Top 20 Desserts For Which There Is Always Space In Your Stomach

Your Stomach

Nothing can act as a stress buster as perfectly as desserts do. Indians becoming crazy for the same is no surprise. And therefore, for all the sweet people out there, here is a list of top 20 desserts for which there is always space in your stomach!

1.Chocolate Mousse At Aubree, Sadashiv Nagar, Bengaluru

People crazy for chocolate have to try this at least once. This contains not one, not two, but three layers of pure chocolate with various other flavors. White chocolate on top, milky brown chocolate in the middle and dark in the end, this calls for a total treat.


2.Dark Chocolate Mousse At Lavonne, Domlur Bengaluru

Although, we don’t tend to have berries and chocolate together, this chocolate mousse with raspberry cake on top is heavenly. And, the way the sweet fluid along fills in your plate gives the desserty goodness.


3.Jackfruit Tan-ta Tan At The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai

The Bombay canteen is famous for creatively indulging their flavors from all around the world and creating a plate full of unlikely combinations. This dessert just adds up to their queue of customers. With cashew ice-cream topped with jackfruit and apple caramelized in sugar and butter, this gives a perfect end to a meal.


4.Chocolate Mousse Granita At Hakkasan, Mumbai

We expect mousse to be chocolatey, gooey with all the sweetness intact but the mousse we get at Hakkasan is all of that, with just the right consistency of flavors, plus a hint of masala chai flavor along with a crunch. So for all the chai lovers, this might turn out to be your favorite dessert.


5.Melonpan, Dlf Golf Course, Delhi

Japanese create something different always and this time it’s with dough. With dough covered with a crisp cookie crust, the Japanese bread, comes in flavors like caramel, chocolate, and melon.


6.Creme Brulee Cheesecake At Terttulia, Mumbai

This gorgeous dessert not only is plated flawlessly but the three layers of cream and caramel give it the best taste as well. The delicate cheese cake layer on the top melts in your mouth smoothly with perfect amount of sweetness and milky goodness.


7.Tempura Ice Cream, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

Fried ice cream is something that you must’ve never heard of, or even imagined of, but the place Delhi, provides you with the best blend in ice cream inspired by Japanese. This dessert is hot and crispy outside and cold and sweet inside and would set your taste buds tingling with flavors unimaginable.


8.Berry’d Alive, Koramangala & Indiranagar, Bengaluru

Hazelnut crème pot, coffee mousse and white chocolate brownie, aren’t all these your favorite?  What if I say you get all these in a single combination in this beautiful dessert? Yes, you do. So what’s the wait for, try this delicacy every time you visit Bengaluru.


9.Irish Coffee Cake At Cake Walk, Koramangala, Bengaluru

Perfect coffee flavors are hard to find, and no one can expect Irish ones to be in Bengaluru. Irish coffee cake of cake walk is palatable of all the flavors we’ve ever had!


10.Spoonful Of Sugar, Indiranagar & Koramangala

Crème Brulee, sticky chocolate, walnut cake with vanilla sauce, I think that’ll be all to describe this perfect dessert.


11.Dorayaki, Khasra, Mg Road, New Delhi

This tempting dessert is as delicious and juice filled as it looks. It is a pancake filled with sweet red bean paste and is one of the most famous confectioneries of Japan. These pancake buns are definitely something to drool over!


12.Waffles At BelgYum, Whitefield, Bengaluru

BelgYum is a place where you can customize your waffles to your heart’s desire. The best is the combination of waffles, with vanilla ice cream and bananas. Nutrition as well as taste, perfect combination.


13.Truffle Praline Cake At Dolci, Cunningham Road, Bengaluru

Although we don’t like repeating our desserts, this ones to crave for. A perfect example of how caramel and chocolate along with a hint of coffee cream can provide your taste buds a bite full of smooth flavors. Sweet and elegant at the same time, is what purely defines it.


14.Dark Floats, Malleshwaram, Whitefield, Bengaluru

Chocolate flavored ice cream is everyone’s favorite, and this is topped with vanilla and choco-chips with hot melted chocolate forming its surface is something to die for!


15.Earl Gray And Dark Chocolate Cupcakes At Icing On Top, Mumbai

This delicious bakery gives a range of freshly baked goods. Among them, the best are the earl gray cupcakes which not only look tempting but also give you chocolaty shivers down the spine as you dig into the creaminess of the moist and dense cake.


16.Matcha Macaron At Yauatcha

These velvet coated sweeties are the eateries you will keep wanting. Apart from the subtle sugar surface, they also have a gooey and moist carpet of sweetness in between, which tastes absolutely perfect as you take the first bite itself.


17.Giant Chips Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich, 15 Ad Jodhpur

With crunch on the surfaces and sweetly ice cream in between, this giant sandwich is a must try. The chocochips give you an extraordinary blend of flavors with the munch that comes along.

Giant-Chips-Cookie-Ice-Cream18HomeMade Twix Bars

Dark chocolate bars cut into appropriate sizes with caramel in between is the most simple and the best dessert to have after a home-cooked meal!


19.Mousse, Cake And Crème, Whitefield, Bengaluru

This is the best and the most special of all the desserts. I guess, the image speaks for itself. The moistness and intensity of dark chocolate are something that anyone would give into it. Plus, the creamy melted white chocolate paste just adds to the combination of sweetness.


20.Tiramisu, 15 Ad, Jodhpur

Layers of delicious cake and cheese cream, with the flavor of coffee to it, make a new treat to your sweet tooth. Should surely give it a try!