Top 20 Places To Have Biriyani In Vellore

Top 20 Places To Have Biriyani In Vellore

There is a saying that money cannot buy you happiness; I can’t entirely agree. Biriyani is nothing but a state of happiness. Homemade biriyani is there, but having to savor the store-bought version that tastes perfect is a fortunate day for you. Below is a list of such fortunate places to try biriyani when you are in Vellore.

1.Saleem Dhaba

A very student-friendly restaurant that has wide varieties of biriyani for variety lovers and is a great place to chill. After quarantine, they slightly modified the interior to add a cloud-lit, dark-themed seating area with AC. The biriyani types here include nellore, dragon chicken, prawn chilly biriyani, and so much more.

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2.Andra Spice

This is the place for spice lovers; the Andra special biriyani here has a really flaming hot touch. The ambiance is small, but enough to fill at least 30 people. If you visit, do try the ASS Biriyani and Leaf Chicken. Leaf chicken is thinly cut, boneless, fried, and marinated in spicy Singapore sauce.

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Andra Spice

3.Bihari Dhaba

They also have wide varieties of biriyani, with a variety of flavors in each biriyani. The interior has a moderately set AC seating ambiance with yellow-themed lighting. Their best seller is Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani. Along with biriyani, try their honey chili potato and honey chili chicken.

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Bihari Dhaba

4.Mandeez Kitchen

The mutton biriyani here is to die for. I love when I get the bone marrow part, and luckily I got that exact piece. Moreover, the ambiance is beautifully designed to express a bamboo-themed setup. It has both Arab-style dewan seating and normal dine-ins. Make sure to click a picture outside the restaurant, where they graffitied a colorful wing.

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Mandeez Kitchen

5.Darling Namma Veedu

As it is situated in the heart of Vellore, it is mostly crowded, especially during lunch hour. Biriyani here is simple but loaded with flavors. Muttom Biriyani is the best seller here. The ambiance is porch, so the price ranges up to match the location and ambiance.

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Darling Namma Veedu jpg

6.Thambi Biriyani

The restaurant is located in Velapadi, Vellore. For utmost care and service, meet Ramesh Anna as soon as you enter. Mutton and chicken biriyani here have great taste; for sides, try chicken chukka. The chukka is dry and spicy, with a peppery touch.

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Thambi Biriyani

7.S.B.R Biriyani Center

Situated in Gandhi Nagar, this place owes wide hearts. They are best known for chicken biriyani and chicken 65. Two people can split one biriyani. A comfortable seating area is provided with friendly service.

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S.B.R Biriyani Center


It is a multi-cuisine family restaurant, and besides biriyani, it is famous for its kebabs and tandoori. The best order here would be Chicken 65 biriyani and Shanghai chicken. There are wide other varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters on the menu that you can explore.

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9.Culcutta Rolls Center

The chicken leg in your biriyani is a jackpot, and I always get one when I visit. The ambiance isn’t very friendly due to the labor crowd, but the biriyani is definitely delicious, so do try it. They give you an egg along with it.

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Culcutta Rolls Center

10.Jaisha Grand

The restaurant is in Katpadi, with an Arab-style diwan seating setup. There is a very crowded atmosphere during lunch hour, but the food is worth the wait. It would be best if you tried their single-wing mandi and Singapore biriyani. Both of these have unique fusions of flavors.

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Jaisha Grand

11.Black-Star Biriyani

Recently opened a biriyani parlor beside a lassi shop. Isn’t that another beautiful combo: hot biriyani and cool lassi? Try them both together if you visit this place. They are open only during the lunch hour for a short period; plan to parcel it between 12.30 to 1 p.m.

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Black-Star Biriyani jpg

12.Vellore Delicacy

It is a four-star restaurant with a beautiful ambiance and a large seating area for multiple people. Chicken biriyani and Korean-style wings are great-tasting items in this place. I highly recommend trying this place when in Vellore.

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Vellore Delicacy jpg

13.Vellore Kitchen

One of Vellore’s high-class restaurants with consistently satisfying food and service. There are multiple outlets; each restaurant feels the same way to me, and the food they serve. The egg biriyani is worth a try compared to other meats.

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Vellore Kitchen

14.Old Town

They serve great-tasting biriyani and starter varieties. The best sellers here are the chicken biriyani and cashew chicken. Cashew chicken is a dry starter, so tag along a juice from the juice bar. The beverages are great in taste as well.

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Old Town


Similar to every other Zaitoon, the ambiance is beautiful and well-decorated. It is located in the same building as INOX in Vellore. The biriyani is entirely out of budget, but moainly price meets quantity. The mutton biriyani has a saffron touch that gives it a North Indian fusion vibe.

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Located on CMC Road in Vellore, it was recently renovated to open fresh with 10/10 interior work. It has a delightful setup for a date or special occasion. Moreover, they are also the only place to serve kunafa in Vellore. So after a bucket of biriyani, quench your sweet craving with kunafa.

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17.Arabian Majlis

Kerela-based owners who are warmly welcoming and jovial at all hours. The biriyani here has a Kerela touch. Besides this, you can order al-fehem for the side; with mayo, they taste very appetizinf. They have Arabic-style dewan seating.

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Arabian Majlis

18.Jhothi Biriyani

This is the Vellores’ OG place to have biriyani; the rice used here is jeeraga samba. Muttom biryani is quite famous. Though the biriyani tasted really good, the mutton pieces were too few to fill the stomach.

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Jhothi Biriyani

19.Meesakaarar Biriyani

This place is also called 2 amBiriyani and is very famous among Muslims, as it is open late at night for those who fast during Ramadan. The biriyanis sold out in just 30 minutes. So you get it only if you are lucky. Only PARCEL will be available.

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Meesakaarar Biriyani

20.100s Heritage

Similar to their name, they have created an old-world heritage vibe with the interior work, which is to be appreciated. The dishes are a considerable expense for the quantity served, but there is an authenticity we can expect. Pot biriyani with Kunafa prawns is worth trying.

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100s Heritage