Top 20 Best Fried Rice Recipes

Cauliflower Fried Rice

Fried rice is such an essential part of a good meal. With our foodie Indian hearts, we crave for more flavor in everything we eat. With these amazing fried rice recipes, your taste buds will surely convey big thanks.

1.Vegetable Overdose Fried Rice

From childhood, we were told to eat our vegetables because they are supremely healthy and beneficial for us. This extra vegetable Fried Rice is a perfect example of cherishing those vegetable memories.Frying rice with various herbs and sauces is a good idea. Even better when we add a wide range of vegetables to it. Just lightly blanch vegetables such as broccoli, beans, carrots, capsicum, and whichever vegetable you like and toss it in your pan.


2.Extra Egg Fried Rice

The egg is a very versatile protein. There is a famous saying that says eating an egg everyday is very good for health.In a pan, pour some oil and add an egg or two. Before it is cooked through, add your rice. This will give a yellow texture and also add immense taste to your rice. Finish garnishing with some chopped spring onion and voila! Your egg fried rice is ready. It tastes best when nice and hot.

Extra Egg Fried Rice

3.Cauliflower Fried Rice

Cauliflower, or popularly known as Gobi is a very common and tasty winter vegetable. Widely available in all markets, this vegetable is very easy to find. It is extremely rich in vitamin C.Slightly boiling small pieces of Cauliflower and adding them to your plain Fried Rice brings out a natural aroma. Try it this winter!


4.Brown Fried Rice

Brown rice is the healthiest choice of rice. It has an almost negligible amount of harmful sugars and fat. It is extremely good for people with diabetes. It significantly reduces blood sugar level. Using Brown Rice instead of normal rice as the base of your Fried Rice can bring a twist to it.You can add your choice of vegetables and proteins like any other Fried Rice. This is a healthier option, and also gives a different kind of taste, different than our usual Fried Rice.


5.Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken is a soft white meat. Frying small pieces of Chicken and adding them to your Fried Rice can make it very tasty.If you have time in hand, you can prepare the Chicken well. Spicy bold flavors work well. So do plain flavors. Make sure the Chicken is well cooked to avoid problems while eating. Chicken Fried Rice is one the most common and loved Fried Rice recipes.

Chicken Fried Rice

6.Pineapple Fried Rice

As weird as it may sound, Pineapple Fried Rice tastes amazing. There are two ways to achieve it.The first way is to add fresh pieces of Pineapple just a few minutes before completing your dish. This way, the Pineapple retains its juicy properties and brings freshness to the Fried Rice. The second way is to grill or roast the pineapple before adding to the rice. This results in toasty yet juicy bits in the rice.This type of Fried Rice will surely refresh your palate.

Pineapple Fried Rice

7.Almond Fried Rice

Almonds are super crunchy and yummy. Roasting some and slicing them and adding to Fried Rice can be a very good option.Rich in many vitamins and minerals, Almonds are extremely healthy! Why not add them to your super favorite Fried Rice? Almond Fried rice can be eaten with traditional Indian food as well as western dishes. This rice complements almost all cuisines of this world just fine. Sweet rice is a good base for Almonds.


8.Shrimp Or Seafood Fried Rice

Shrimps are so delicious! Though a little time consuming when it comes to cleaning them, they are worth all the work. Lucky for us! We get cleaned packets of Shrimp and various other seafood in stores nowadays.Lightly poaching these Shrimps in butter highlights the seafood flavors to the maximum. Squids, mussels, various fish are other options. Charring and grilling these can also maximize flavor and intensity. Fried rice is a very strong platform for seafood. If you like to eat fish, shrimps and seafood, you should definitely try this one out.


9.Broccoli Fried Rice

Broccoli is another vegetable of the cauliflower family. Though widely disliked by many, when cooked properly, it can be very yummy.Properly boiled Broccoli tossed in olive oil and oregano is packed with wellness and flavor. Adding small bits to your rice can enlighten it to a great extent.

Broccoli Fried Rice

10.Thai Mushroom Fried Rice

Thai cuisine is popular in the entire world. The bold classic flavors are very distinct and unique. Lemongrass is one very important element.On the other hand, mushrooms are absolutely loved by the mass. They are soft, crunchy and very delicious. With the smooth taste of Mushrooms and the succulent flavors of Thailand, a very amazing combo is made. Button Mushrooms tossed in those Thai flavorsare relished and when added to Fried rice, it is Heavenly!

