Top 20 Most Craved Food Items By Pregnant Women During Pregnancy

Top 20 Most Craved Food Items By Pregnant Women During Pregnancy

1. Coffee

Women who are in the habit of drinking coffee before conceiving craves the most for it. Even though it’s a big NO for coffee but it is most craved by pregnant women. Coffee helps in decreasing headache and depression. It should always be taken into consideration to check with a doctor when there is a craving for

2. Soda

If someone is suffering from morning sickness or have ever experienced it, then soda is a must to have. All the caffeinated drinks are required to be avoided during pregnancy, as a substitute of which sprite or ginger ale can be allowed to drink.


3. Ice cream

Being aware of the fact, ice cream is sweet and gives you a cooling effect, it is most loved by women during pregnancy. To make it a bit healthier mix the fruits topping with your ice cream and hunt for ice creams with low fat.icecream

4. Lemon

It’s not something new to see a pregnant woman craving for lemon or adding tons of lemon in their drink or food. During pregnancy, there is a lot of difference when it comes to your taste buds, so you anyways would want to eat something extra spicy or extra sweet or extra sour.lemons

5. Fruits

It’s always said, that if you eat or drink the healthy stuff, the same effect will go on a baby. So, pregnant women not just crave for junk food, they like to eat fruits as well.  Fruits, especially watermelon and grapes are a rich source of vitamin C that is healthy if consumed during pregnancy.fruits

6. Potato Chips

Potato Chips, again something spicy with lots of salt is demanded by pregnant women in tons. During this time, these women desire for crunchy, salty and spicy stuff so in this case, potato chips are what struck in mind.potato-chips

7. Pickles

Women crave sour stuff most, so to fulfill their desire pickle is what comes in the mind first. Pickles are low in calories, and they are not harmful also to eat and are inexpensive to get.pickeles

8. Spicy foods

This is yet another craving of pregnant women. A bit of spice in the curries and normal food helps in satisfying their appetite during such period.spicy-foods

9. Chocolate

Not just pregnant women, chocolate is something which is being craved by most of the women. During pregnancy, all the things that make us escalated are advised to be consumed less so chocolate is the best sweet thing that we can go for. Also, it is a conventional saying that if a girl would feel like eating something sweet, then she might be carrying a baby girl.chocolate

10. Ice

It sounds bizarre because ice is not even food, but everything strange happens with these women during pregnancy. They like to chew on the ice during pregnancy. People who are suffering from anaemia are more likely to be chewing ice almost all the time because it helps in relieving inflammation of the mouth. It is very common symptom of

11. Non-Edible Food

So any form of non-edible item like chalk, dirt items or any other non-food items is another form of craving of pregnant women. Pica is one condition in which one craves to eat these non-edible stuff. If you have such craving then go and see the doctor because it can be very dangerous in the future.non-edible-food

12. Comfort Food

This kind of craving usually happens when you feel like eating something which you usually eat during Christmas or something which make you think of ebullient and cozy times. During pregnancy, women can feel anything to everything because of the haywire hormones during that time.comfort-food

13. Crazy Combinations

Now the idea behind these crazy combinations is to give baby many nutrients. Crazy combinations like putting olives in the ice cream or dunking pickles in peanut butter.


14. Dairy

Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese is craved by lots of women during their pregnancy. Products like string, yogurt, and cottage cheese that are rich in nutrients and vitamins can be an excellent choice to eat during pregnancy.dairy

15. Vinegar

Sometimes, women feel that it’s not pickles what they are craving for. Instead, they are craving for vinegar could be vinegar chips, etc. consuming an excessive amount of vinegar can cause heartburn so it must be taken into consideration while consumption. To escalate this kind of craving, vinegar chips can be a nice yet tasty substitute.


16. Salt

The reason why most of the women crave for salty during their pregnancy is when the blood volume in the body increases, it will lead to the change in your body for the dietary need for sodium. Whenever there is an increase in blood volume, it can change your dietary need for sodium. It’s not at all harmful if the women are craving for salt during pregnancy.salt

17. Juice

Something tasty yet healthy, most of the most craves for juices because growing a baby inside can leave you parched, so that’s where that urge comes. Juices are full of vitamin and nutrients so drinking juices can be a healthy affair during pregnancy.juices

18. Red Meat

Pregnant women should always make sure that the meat they are eating is properly cooked because raw or uncooked meat can cause the problem of toxoplasmosis in the body. Red meat is the normal food item in the diet plan of pregnant women and it’s the most craved food during that

19.  Beans And Greens

Amidst all these bizarre cravings, some women crave for healthy and green vegetables too like legumes and grains that provide nutrients and vitamins to the body which is good for the mother as well as for the baby.beans-and-greens

20. Sugary Sweets

This craving is common among the pregnant women. If the pregnant women have a low sugar level accompanied by the symptoms of fatigue and headache in the body then chances are that she will crave for such fuel in the body.sugary-sweets