Top 20 Places for Cuisines of Visakhapatnam


1. Paradise

This restaurant has a good reputation of serving very tasty Hyderabadi Biryani and is also good for starters and the tandoori Items of this place are quite famous. The ambiance of the place is good and can be a perfect dining spot for biryani lovers. The menu covers more than 70 varieties of food which include kebabs, biryanis, and desserts.



Alpha Hotel

This place is famous for its Hyderabadi Dum Biryani at an affordable price. You can see the queue coming out of the building at the takeaway counter, and people waiting no matter what because the biryani is worth it and has the perfect touch of spices. They even have various combos and are even trying to excel in Chinese items.



Tycoon Multi-cuisine Restaurant

When it comes to ambiance and service, this place has the best shot at it. The chicken starters are very good, and the main course is also pretty fine. Chicken 65 and Lamb Biryani are 2 famous dishes of this place. This restaurant is from the roots of Daspalla and hence has the reputation for hygiene and hospitality.



Bombay Restaurant

This place is one of those restaurants within the city that serves very good Dum Biryani and amazing kulchas. Also, Chicken and Mutton items are famous here. Everything is affordable and tastes amazingly satisfying. A wide menu is available here with good hospitality and excellent taste.


5. Jupiter Cuisine Restaurant

This restaurant is a perfect place to spend some quality time with family and friends because of its open air seating facilities and a peaceful atmosphere. The staff is very welcoming, and it is a perfectly renovated place than the older one here with the best management. Chicken and Seafood Biryani are also famous here.


6. Bake my Wish

The woodwork seating with the shades and creepers here give a very nice and warm feeling while you enjoy your fine food. Different types of dosas, with different combinations of chutneys are available here. The pastries are the best of its kind and shakes are topped with a lot of creams. The bakery food items are really good here and they have a very peaceful ambiance. It is a nice and friendly neighbourhood cafe.


7. Raju Gari Dhaba

This restaurant is a place where you can get the best of spicy food. One cannot miss the non-veg and seafood items here. Starting from plain rice with sambhar to biryanis and chicken fry, everything is perfect. The taste here is very much appreciated because they use correct amount of spiciness and it is a place where the customers feel so much satisfied after having it.


8. Dakshin Restaurant

It is a famous luxury restaurant of Daspalla group and is very famous for its mutton and prawn items. This restaurant has South Indian, Chinese and North Indian Cuisines. The ambiance and service here is very good and they have a reputation in every aspect. Even the buffet is filled with a lot of non-veg options which are pretty appealing to the customers and they are affordable as well.


9. Barbeque Nation Restaurant

This place is famous for parties with friends and families especially birthdays for the kids. The buffet menu is great with affordable prices. The staff is very friendly and tries their best to ensure that we are not short of anything. All the starters and desserts includes a variety of kulfis, kebabs, and grills. It is among the best Barbeque restaurants across the country.


10. Sri Sai Ram Parlour

If by any chance you are placed in Vizag, and you haven’t become  aware of Sri Sairam Parlor, you truly have missed an opportunity of having the best South Indian food that this hotel brings to the table. If you are hungry at odd hours and need a fast meal, then this is the place for you. Vegetarian meals are preferred more here.


11. Baker’s Castle

This place gets you food at reasonable prices. Everyone should try out the burgers and the pastries this place offers. This place is mostly known for their birthday cakes, so if you’ve got one coming up, do treat yourself to a party. For pastries, Dark Chocolate is very famous here.


12. Green Park

If you are looking to eat Biryani in the midnight then this is the place you must visit no matter what. Get down to Green Park and get your fill. It has a very good ambiance with a friendly staff and unlimited quantity of food. Gulab Jamun with Ice cream is quite a famous dessert and is worth giving a try.


13. Deepak Punjabi Dhaba

This place has got the best authentic Punjabi food. Deepak brings you back the taste of authentic North Indian cuisine in Vizag. If you are a person who likes North Indian food, this joint is your place. In non-veg items, Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken are good, and for veg Paneer Butter Masala is the best.


14. Food Ex and Jack Frost

Being surrounded by many colleges, this bakery has become a perfect hangout for many college students. They serve the best of burgers and pastries in Vizag. If you want to sweeten the end, you must have their famous Jack Frost ice-cream.


15. Venkatadri Vantillu

This restaurant is famous for their hot, tasty and spicy tiffins. It serves the best South Indian dishes especially Sponge dosa and Ghee dosa. Even the Idli they serve is so soft and smooth and with a good combination of chutneys they offer, that it naturally becomes worth trying.


16. Raj Dhani Restaurant

This restaurant is famous for its Chicken pakodas in the evening time and that makes it a perfect evening snack. Also, there are many non-veg curries that you can try here. It also excels in Chinese, Andhra, and North Indian cuisines. A perfect one where you can have a variety of food items.


17. Daspalla Executive Court

A good place for a family to spend their valuable time with courteous service and reasonable prices.It has the best authentic Andhra style food and people enjoy every bite of it.This restaurant also has an extra benefit for people opting for food in the late night with no compromise in a variety of food items in the menu.


18. Pizza Hut

This place is good if someone need a quick bite. Its location is quite accessible from anywhere in the city. They make the best pizzas, and their garlic bread is so mouth-watering and you can just enjoy it. The best part is that the staff are amazingly friendly and the pizzas are always delicious.


19. New Tandoori Inn

A good place with affordable price and nice ambiance. This restaurant offers Chinese and North Indian Cuisines. The butter naan is soft that you can enjoy its every bite with a combination of vegetarian or non-veg curries.


20. Little Italy

A perfect dining room offering traditional Italian food, gelato, and some Mexican dishes. The menu is filled with a variety of food items and the lasagne is also fine. The menu of this vegetarian Italian restaurant is indeed quite an elaborate one.