Thai Mushroom Fried Rice

11.South Indian Fried Rice

South India possesses many vibrant bold flavors. One such combination is peanuts, pomegranate, and coriander.These three key elements are all of the extremely different categories. That helps them create an optimum, balanced flavor profile. The peanuts add crunch to the dish while the pomegranate adds sweetness. Coriander leaves add freshness. This goes best with yellow rice tossed with haldi, masala, and jeera. With the goodness of herbs, fruits, and nuts, it is very healthy.

South Indian Fried Rice

12.Cheese And Corn Fried Rice

This dish is an unconventional take on the traditional Fried Rice. We all love fresh sweet golden corn. They burst in our mouth letting out that sweet juice. And who does not love cheese?This is a baked form of Fried Rice. Slightly toss white rice, preferably basmati rice in white or olive oil. Then on a tray, add the rice followed by grated cheese and the sweet corn. Roast it in the microwave or oven. The end product is so cheesy and gorgeous!


13.Kebab And Fried Rice

This is another unconventional Fried Rice. This is basically an altered version of our ever favorite biryani!Slightly fry the rice in oil and add herbs of your choice. Simultaneously put on your favorite kebab on the grill. You can choose to use vegetable kebabs or any protein of your choice. After the Kebabs are cooked, just add them to your rice and mix thoroughly. Just enjoy your Kebab Fried Rice. The best part is this dish is complete that you will not have to bother about cooking another dish as a side.

Kebab And Fried Rice

14.Bamboo Shoot Fried Rice

The Bamboo Shoot also known as the bamboo sprout is a core Asian ingredient. They have a very pleasant yet strong taste. They compliment various Asian dishes well. Bamboo Shoots are healthy too. They have an exotic taste, much different than our daily regular vegetables.When the topic of Fried Rice arises, Bamboo Shoots go well with fat boiled rice. They even compliment brown rice well. If you’re in the mood to have something unusual and different, this option is perfect.

Bamboo Shoot Fried Rice

15.Fried Risotto Balls

Risotto is a classic Italian rice dish. Raw rice is slowly cooked by adding aromatic flavorsome stalk in intervals. Risotto is typically very creamy.One very innovative and conceptual dish is the Fried Risotto Balls! After you cook you yummy risotto, let it cool. After it is cooled, pack a layer of bread crumb on it after making balls with the help of egg wash or even without it. Then deep try these and enjoy your hot Risotto Fried Balls.

fried risotto balls

16.Extra Garlic Fried Rice

The taste of Garlic is very strong but for those who like it, it is out of the world. Garlic is very common in Indian cooking. Garlic has a long list of medicinal as well as nutritional values.Mashed and diced garlic should be added while frying the rice. This inhibits and packs more flavor into the rice. At the end, someGgarlic should be roasted or fried and poured on the top the finished dish. When someone has a cold, this can be a very comforting and tasty food.


17.Soya Bean Fried Rice

Soya bean chunks are easily available in packets in stores. It is a very good protein substitute for vegetarians. It is also very tasty and can be used in various types of dishes.There are many curry recipes which include Soya Bean chunks. There are many Chinese recipes too which incorporate these Soya Bean chunks in very clever and yummy ways. You can select your own cuisine and prepare the chunks likewise. Add various flavors and masala to it and add it to you rice to create a very interesting Fried Rice recipe.

soya chunk fried rice

18.Sweet Chili Lemon Fried Rice

Sweet Chili is another very popular flavor loved by many. It is a unique wonder of flavors. It has sweetness but also the spice and zeal of chili.Lemon, as usual, uplifts flavor and brings depth. Together these two ingredients make a fantastic duo. You can of course add in more ingredients depending on your choice.


19.Sausage Fried Rice

Sausages are becoming very common. With numerous types of Sausages being launched by various companies, options are plenty. There are many options in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian types.Making Sausage Fried Rice is very simple. First, roast or fry the Sausages along with your choice of vegetables. Either chop the Sausages before this or after this. After they are ready just add them to the rice along with the chopped vegetables. Add your choice of seasoning and your Fried Rice is ready!


20.Extra Spicy Fried Rice

We as Indians should take pride in our spices. They are aromatic and healthy. They surely enrich the flavor of anything they are added to.Extra Spicy Fried Rice is an excellent choice if you are in a mood to feel the heat. All you got to do it add more spices in every step of cooking. Be sure to add balancing agents such as lemon to balance out the raw force of the extra spices.

Extra Spicy Fried Rice