Top 20 Mouthwatering Foods to eat on your Amritsar Trip

Top- 20- Mouthwatering- Foods- to- eat- on- your- Amritsar- Trip

Amritsar is one of the oldest cities in Punjab. This city of Punjab is known for the Golden Temple. People from various parts of the country visit this place to pay obscene at the Golden Temple. The city is also famous for a rich and traditional culture of Punjab. There are many must try dishes in Amritsar. It is a fabulous city for the food lovers. The street side shops offer different food choices. People love to eat the street foods along with the main course dishes.

You can enjoy mouth relishing food at Amritsar. There are many food places where you can enjoy the best dishes. A list of mouthwatering foods to eat on your Amritsar trip is given here.

1. Stuffed Kulcha

Stuffed Kulchas are one of the best foods to eat in Amritsar. The kulchas stuffed with different vegetables such as cauliflower, radish, onions, and potatoes are mouthwatering. It is served with mint chutney and flavored chickpea curry.


2. Tandoori Chicken

You will relish the Chicken Tikka Tandoori. It is the best food to eat for the non-vegetarians. You will love the crispy and tangy tandoori chicken served with masala on the top.


3 Fish Tikka

You should try Fish Tikka on your visit to Amritsar. You will love this dish because it is served in the best style. It is soft and buttery and you will enjoy it. The Fish Masala on the top gives it a unique taste.


4 Bheja Fry

You will love the delicious bheja fry. The soft and spicy bheja fry will satisfy your taste buds. It is the best dish for the non-vegetarian food lovers.


5 Sarson Da Saag and Makki ki Roti

If you go to Amritsar in winters, you should not miss Sarson Da Saag and Makki ki Roti. It is the most famous dish of Punjab. You will enjoy the hot Makki ki Roti with creamy and spicy Sarson Da Saag.


6 Jalebi

In the dessert, you can enjoy the beautiful saffron colored jalebis. It is the best dessert to eat if you visit Amritsar in winters. The jalebis are laced with Rabri to make it more delicious and mouthwatering.


7 Lassi

If you visit Amritsar and miss the famous lassi, then no point going to Amritsar.  Lassi is offered in heavy glasses that will be sufficient to cover a meal. You can enjoy sweet and salted lassi as per your taste. Sweet lassi is garnished with dry fruits and kesar. Salted lassi is mixed with spicy masala that will open your taste buds. The rich and creamy layer on the top is relishing and mouthwatering.


8. Guru Ka Langar

It is the most important food to eat on your trip to Amritsar. You will love the taste and serenity of the food served in the Golden Temple. You must eat Guru ka Langar. You will enjoy the langar and the prasad served in the community kitchen.


9 Mutton Chap

It is worth trying mutton chap in Amritsar. It is served hot with spicy masala and chutney. The mutton is mind-blowing and delicious.


10. Baingan ka Bharta

You will love the special Baingan ka Bharta available in restaurants. You must eat this Punjabi dish on your trip to Amritsar. Butter is added to it, and you will enjoy the special baingan ka bharta that is prepared by adding flavored spices.


11. Phirni

It is a sweet delicacy. You will enjoy this creamy and sweet delicacy. It is served in earthen pots, and you will surely ask for more. It includes rabri with ice-cream and falooda on the top.


12 Lachcha Paratha

It is another famous food that should be eaten on your Amritsar trip. It is made with a special technique. You will love the exotic taste and design of the Lachcha paratha. It is soft and crispy.


13 Kharode ka Shorba

It is a favorite food of the local people. It is something that you will enjoy if you are a non-vegetarian. You will enjoy the hot soup with garam masala, chillis, and lentil leaves.


14. Tawa Chicken Pulao

This dish is mouth-watering. Butter is used for making the dish. Chicken is added to the boiled rice. The dish is garnished with ginger and coriander which gives the real taste. The rice mixes well with the soft pieces of chicken.


15 Paneer Tikka

It is a delicious food item for the food lovers. Chunky cubes of cheese are laced with spicy curd and then grilled on coal. Other vegetables such as onions, capsicum, and tomato are added to it with a rich aroma of garam masala.


16 Keema Naan

It is another special food to eat in Amritsar. It is served with butter and thick gravy. You will love the spicy and hot naan. The taste of the naan will leave you speechless for a moment.


17 Dal Makhani

If you are a pure vegetarian, you will love the Daal Makhani at Amritsar. The special mah ki daal is cooked for over 12 hours to make it special and relishing. The different flavors and aroma of the daal will leave you spellbound.


18. Puri Chole

It is a breakfast dish in Amritsar. It is served hot with pickle and aloo ki sabzi. You will relish the real taste of the poori and sabzi.


19. Paneer Bhurji

You will find the tastiest Paneer Bhurji in Amritsar. It is a simple dish yet must eat food in Amritsar. Different spices are added to the dish to give it a real taste and aroma. The butter pieces make it the most delicious food item in Amritsar.


20. Gur Halwa

You will find many sweet dishes in Amritsar, but Gur halwa is a special sweet dish served here. The sweet and real taste of gur makes it a popular and unique sweet dish. Almonds and raisins are used for garnishing the dish.