Top 20 Chivda From Maharashtra

Top 20 Chivda From Maharashtra

We call Chivda flattened rice in English. We call in Poha, Pauwa, Avalakki, Chivda, and Aval in India. It is a famous breakfast staple in several south Asian countries. You can make it by de-husking rice grains. Soak it in hot water for forty-five minutes and let them dry. Later, roast them and flatten them with a roller. The main ingredient for many chivda is rice flakes. You can add spices and flavors to it accordingly. We will guide you on how you can make the best chivda for yourself through this article. So, let’s see the top 20 chivda from Maharashtra.

1.Poha Chivda

Poha Chivda is a famous Indian snack mix. It has Flattened Rice, Spices, Curry leaves, and Nuts. It comes first in the top 20 Chivda from Maharashtra. Also, you can find this chivda during festivals like Chaturthi and Diwali. It is crunchy and a bit salty to taste.


2.Corn Chivda

Locals call Corn Chivda Makyachya Chivdi. Make it at your home using Corn flakes, peanuts, cashew, chana dal, raisin, curry leaves, sugar, chili powder, and salt to taste. Corn Chivda is a crispy, crunchy, sweet, and savory delight. You will find it during festivals in Maharashtra.


3.Sabudana Chivda

Sabudana is Tapioca pearl or sago in English. To make Sabudana Chivda, deep fry Sabudana makes them big and crunchy. Next, add sweet, salt, nuts, curry leaves, dried coconut, and dried green chilis. Sabudana Chivda is sweet, crunchy, and salty chivda. Also, you will see them in a bakery in Maharashtra. It is a fast meal.


4.Potato Chivda

Potato Chivda is similar to Sabudana Chivda. Here, replace the fried Sabudana with Fried Potato fingers. These are tiny fingers. Potato Chivda is a fast meal too. People all over Maharashtra love its creamy, crunchy, and sweet taste. It is easier to make and healthier to consume.



Bhadang should be there in the top 20 Chivda from Maharashtra. As Bhadang is a famous Chivda from Kolhapur. They make it with Puffed Rice, Spices, Curry leaves, Dried coconut, nuts, and raisins. Also, it is a bit oily and has a specific aroma. It is spicier than the Chivda in the list.


6.Kurmura Chivda (Garlic Flavour)

Kurmura is Puffed Rice. Garlic flavor Kurmura chivda rules the people during Diwali. Make it at home using Puffed Rice, nuts, chutney dal, garlic, curry leaves, oil, hing, red chili powder, turmeric, and salt to taste. You can add dried chili and coconut shaving as per taste. It is salty and spicy to taste.


7.Makhana Chivda

Makhana Chivda is famous all over Maharashtra. Makhana is Water Lily seeds. Roast and mix them with spices, raisins, spicy coconut shaves, cashew, curry leaves, and nuts. Makhana Chivda is salty and spicy to taste. It goes perfectly with a hot cup of tea.


8.Chivda Namkeen

Chivda Namkeen is a variety of Chivda belonging to the Poha Chivda recipe. It is a spicy and crunchy Chivda. Here, fat Poha takes the place of the flattened poha in the normal Chivda. The spice level of this Chivda is higher as compared to Bhadang. However, Chivda Namkeen doesn’t contain oil in it.


9.Cereal Chivda

We all know what Cereals are. Some people may consider them to be boring. Hence, we brought a way to make cereal exciting in the top 20 chivda from Maharashtra. Add cereal to the same mixture as Chivda Namkeen or Poha Chivda. They blend well together. Kids will eat the cereal chivda with lots of love.


10.Sev Chivda

Sev chivda is one of the spiciest chivda. You can use the typical chakli dough to make Sev. Break this sev into tiny fingers. You can eat them just like that. To make Sev chivda, add poha, nuts, curry leaves, nuts, raisins, and coconut shaves to the mixture. Sev Chivda is spicy and goes well with laddoo or tea.


11.Potato Chivda (Spicy)

The Potato Chivda we saw before was sweet. The Potato chivda we will talk about now is Spicy. You can make spicy potato chivda just like Kurmura Chivda. Add the fried potato fingers to the mixture of Kurmura Chivda. Potato chivda is spicy, creamy, and delicious. You can eat it with tomato ketchup too.


12.Farali Chivda

Farali Chivda is similar to sweet Potato Chivda. Unlike Potato Chivda, Farali chivda has only Fried potato fingers and Peanuts. Add sugar to make it sweet and salt to complete the recipe. Farali Chivda is easy to make a dish. You can eat it anywhere. It is a good source of protein.


13.Misal Chivda

You may know Misal Chivda as a Bombay Mix. It is a combination of Maharashtrian and Gujrati food items. Misal Chivda has Gathle, Papdi, Bundi, Sev, Makka, fried chana, etc. Primarily, it does not have a specific taste. However, it is usually creamy and salty to taste. We call it Misal Chivda since it is a main ingredient in the famous kolhapuri misal.


14.Diet Chivda

Diet Chivda is a recent invention. Precisely, it is for all the health-conscious in the room. Diet chivda has plain poha, sev, rice flakes, sugar, salt, and gram flour. They do not add many flavors to it. They keep it simple and nutritious. You can order one online or make one at home. It is healthy. Hence, we include it in the top 20 chivda from Maharashtra.


15.Ragi Puff Chivda

Ragi Puff has a different recipe. We will discuss them in our upcoming articles. To make Ragi Puff Chivda, add ragi puffs, oats, and cereal to a chivda mixture. Keep it less spicy or salty. Ragi puff chivda comes into the healthy chivda section. It is delicious and healthy too. Hence, you don’t have to think much while eating it.


16.Kurkure Chivda

Kurkure Chivda is a personal recipe. Add masala Kurkure, Lays, Misal Chivda, and some lemon juice. Kurkure Chivda is an instant snack for each one who likes Kurkure. They can make this chivda for tiffin, picnic, quick edibles, etc. It is a delicious snack.


17.Shev Bundi

Shev Bundi is the heart of Maharashtra. We had to bring it in the top 20 Chivda from Maharashtra. Sev comes from gram flour. Bundi comes from fried chickpea flour. Later, they make Bundi and coat it with powdered sugar. We mix them to make a delicious sweet snack, Shev Bundi.


18.Boiled Pulses Chivda

Boiled Pulses Chivda is more like a Chat. You can use Chickpea, green peas, black pulses, Red chana, and Moog to make this chat. Add onion, tomato, chat masala, lemon juice, chili, and coriander. Boiled Pulse Chivda is a perfect night protein diet.


19.Khatta Metha Chivda

Khatta Metha Chivda is the most time taking Chivda. It requires lots of effort. You should make it in parts. First, the masala, then the gathiya, the sev, and last Bundi. Many people prefer buying it. In India, the Khatta Metha Chivda of Haldiram is famous.


20.Masoor Chivda

Masoor Chivda is an all-time favorite of many people. It is in the top 20 Chivda from Maharashtra. Gram flour sev and fried salted masoor are present in this chivda. This Chivda is spicy and tangy. Majorly, it is my favorite. Try it and let us know what you feel.