Top 20 Snacks In India  

Top 20 Snacks In India  

Hello people! Enough of the same dried snacks every day? Craving for something lip-smacking, delicious but easy-to-cook snacks? But do not know what is that exactly. You crashed in the right place !! Let us, deep dive, into some tasty snack recipes, yum in your tum. Here, is the list of the top 20 snacks in India:

1.Mix Vegetable Cutlet

It is easy to make without worrying much about ingredients. All you need is Aloo for base fetch all available vegetables in your home. Boil aloo, chop down vegetables and add spices to it like salt, Mirchi, cumin seeds, coriander powder, ginger, garlic, etc. Now, all you need to do is make a nice-shaped cutlet and let it swim in oil. If you like to eat healthy semi-fry it.


2.Bread Pakoda

It is the perfect partner for the rainy season. Bread is the most common stuff available in many households. Prepare spicy aloo stuffing with lots of flavours and set it inside the bread. Droplets of rain, cold breezy air, and hot bread pakora with tangy chutney, are all we need for an amazing foodie day.



This is the simplest of all the snacks to satisfy your hunger, I swear. You can clean rava also known as sooji in advance to avoid any last-minute rush. Grab homemade curd if possible because it’s sour and provides an awesome texture. Just Mix Rava, curd, water and salt together to prepare the batter. Pour that paste into a pan let it consume the low flame of fire. Additionally, if you like tomato or capsicum, add it, the more, the merrier. Let me tell you a secret, one can cook double-layer veggies loaded with Uthappa too, which can be served to two at a time.

4.Mirchi Vada

Hearing the name brought a spicy sensation. So will the taste when it melts on your tongue. Keep large-sized chillies ready beforehand, make sure it is not much spicy. Slit them all, fill it with aloo filling. If you like to eat Jain food use raw bananas. Dip stuffed large chillies in the batter of besan, roll it well deep fry in oil. Serve the hot Jodhpuri Mirchi Vada with coriander and tamarind chutney.



The core ingredient of Khamani or Surti Khamani is Besan. Add every flavour into it like sugar for sweetness, Mirchi for spiciness, salt to enhance taste, soda to make it fluffy and water to mix it. Let them mingle while they enjoy the steam bath. Now crush it into fine small pieces, sprinkle pomegranate and nylon sev. Next? Attack!!



Just apt for your “Kuch Chatpata Hojaye” cravings! Make it dry bhel or with tangy khatti-meethi chutney, it adapts to anything. Take mamra, if you roast it for 2 minutes it will grasp awesome crispiness. Add chopped tomatoes, chutney, green chilli, chaat, salt, and any namkeen hiding inside the shelf, be it chivda or chana chol or an unidentified item. Mix it round and round and round, and arouse your taste buds. Secret Nushka, shh, if you are making sukha bhel add Mirchi paste nothing can beat it. Mirchi paste means you have to crush green chillies finely in a mixer or chopper or feel free to use your hands but refrain from touching the eyes.


7.Pani Puri

No one can resist saying, “Bhaiya, Ek sukha puri dena”, it is magically tempting. You can prepare your magical box at home and have as many sukha puris as you want. If you don’t want to wait then bring ready-made Pani puri powder and mix it with water. But the real fun is in making it! Coriander, pudina, the smell when we mix it. Aha, I’m already having dreams of it. Each one of them has a different technique to make Pani Puri ka Paani. Some add jaggery, some prefer sugar, some with dates, some like tamarind, some prefer eye-sweating spicy water and some ocean of each flavour. What’s your arena??

Pani Puri


A cup of hot chai and pakora makes all worries woosh. India has infinite varieties of pakora, we all must admit. You name it, you have it. From dal pakora, and methi pakora, to all kinds of vegetable pakora like tomato, cucumber, and onion to healthy variants too, like paneer pakora. Be it a lady’s gossip session, unwanted guests, Chintu ke Papa ke Dost, or the sudden arrival of neighbours, we are filled with never-ending pakora options to always rock in our snack party.


9.Monaco Sandwich

If you are into thinking what kind of sandwich is this? Not the usual bread sandwich and damn mouthwatering. Order packets of Monaco biscuits (avoid ordering just one you might regret). Arrange all soldiers in a queue and start applying coriander chutney on it. Place a slice of cucumber on one and tomato on the other biscuit and sprinkle some chaat masala. Don’t add salt because Monaco is already salty. Create a three-layered tower, one of cucumber, one of tomato and the last to protect both. Coat them in besan and let them swim in the oil. If guests are on the way, you can cut it in half, sprinkle some nylon sev and chutney and make their heads spin with your fanatic presentation skills.


