Top 20 Places To Have Cold Coffee In Vellore

Top 20 Places To Have Cold Coffee In Vellore

Life feels brew-tiful when we sip cold coffee now and then. Who doesn’t love a refreshing cold coffee in a city where the average temperature is 40 degrees throughout the year? Here are the top 20 places in Vellore where you can have a variety of cold coffees.

1.Akka Kadai

Even though this shop is a roadside vendor, it’s pretty famous among the students for the variety of beverages they serve, from flavored lassi to sodas to milk-based drinks, and so on. Moreover, it is budget-friendly. Usually, cold coffee in and around Vellore costs 70 or more rupees, but here it’s 40. Bonus if you are a regular customer, the owner gives you an extra drink leftover from the mixer jar rather than throwing it away.

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2.Bakers Hub

This place has a comfortable seating setup and talented chefs who offer unique dishes. Even though they didn’t have cold coffee on their menu, upon request, the chef made a delicious, thick shake of cold coffee. It costs 140 rupees and is worth every sip.

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3.Tea Time

Tea Time is a bootstrapped idea by a young college graduate, that has grown across many states. It’s a place where most VITians (students at VIT) chill after class hours. Yes, it says “Tea” time, but they serve great cold coffee. Here, they sell it for 60 rupees.

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4.Bake Shake

The bakery is known for its cakes, but I go only for the cold coffee sold in a 500-ml glass bottle. The ambiance is set up in WordPress style. The coffee cost Rs. 70 and is sold in a vintage-style milk bottle.

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5.Chai Gallii

5/5 for the interior design and graffiti work in this cafe. It is located in the basement of Velocity Mall in Vellore. Even though the cold coffee costs Rs. 140/-, sipping it from a high-ball glass in a chocolate-dipped presentation in that aesthetic ambiance is a treat itself.

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6.Fresh diet

There are three branches within Vellore; I say check out the outlet in Chittoor Bustand due to its wooden-themed interior and ambiance setup. There are lots of options for beverages, from healthy to high-calorie-rich drinks. Cold coffee here costs 80 rupees, served in a tall Hurricane glass.

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7.Black Bird

Completely black Themed setup, with dull yellow lighting. We sometimes eat with our eyes, i.e., if the drink looks appetizing, that half fills our tummy. Just like that, the presentation here is 5/5. So is the quantity served; it’s quite a lot for one person. They have many options for flavors, and it costs Rs. 140 and is served in a mason jar.

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8.7th Heaven

A veg-based pastries outlet with a highly unique menu. They are known for their chocolate truffles, which melt in your mouth. Coffee made here is also a drink you must try when in Vellore. The flavors vary from Turkish delight to tiramisu, with costs ranging from Rs. 130 to Rs. 140. My personal favorite is Toffee Nut Frappe.

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9.The Chocolate Room

Once again, an Instagrammable cafe atmosphere with a coffee-colored interior. Besides this, their walls are filled with, for example, wall-mounted vintage bicycles and historic barrel seating. It’s quite a good concept that attracts all kinds of generations. They serve a variety of coffee frappes; I’d suggest you try TCR’s frappe, which costs Rs. 179.

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10.Madras Coffee House

Among the 3–4 kerb cafes just beside Pachayapas in Vellore, MCH has refreshing and chilled iced coffee to offer. The cold coffee costs 70 rupees, and the one thing I felt odd about is that it is served in a paper cup, so if we don’t finish it quickly, things get messy.

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11.Vellore Delicacy

A vast seating area with a golden light atmosphere. Here, cold coffee is served in a dimpled mug that costs around 150 rupees. It’s more like a coffee milkshake, with vanilla ice cream blended with milk and instant coffee. Service is also friendly.

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12.Lassi Shop

Even though the name has lassi, the crowd visits to have other beverages, especially thick shakes. One such specialty is the cold coffee from the Lassi shop. There are multiple outlets with different names, such as lassi house, lassi shop, and lassi spot. This shop with chillingly cold coffee is in Galli, opposite the Vellore Institute of Technology. The exact location is given below.

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13.Vidiyal Juice Tree

This juice bar can be easily missed by many foodies, as it’s located between connecting roads in Vellore, which not many travelers prefer. They have a tiny indoor space set with blue wings and gravity on one wall, suitable for those who like taking photographs underwings. The coffee here is served in a mason jar.

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14.Hangout Cafe

Just like the name suggests, this place is an excellent hangout spot. It is located close to Auxium Church in Vellore. They provide indoor and outdoor seating, with a wood-themed setup on the first floor of an individual villa. Here, too, there is graffiti of wings on one side wall, where everyone who visits takes a picture. The coffee drinks cost 100 rupees and are served in an irish coffee mug.

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15.Blend Brew

A newly opened snack corner in Vellore. They offer a good variety of cold beverages, from fruit juices to milk-based drinks, as well as snacks like French fries. Of the many on the menu, I strongly suggest Cafe Machhi Mud Coffee. It has cookie and brownie crumbles in it, which adds a new texture to the drink. It costs 89 rupees and is served in a milkshake glass.

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16.Juicy Vibes

A very student-friendly cafeteria with a standard set-up ambiance. One cold coffee is 90 rupees, served in a sling glass. They are very friendly, so we can request our coffee according to our taste, such as adding chocolate sauce or a scoop of ice cream, etc.

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17.Drunken Monkey

This outlet is famous for its healthy drinks, served in big shot glasses for dine-in and vintage milk bottles for takeout. Interesting interior setup with games such as Junga, X O, Snake, and Ladder, and much more on every table to keep us occupied while they quickly make our preferred beverage. They offer flavors ranging from chocolate to caramel, cocoa, almond, etc. My suggestion is to try Nutella coffee, which is priced at Rs. 170.

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Recently opened juice and snack corner in Ghandi Road of Vellore, they have a high-sealing large seating area. I had cold coffee with Pav Bhaji. They served the cold coffee in a milkshake glass, a simple blend of milk, sugar, and instant coffee that cost 60 rupees.

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Ibaco is a brand of Hatsun company that serves high-quality ice cream. Though they are known for “building our own sundae”, I usually go there to make my own coffee-based ice cream drink. As they base the glass on three scoops of ice cream and three toppings, we can play around with it to try different flavors. I suggest you try two scoops of coffee and one scoop of salted caramel with a chocolate sauce topping. As the chocolate sauce is added to the ice cream, it freezes to form soft chocolate lumps.

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24/7 open cafe in Vellore; even if you don’t get burgers all the time, they serve cold coffee 24/7. I remember trying a chocolate brownie frappe with a shot of coffee at 1 a.m. while I was craving caffeine. In Vellore, they serve coffee in seidel glasses. There are ample other options, but I hope you will definitely try this one day. It costs $250 and is worth every sip.

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