Top 20 Dessert Restaurants in Wanowrie Pune

Wanowrie is a posh locality in the Pune district of Maharashtra. The place is wholly urbanized and has easy access to the Railway station, schools, hospital, and airport. Besides this, it has the best eating joints in Pune.

1. Henny’s Gourmet

Henny’s Gourmet is a popular chain of pancake restaurants located in Pune. It is well known for its insanely delicious fresh Belgian waffles with various toppings to choose from- Nutella, Choco chips, and sprinklers. Its best-selling are banana Nutella waffles, crispy, crunchy, strawberry waffles, blueberry cream cheese waffles, and many more. A perfect destination to calm your cravings for desserts. Henny’s Gourmet is worth the money and pocket friendly, especially for college students.

henny gourment

2. Cafe Chokolade

Another famous eating joint in Wanowrie Pune is Cafe Chokolade. It is not only located in Pune but across many cities of India. It is well known for offering quality fast food, shakes, beverages, Bakeries, and desserts at affordable rates. They are also known to provide the best chocolate drinks and desserts in the area, so it is an excellent place to explore for chocolate lovers.

cafe chokolade

3. Bubble Waffle by Mahabaleshwar Point

Bubble Waffle, one of the famous Waffle restaurants, located opposite Dekhchi restaurant in Wanowrie. As the name suggests, this restaurant serves Bubble Waffles with a crispy web and soft spongy bubbles, sounds yummy right? The uniqueness of their waffles is that their topping is of cream, ice cream, and chocolate that makes up a savory combination. Rates are reasonable, and the taste is worth the money.

bubble waffle

4. Helada’s

Helada’s, one of the famous dessert restaurants, located in Salunke Vihar, Wanowrie. They serve softies, desserts, and blends. The concept of preparing their items is so unique that the taste of each of them makes the taste palate explode. The outlet is small with a beautiful ambiance and fantastic seating arrangements. Some of their best-selling are Mexican Dessert Tacos, ice cream bells, and chocolate shakes.


5. Swiss Bakes

Swiss Bakes is a cake and bakery shop located on Kedari Nagar road, Wanowrie. Coffee and cakes are what Swiss Bakes is well known for as an excellent place to enjoy the deliciousness of their offerings with friends. Their systematic ways of preparing the item have helped them achieve a considerable reputation. They also give corporate gifts for occasions like Diwali, Wedding and Engagement ceremonies, Anniversary and Birthdays.


6. 99 Pancakes

The recipe prepared using eggs as the core ingredient has the heart of many people these days. Yes, I am talking about pancakes. The famous ‘99 Pancakes’ restaurant is in Kedari Nagar, Wanowrie. People in Pune land here to eat pancakes, especially chocolate pancakes, Holla Nutella pancakes, and brownies, the best-selling Pancakes. A perfect place to visit for a quick snack with friends and family.

99 pancakes

7. Fantasy Bakery ‘n’ Patisserie

Fantasy Bakery ‘n’ Patisserie, well known for cakes and pastries, is located in Kedari Nagar, Wanowrie. Fantasy Bakery ‘n’ Patisserie is an expert in Swiss rolls and cupcakes. It specializes in cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and other occasions. The items are worth a try.


8. Fat Cat’s Cafe

For the people fond of visiting aesthetic cafes and enjoying sipping hot chocolate and summer drinks, you have reached the right place. It is the Fat Cat’s Cafe in Salunke Vihar, Wanowrie. It offers a wide range of food items, from sausages to beer to desserts. A great place to satisfy your cravings for evening snacks and desserts after dinner. It is a bit expensive but worth the taste and quantity.

Fat Cats Cafe

9. Churro Mania

Churro Mania is a Mexican restaurant that serves delicious, hot, and crispy, 100% eggless churros. It is a sweet Spanish snack, fried with sugar or cinnamon and served mainly with dips or ice creams, garnished with toppings just like sundaes. They customize as per the liking of the customers. A good change from the regular desserts. Worth the price and a try.

churro mania

10. Dessertto

Specializing in cakes and slices of bread, Dessertto is one of the oldest cake shops in Salunke Vihar. Dessertto has been in the baking industry over the past twenty years and has gained wide popularity in the city. They offer excellent cakes, pastries, and decorations. The rates are worth the quality because of which it has attracted many clients.


11. Meridian Ice Cream

We often binge-eat ice cream to beat the summer heat, especially ice cream lovers forgetting their limits. The one-stop destination is Meridian Ice Cream in Wanowrie, Pune. It offers a comprehensive and unique variety of ice creams at reasonable rates. The uniqueness is the concoction of fruits and ice cream that gives a fantastic result. Meridian has never disappointed its customers and has always been consistent with its quality and taste.

meridian ice cream

12. Baker’s Basket

One of the spots for desserts is Baker’s Basket, situated in Sacred Heart Town, Wanowrie. It is famous for its garlic bread, puffs, and other bakery items. They ensure that high quality and fresh items reach the customers, which helps them to achieve customer satisfaction.

bakers basket

13. Le Flamington

One of the famous joints to indulge in your temptations for desserts is Le Flamington, located in Salunke Vihar, Wanworie. The desserts look like artwork and taste heavenly. The popular food items they offer include hot chocolate, artisan bread, coffee entremets, brownies, and pastries.

le flamington

14. Cheesecake Delights

Finally, after mentioning cakes, waffles, pastries, and sweet drinks, and cheesecakes entered Fatima Nagar, Wanowrie, Cheesecake Delights offers one of the most delicate cheesecakes in Pune. They specialize in preparing fresh, delicious, and artistic cheesecakes that attract their customers.

cheesecakes delights

15. Peter’s Pan

Peter’s Pan is an all-day dining cafe based in Green Valley, Wanowrie. The ambiance is good, a perfect place to dine out with friends. As per a few visitors, Peter’s Pan is one of those eating joints which serves the most delicious pancakes at affordable rates.

peters pan

16. Bliss Bakery Cafe

Bliss Bakery Cafe has completed 17 years since its establishment, becoming one of the oldest cafes in South Pune. They serve a wide variety of bakery and food items. The customers who have experienced their taste and quality have always returned with happy faces. They have a good ambiance and a separate section for families with indoor and outdoor seating. Food explorers must give this place a try.

bliss bakery

17. Magic oven

The Magic oven is a cake and bakery shop in Salunke Vihar. Its menu includes cakes of different flavors, cookies, cupcakes, macaroons, and many more. They prepare the best customized cakes with beautiful icing and moistness.

magic oven

18. Coffee Jar

A cup of coffee with a dessert is a great combination. The Coffee Jar is one such cafe that offers this combination at inexpensive rates. Hot mocha, cappuccino coffee, and cherry cheesecake are the favorite items. A perfect place for coffee lovers to spend quality time, sit and have fun with friends.

coffee jar

19. Donut Magic

Donuts, too, need to be mentioned when it comes to desserts. Donut Magic serves delicious, rich, and affordable donuts. The popular ones are chocolate donuts and iced sugar donuts at cheap rates. Donut Magic, located in Salunke Nagar, is a must-try.

donut magic

20. Backers Bake

Backers Bake is a famous shop on Salunke Vihar Rd. It claims to offer cakes with a beautiful appearance and taste. The menu comprises almost every cake flavor and for every occasion at different rates. Make sure to give it a try.

backers bake