10.Murmura Pattice

If you are Wondering what kind of pattice is this? The one you wouldn’t wish to miss. Mamra, famously called Kurmura, is the main ingredient in apple curd. Fuse both with water and convert batter into cute flat balls. Bake it golden brown. Jump on it before anyone finishes it! (If ball shape is not made on 1st attempt, there’s nothing to worry)


11.Rava Khaman

You can cook it at any hour of the day with minimal ingredients. Make a nice, not too thick, not too thin paste of Rava, water, curd, and salt and add Eno at last. Empty it into a plate that is placed inside a huge pot and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Tadaa, it’s ready! Cut the yummy white-coloured cake into bite-size pieces and have it with chutney or sauce. Also, you can fry them and eat them later on without heating them again.

Rava Khaman

12.Roti Noodles

If you are thinking about what to do with leftover chappati? Convert to a tasty snack, a must-try for naughty kids who run miles away far from vegetables. Slice down chappati in long noodles shape, and stir it with capsicum, tomatoes, onion and flavours. Roti replaces the noodles, wheat instead maida, and power pack combo with healthy benefits.

Roti Noodles

13.Makai Chat

Just in case you have had enough of corn romance with lemon and salt, now give a twist to the same piece of corn. Remove all corn beads in a bowl, and use a knife for a faster option. Squeeze half lemon, add tomato, red chilli powder, salt and chaat in the same bowl. Be quicker before corn gets cold, stir well and fall in love with your loved ones!!

Makai Chat

14.Paneer Roll

Craving for a healthy snack? Or thinking about what to do with the extra pieces of paneer? Agreed! paneer is healthy but adding flavours to it makes it tastier. Cut the cubes of paneer, and leave them in the playground of curd with chilli powder. Toss it in the fire, and let the aroma tingle your senses. Gulp down the hot sizzling cubes with your favourite drink.

20. Paneer Bread Roll

15.Masala Khichiya

You must have tried for once in your lifetime. Have it as a starter or evening snack it leaves the same trace of taste. Roast a Khichiya, if you can arrange a cool cheery on the cake!! Cut a tomato, half cucumber, sprinkle red chilli powder or green chutney, and salt and you are done. You can also add chana dal and sev before eating. If you are hunting for a spicy crispy twist to it, try the same with Papad.

Masala Khichiya


You must have eaten Maggi numerous times, but this time try this. Sevaiya or vermicelli are easy to find in any store. Preferably opt for roasted vermicelli because it saves time for roasting. Just like you cook Maggi, make this but with homemade masala like cumin seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric powder, etc. Also, try to infuse a tomato for a tangy taste. When you crave a sweet dish, the same vermicelli will help you out.


17.Open Toast

Another easy-to-cook bread snack yet yum. Put a piece of bread on the pan or cut it in half in a triangle shape for an eerie look. Lay down available vegetables at your home and grate cheese, nothing can be more tempting than dripping cheese to people. If you have capsicum available, chop it finely, add cheese, chutney and mayonnaise if you like, altogether a new snack is prepared. Cook it on bread, even if you can eat it uncooked. Such an easy-peasy way, agreed?


18.Dabeli Cone

This is our personal favourite on the list. You know what, it is prepared from Indian bread, can you believe it? So as you read, we need chapatis for it. Boil aloo or raw banana as you prefer, mix it with dabeli masala. Shower the filling with oodles of pomegranate, grapes, grated coconut and roasted masala peanuts. Pull out one roti, cut it into half and make a samosa-shaped cone. Apply spicy coriander chutney and sour tamarind chutney inside it. Fill it with a flavoursome filling, cook until it turns brown, and add ghee for thin crispiness. Sprinkle more pomegranate, grapes, peanuts and sev while serving.

Dabeli Cone

19.Besan Chilla

One more effortless item, perfect for evening munching. Frankly, it’s so easy even toddlers can prepare. Grasp besan powder and whisk it well with water without letting any lumps disturb the flow. Finally, dust carom seed and salt. With a ladle full pour batter on the hot pan and spread it as thin as you can. Have a bite with sauce, Schezwan chutney, or whatever you want to experiment with. Let me reveal one more fact, you can also add mixed vegetables for a change in taste.


20.Moong Bhel

What a combo of a healthy plus tasty snack! Many people do not like moong that very much but after having this we are pretty sure, you will be in love with it. Just need boil moong, add vegetables like cucumber and tomato to it. Mix well with a pinch of salt, chaat masala and green chopped chillies. Have it alone or with puri or you can do your fusion! The taste and simplicity have won my heart if it wins yours too, do tell us in the comment section. So what are you going to try today? Waiting to hear about your delightful experience!!