Top 20 Coffee Topping Hacks To Make It Look Presentable

Top 20 Coffee Topping Hacks To Make It Look Presentable

Looks matter, whether it’s in an interview or when serving coffee. Anyone can make coffee while half-asleep, but decorating and arranging it in an aesthetically pleasing way is no piece of cake. Here are the top 20 easy hacks you can try to make your coffee look presentable.

1.Chocolate Flute

They are readily available in most grocery stores, so you can easily purchase and stock them. Flavored flutes are also an option, and the choice can vary depending on the type of drink. For example, vanilla flutes go well with vanilla-based drinks. Make sure to get long flute that can be placed directly on one side of the cup.



These wafer biscuits have a soft texture, so instead of dipping them, you can place them on top of the glass in a slanted manner when serving. Similar to flutes, wafers also come in various flavors, and if stored in a tightly sealed container, they can last for 2 to 3 months.


3.Sauce Drizzle

Sauces like chocolate, caramel, and sweetened condensed milk can be drizzled on top of the coffee. Many cafes simply pour them in a zigzag pattern. You can experiment with different pouring styles. For example, following a swirling pattern on top of the cream can make the coffee look more appealing. If the coffee has foam, you can even create sauce art on top of it.


4.Coffee Jelly

Making coffee jellies at home is very easy, and adding them to your cold frappe can elevate its presentation. You only need five ingredients: unflavored jelly powder (available at local stores), water, instant coffee powder, sugar, and vanilla essence. Boil the water, continuously whisking, and then add one sachet of jelly powder. Mix it with three spoons of instant coffee and 5 spoons of sugar. Adjust the ratio to suit your taste and add one teaspoon of vanilla essence for enhanced flavor.



Caramel pudding, also known as flan, is an egg-based dessert often served in Korean or Japanese drinks. You can make it at home, and it’s also available at most local grocery stores. If you are serving cold coffee to multiple people, it’s better to make the pudding at home. However, if it’s just for one cup of coffee, it’s more convenient to buy the ready-made version from the store.


6.Whipped Cream

The consistency and sweetness of whipped cream are important factors, so it’s advisable to purchase a reputable brand known for its quality. While it’s possible to make whipped cream at home, for everyday convenience, it’s recommended to buy good-quality whipped cream. Typically, in presentation videos, whipped cream is the final touch, but adding a dusting of cocoa powder can give it a more sophisticated appearance. If you don’t enjoy the taste of cocoa powder alone, you can add brown sugar to it.


7.Chia Seeds

Many of us soak chia seeds in water, but when using them in coffee, it can dilute the beverage. A helpful hack is to soak the seeds in milk instead. This gives the chia seeds a creamy texture and adds a unique sensation to the coffee.


8.Flavoured Foam

Some coffee enthusiasts enjoy having foam on top of their coffee, and adding flavor to the foam can enhance the overall experience. Baristas often use steamers to create milk foam, but there’s a simple hack to achieve it at home. Take half a cup of cold full cream milk, 3 to 4 spoons of thick cream, your preferred flavor (such as vanilla essence, chocolate sauce, or caramel), and whisk or beat thoroughly using a fork.


9.Ice Cream Scoop

This may seem like a simple tip, but it can make a significant difference. It’s important to use a fresh scoop of ice cream straight from the freezer and scoop it using a cold utensil to maintain its shape when serving. You can also add additional garnishes using saucesice-cream-scoop

10.Chocolates/ Cake Pieces/ Oreos

Instead of simply placing a piece of chocolate, try shaving the chocolate using a grater. Here’s a hack: opt for dark or semi-sweet chocolate to ensure it doesn’t overpower the flavor of the cold coffee while still adding a subtle touch. Use frozen Oreos to avoid it from socking.


11.Shaped Ice Cubes

Instead of using regular rectangular ice cubes, you can opt for circular or other fascinating shapes. Here’s a hack: instead of using plain water, use coffee water cubes or milk coffee cubes to create a more impactful effect. Simply mix instant coffee in water or milk, and pour the mixture into molds. This way, the coffee flavor won’t feel diluted.


12.Sprinkle Nutmeg/ Cinnamon

Special spices can add a unique sensation to your cup of coffee. Sprinkling them lightly on top can create an immense effect. You can savor the flavors with every sip, and it also adds an aesthetic appeal.


13.Crushed Nuts

Nuts are a common household ingredient, so adding a few crushed pieces on top can make your coffee look presentable. The hack here is to lightly coat them with sugar or honey, adding a slightly sweet crunch with every bite.



While marshmallows are typically enjoyed with hot chocolate, adding them on top of coffee can make it look appetizing. The hack is to slightly heat the marshmallows using a blow torch, melting the sugar on top.


15.Powder Dusting

Colors have a significant impact on food, don’t they? A simple dusting can enhance the presentation of coffee. Cocoa powder is commonly used for dusting purposes, but other powders such as matcha dust and coffee powder can also be used. You can dust them directly on top of the coffee or over whipped cream, foam, and so on.


16.Gems/ Rainbow Sprinkle

Expanding on the previous point, colors play a significant role. Just imagine having a basket full of colorful toppings on your cup. These inexpensive and readily available products can be purchased from a nearby store, so make sure to stock up on them to enhance your plating skills.


17.Mint Leaf, Lemon, Or Ginger Slices

For health-conscious individuals who believe that adding a touch of nature makes food healthier (which is indeed true), I recommend placing a mint leaf, lemon slice, or ginger slice on top of your coffee. This not only adds a healthier touch but also makes it more visually appealing.


18.New Frother Sauce Drizzle

A recent trend on Instagram among home café bloggers, introduced by the enthusiast “lydiahomecafe,” involves a simple technique. Pour your desired sauce at the bottom of a glass and use a frother to evenly spread the sauce, creating a circumference effect over the glass.


19.Raw Materials

“Keep it simple” applies to our hack as well. Coffee itself can be used as a topping, keeping it simple yet stylish. You can easily purchase roasted coffee beans in different colors; dark roasted beans appear brown, while medium roasted coffee beans have a slight olive green hue.



Though commonly used on American desserts, there’s no reason why we can’t try it on coffee. The procedure is simple: pour white crystal sugar on top and use a culinary torch to lightly burn it to achieve a caramel color. When added on top of the foam, this will give your coffee a more appealing look.

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