 Hunanhunan

The name of the restaurant itself seems like a slice of china within Bangalore. Hunan has been recently opened up in Bangalore on the developing new bel road and ever since its opening is growing. The restaurant serves a wide variety of starters and main courses that would definitely never disappoint anyone at their visit here. A definite place to be at when in the city of Bangalore.

19 Schezwan court


Another restaurant that is locate within the ranks of a star hotel is the ‘Schezwan Court’, located within the Oberoi. The hotel has a lovely ambience to it and the food served is equally good as compared to its hospitality and the quality of the food. The highlight dish would be the ‘sweet and savory succulent pork ribs’ having its own punch.

20 The Lantern

the lantern

The lantern is associated with a new hotel that has opened in the city of Bangalore, The Ritz Carlton and therefore it is expensive yet exquisite, humble yet honest food and the hospitality and the ambience equally stands out. The lantern also serves delicious ‘pork buns’ and authentic Chinese food that one would find on the streets of china, the noodles they serve are prepared from scratch, fresh and ultimate. One would experience outstanding feel here.