Top 20 Desserts You Can Have In Vellore

Top 20 Desserts You Can Have In Vellore

Be it your craving for it or a special occasion, having sweets is known for great beginnings. Here are the top 20 places in Vellore, India, where you can have delightful confectionery. From traditional Indian sweets to delectable desserts, these sweets will satisfy every sweet tooth’s desires.

1.Sentamizh Treats Rowdy Brownie

Vellore’s top-notch cloud kitchen service is run by Mr. Prasana, a male chef. To me, brownies are to die for, and it’s a brownie only if we have a golden cracked crust and a melting fudge bottom. Rowdy brownies are best at both. They prepare many other delicious treats such as kaapi kadai (tiramisu), and Rosemilk Tres Leaches; I say, try everything!

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2.Fig-honey From Maharani Icecream

41 year-old ice cream shop in Vellore, next to Voohrees College. It is a little outlet that has filled many hearts over the decades. They manufacture the ice cream in their unit and deliver it to us day by day. Fig Honey is a must-try here; besides this, they also serve freshly made rose milk, mango milk, and kulfis.

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3.Oyalo Espeessolava Cake

I wonder who came up with such a fascinating combination: lava cake plus espresso fusion. I don’t know about others, but as a coffeeholic, this got me tripping. It is worth the hype, too. The slight bitterness of coffee and its aroma flush through your veins during each bite. Oyalo Pizza is located at Officer Lane Road in Vellore. It’s a small space with attractive seating.

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4.Cheesy Juicy Burgertruffles

Cheesy Juicy Buger, recently renovated after COVID, opened with a more bright and attractive setup. The staff there are amiable and sometimes offer free refills of soft drinks. They have semi-frozen natural desserts in three flavors: dark melt, molten chocolate, and Xtreme Oreo. It is a frozen moose-type dish that melts in your mouth.

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5.Giani Ice Cream

They recently opened ice cream parlor with an exciting ambiance. I love their traditional-style swing seating arrangement, which brings back the kid in us. They have lots of flavors of ice cream to offer, along with sundaes and milkshakes.

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6.Mug Cakes From 7th Heaven

A veg-based pastry or continental food shop that’ has lots of options to satisfy our sugar craving. Among everything, the mug cakes are a must-try. It comes in many flavors for different types of people. Nutella mug cake should definitely be on the list if you are a chocolate lover.

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7.Egg Sweet

Many places sell this authentic item, but egg sweets from this one particular shop on the highway to Vellore are the best place to try the original taste. It tastes similar to gulab jamun, which comes in different shapes, with the addition of certain flavors like saffron.

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8.Popsiclesfrom Bake Shake

Patery shop with moderately spaced indoor wooden-themed ambiance. Out of most of the deserts here, their popsicles are a must-try. It comes in multiple flavors; red velvet popsicles are my personal favorite.

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9.Good Morning From Cacozyicecream

This is a small kerb ice cream parlor that serves specialty ice creams. They have attractive names such as “Back to the Future”, “Why so Crunchy,” and much more that relate to the ingredient present in them. I have tried most of them, so I’d suggest you try “Good Morning,”, that vanilla soft serve ice cream with coffee powder dusted alongside marshmallows.

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10.Red Velvet Waffle From Waffle Cart

Small dessert food truck right among the restaurants, perfectly located where you can reach it right after a heavy meal. They serve basic flavor like chocolate, oreo, and vanilla, but they taste better than the previous bite. Make sure you don’t take anyone with you so that you don’t have to share and enjoy it all by yourself.

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11.Rasamalai And Basundi At Bombay Andanda Bhavan

For a sweet tooth who favour Basundi, its consistency is very important; it shouldn’t be simply the milk lactoderm (in Tamil, we say adai); it needs to be thicker but seemingly soft too. Speaking of Rasamalai, it’s best if you parcel it to your home in the morning, keep it in the fridge throughout the day, and enjoy it cold and juicy. What’s best about the rasamalai is that the syrup is not watery; it has a concentrated consistency. I felt this place met all my needs for perfect Rasamai and Basundi.

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12.The Chocolate Bomb From Chocolate Room

I have tried many chocolate bombs before, but in the chocolate room, their filling was a beautiful blend of brownie, vanilla ice cream, and caramel drizzle. Both the chocolate fudge sauce and filling combined to take my taste buds to another level of chocolate explosion. The ambiance is a coffee-colored setup with a Tumblr furniture interior.

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13.Dosa Art’s Chocolate Dosa

Dosa is the South Indian version of crepe, and so chocolate dosa infuses that combination. It tastes unique, as dosa is usually served spicy, so making a dessert version out of it is a creative work of art. We can modify the toppings according to our wishes. The restaurant is only open after 5 p.m. and is open till midnight.

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14.Kesar Falooda From Cream World

Gelato ice cream is the base for this parlor; all their desserts are gelato ice cream-based. The Kesar falooda is served in a well-presented manner. The ambiance is a blue-themed setup, and even though there are only a few staff, they are welcoming.

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15.Ferraro Waffles From Bubbles N Waffles

This cafe is located on Katpadi Road and serves bubble beverages and Waffles. Bubble waffles here are one of a kind; they are waffles topped with flavorful bubbles that burst to give a flavorful texture with every bite. The Ferraro waffles is must try here, they are highly chocolate loaded.

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Besides jasmine flowers, Madurai is famous for its milk-based drink, Jigirdanda. We can get the same taste in Vellore too, from the Jigirdanda shop on Gandhi Road. The ingredients in it are almond gum, milk, special root syrup, and ice cream.

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17.Darling Namma Veedu, Sizzling Brownie

Who doesn’t love dessert sizzlers? Be prepared to buy one more sizzler, as if you visit the place with a few friends, within a blink of an eye; it will be over. Whenever I visit, we always end up with one plus one and crave more.

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18.Sundae From Cream Fudge

This is situated in the center of Vellore, in an area called the “Green Circle.” They serve many dessert varieties, from milkshakes to sundaes. The royal espresso creation has a mix-up of flavors from coffee, chocolate, Oreos, and nuts, all of which together form a different taste.

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19.Mango Manhattan

It is a special mango-rich summer dessert made with two scoops of mango ice cream and one scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with freshly cut Alphanzo mangoes, and finally drizzled with mango pure. They serve the dessert in goblet glasses. You can find this in Darling Cafe at Vellore Institute of Technology.

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20.Kunafa From Zufrutia

Only place so far in Vellore serving Kunafa is Zufrutia, a multi-cuisine restaurant recently renovated and opened on CMC Road, Vellore. Kunafa is a Middle Eastern dish made of fried vermicelli, sugar syrup, and other flavors. They serve it with ice cream on top that melts in your mouth.

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