Top 20 Must Have Street Food In Indore

Top 20 Must Have Street Food In Indore

Indore is considered to be the fastest developing city of Madhya Pradesh. It is also said to be a city of foodies, and it acquired this name because of its varieties of chats and the wide range of foods on the street that are enough to provide a mouthgasm to any individual visiting Indore. Anyone who arrives in Indore for any purpose, be it business, travelling, studying, or catching up with relatives, each one of them is awestruck by the food of Indore.

Sweets and snacks are something that Indians are fond of, and people of Indore are completely in love with it. Sarafa Ratri Bazar in Indore is known as the midnight heaven for food junkies. This tops the list of any traveller who is in Indore for a night stay.

The best food in Indore that deserves a try are listed below:

1. Poha

Every Indori starts his/her day with the breakfast of Poha. This is nothing less than a ritual for the people living in Indore. The flattened rice is fried with onions and chillies & is flavored with turmeric, salt, and slight addition of lime juice. Tea is mostly preferred along with this breakfast. It can be easily found on the streets of Indore.


2. Jalebi

Jalebi can be explained as a coil of refining flour which is deep fried in oil and then dipped in the sweet syrup. It is served hot, and its taste is unmatched. The floor used for its preparation is either Maida or Khowa. Jalebi is the special companion of Poha. People of Indore usually have Poha-Jalebi in the morning for breakfast. Jalebi Bhandar at Sarafa Bazar is quite famous.


3. Patis

It is the unique dish of Indore which has a fantastic taste. This mouth-watering dish is prepared from dry coconut powder that has a potato covering. The boiled potatoes are mixed with flour and then deep fried. It is served hot with Imli ki chatni or with Tangy sauce. It can be found at 56 Dukan near Plassia square.


4. Dal Bati

The famous Dal Bati has equal importance in Indore as it has in Rajasthan. The people of Indore love this food even though it is a Rajasthani dish. Most of the mess in Indore serves it as a special dish on Sunday. Many restaurants offer the delicate food on weekends. Another name for this dish is Dal Bafla. Hotel Rajhans at Sarafa Bazar is quite famous for this dish.


5. Lassi

Lassi is best known as the pride of the Punjab state and is the most popular drink of North India But, it has its roots in Indore as well. The fresh yoghurt is mixed with a wide range of flavors and sugar and is available commonly in every market. The large varieties are present from Strawberry to Kesariya. The most popular one is Ghamandi Lassi at Sarvate Bus Stand.


6. Malpuas

These are pancakes served as desserts and emerge from Odisha, but they are quite in demand in Indore as well. During winters Malpuas is the first choice of people. It is made up of Maida, Mawa, and milk with the addition of sweet syrup and is served hot. The best Malpuas you can get is in Sarafa Bazar.


7. Dahi vada

It is the favorite dish in Indore. It is prepared by soaking the fried dumplings of urad dal overnight in water. This makes them spongy and soft. The next day they are served with a smooth layer of curd. This dish is garnished with red chilli powder, coriander leaves, and sweet chutney. It can be found in Sarafa Bazar.


8. Sandwich

A sandwich is something which is available in wide range of varieties in almost all the food shops in Indore. You can have Veg Sandwich, Chicken Sandwich, etc. They are commonly garnished with the topping of cheese, and Sev. Plain Sandwich is stuffed with raw vegetables like cabbage. This sandwich can be found in 56 Dukan and Sarafa Bazar.


9 Bhutte ka Kees

It’s the speciality of Indore and is served hot mostly during winter. It is grated corn, garnished with coriander leaves and coconut powder. Lemon juice is added for a slightly tangy taste. It can be found at Sarafa Bazar.


10 Shikanji

This Shikanji is not similar to that which is a summer cooler drink made up with lemon juice. It is something entirely different in Indore. The curd is blended with nuts and sugar and offered in various flavors including Kesar, Badaam, Mango, and Masala Shikanji. The drink is fantastic and a treat for your taste buds. It can be easily found at 56 Dukan & Sarafa Bazar.


11. Rambabu ke Parathe

The parathas are quite famous and are available in vast varieties. Made in ghee, this food is rich in fats and has high-calorie content. You can have Aloo ka Paratha, Cheese Paratha, Sattu ka Paratha and Stuffed Paratha, etc. Different mess and restaurant serve the dish. The popular one is the Rambabu ke Parathe in Vijaynagar.


12. Johney Hot Dog

This is a dish of soft, crunchy Aloo Tikki fried on Tawa and served with bun and garnished with ketchup, green chutney, and onion. Both veg and non-veg hot dogs are served, and cutlets are also available. The shop is located at the Navlakha and in the 56 Dukan near Plassia Square.


13. Moong bhajia

These are quite popular and mostly eaten during the monsoon while enjoying the rainy weather. Lentil balls are deep-fried in oil and then served with green or sweet chutney. It can be easily found at the local stalls on the streets of Indore.


14. Maggi

If you are thinking about the 2 minutes Maggie Noodles then you are completely wrong. This is served in 23 different & unique styles. It requires more time for its preparation. It can be served with seasonal vegetables or with the Italian kebab. You can also choose the pizza topping of your choice. You can find it in the 56 Dukan market.


15. Sabu dana khichdi

Indore has another special dish on its street i.e. the Sabu dana Khichdi. The taste of this dish is unmatched. The Sabu danas are soaked in water overnight, and then they are steamed. It is served with Namkeen and lemon juice and is garnished with coriander leaves. In Indore, the sabu dana is not restricted as upvas ka khana, and this rendition will make you see it in a new light.


16 Kachoris

Kachoris are deep fried and high on calorie food. Mostly, Dal ki Kachori is famous in every part of the country. Along with it, Aloo ki kachori is also famous but, here in Indore, you can find vast varieties. Pyaaz ki Kachori, Matar ki Kachori, Bhutte ki Kachori and Fariyali ki Kachori too. They are easily available in the streets of Indore.


17. Bina Tala Samosa

It is also known as baked samosa and is available in different parts of the country with names such as veg puffs or paties. The serving technique in Indore makes it special there. It is stuffed with ketchup, tomato, freshly chopped onion, and sev. Local people call it as a bina tala samosa as it is baked in the oven and not deep fried in oil. It can be found anywhere on the streets.


18. Pani Puri

It is the most favorite food of the country and especially the girls love this dish. The love of an Indian Girl for panipuri cannot be described. It is a hollow Puri made of Maida. This Puri is stuffed with a mixture of potato and peas. It is filled with tangy and spicy water when served. The unique thing about Indori panipuri is the different types of water offered. The best Panipuri you can find in Sarafa Bazar and 56 Dukan.


19. Thali

Thali is a complete meal and can be found in various restaurants. Every restaurant has their own speciality of Thali. It includes Sev, tomato, and sabzi. It can be found on Geeta Bhawan, Plassia Square, and 56 Dukan, etc. The most famous place is the Guru Kripa restaurant near Sarvate Bus Stand.


20. Paan

Paan is a mouth freshener which is usually eaten after the meal. We can also say it as a palate cleanser. Indori paan is quite famous for its different flavors such as Chocolate pan, Butterscotch Pan, and Ice pan. The best Paans can be found at Milap – the Paan destination at 56 Dukan.