Top 20 Delicious Gujarati Desserts You Must Try


Our country has a rich culture and cuisine. People in different states make a wide range of sweet dishes on special occasions. Gujarat is known for its food and desserts. Gujarati people enjoy making a wide range of food items during the festivals and otherwise. Some of the best desserts made in Gujarat are listed here. Gujarati desserts are not only lip-smacking, but most of them are good for your health too. If you go to Gujarat, definitely try these desserts once.

1 Kansar

It is a sweet dessert made by the people of Gujarat. The main ingredients of this dessert are wheat and jaggery.  It is a dish made during the wedding ceremonies. It is a healthy dessert as the top layer consists of ghee and sugar.


2 Shrikhand

It is a traditional sweet made in Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is made with hung curd. Cardomom, pistachios, almonds, saffron, and nutmegs are used to give the flavor. People enjoy this sweet dish during the festivals with hot puris.


3. Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli also known as kaju barfi is a sweet dessert. Milk and sugar are used for making it. Some people use saffron to give it a different taste. The real taste of cashew nuts makes it a delicious sweet. It is specially made during wedding occasions.


4. Gol Papdi

It is a very famous Gujarati dessert, and is made in every home. People make it at any time of the year. Any special occasion is not required to make this sweet. The main ingredients used for making this sweet dish include wheat flour, ghee, and jaggery.


5 Ghari

Ghari is a Gujarati sweet dish. It is round in shape with sweet filling inside. It is made during the Chandani Padva festival. It is available in different flavors such as pistachio, almond, elachi, kesar, etc.


6 Doodhpaak

It is another Gujarati dessert. It is a type of rice pudding. Rice, Milk, Saffron, and Nuts are the main ingredients. It is garnished with almonds. It is nutritious as it is made of milk and rice. The cardamom and saffron give a real taste and flavor to the dish.


7 Mohanthal

It is a traditional sweet dish of Gujarat. It has a rich flavor and melts in the mouth easily. Spice like cardamom gives a rich flavor and taste to the dish. It is healthy as nuts are added to it. People make it during the festive season. The main ingredients of this dish are gram flour (Besan), milk, ghee, sugar, rosewater, cardamom, pistachio, and almonds.


8 Shakarpara

It is an addictive sweet snack that is often made at the time of Diwali. It is easy to prepare, and some people make this dish throughout the year. There are different ways of making this dish. It can last longer as it does not contain milk.


9 Sutarfeni

Sutarfeni is a traditional sweet dish. It includes shredded flaky rice flour that is roasted in ghee. Sugar is added to it to form a sweet cotton candy. Finally, chopped pistachio and almonds are used to garnish it.  Cardamom gives a rich flavor and taste to the dish. It is a famous sweet dish in Gujarat.


10 Koprapak

It is a nutritious and healthy sweet dish. The main ingredients are coconut, milk, khoya, sugar, and ghee. It is the best sweet dish for people who love to eat dessert after a meal.


11 Faada Lapsi

Faada Lapsi is a dessert famous in the state of Gujarat. People make it during the festive season. Many people also make this dish when they shift to a newly built house or during wedding ceremonies. It is an amazing combination of broken wheat and cardamom. Some people add milk whereas others add water and sugar.


12. Basundi

Basundi is a rich and delicious sweet dish of Gujarati’s. ’ Milk is boiled in a thick bottomed pan till the quantity of the milk reduces. Almonds and pistachios are added to make it healthier. It can be served hot or cold.


13. Ladoo Churma

It is a sweet dish that kids love a lot. The main ingredients of the dish are wheat flour, semolina, almond,pistachios, ghee, warm milk, jaggery, cardamom, nutmegs, and khus-khus. The ladvo is really delicious and yummy to eat.


14. Ghughra

It is a traditional Gujarati sweet dish, and is also known as gujhia. It is a fried dessert and contains the filling of coconut and dry fruits. It is made during the festive season. People make this dish on Holi.  It is a favorite tea time snack.


15 Malpua

Malpua is a sweet dish made during the festive season and on special occasions. Maida and semolina are used for making it. It is served as a pancake with kheer. It is especially made during the rainy season.


16 Chickoo Halwa

It is a mouth-watering sweet dish with the flavor of chickoo. It is prepared from grated chickoo fruit. Sugar and dry fruits such as almonds and pistachios are added to make it rich and healthy. Cardamom is added to the dish for giving it a unique taste and flavor. It is a delicious dessert and served after a meal.  The main ingredients are chickoo, khoya, sugar, ghee, milk, cardamom, and chopped almonds and pistachios.


17 Moong Dal Sheera

It is a favourite sweet dish for all sweet lovers. It is made on low beam of heat and with continuous stirring. Moong dal, saffron, ghee, milk, sugar, and cardamom are the main ingredients. You can use almonds, pistachio, and saffron strands for garnishing the dish at the end.


18 Biranj

It is a delicious and an authentic sweet dish to be served for the special guests. It can also be made during a special occasion. The main ingredients are vermicelli, milk, saffron, cardamom, and sugar. This dish has a rich taste and intense flavor of milk. Your taste buds will love the real taste of the milk and crispy vermicelli.  It is also made in many homes during the festival or Holi. It is the best treat after a heavy meal.


19 Coconut Halwa

It is healthy sweet dish made by the Gujaratis. The flavor of coconut shredding makes the dish mouth-watering. People garnish it with the pieces of almonds and pistachios. You can also add raisins to enhance its aroma. Saffron may be added to give it a different color and taste.


20 Puran Poli

It is a traditional sweet dish made in Gujarat. It is also made in the other states of India such as Maharashtra and Karnataka. The bread made of gram flour has a sweet filling inside. The stuffing includes jaggery, milk, coconut, ghee, nutmeg powder, and cardamom powder. It is made during the festive season.