Top 20 Dine-In Cafes And Restaurants In Hazaribagh

Top 20 Dine-In Cafes And Restaurants In Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh, located in the district of the Indian state of Jharkhand, is a city with a municipal corporation. It serves as the headquarters for the North Chotanagpur division. The city is well-known for its beautiful location, which makes it a popular health resort destination. Here, the Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary is a famous attraction in the area. This gorgeous city boasts an endless array of delicious dishes, with locals savoring chutneys, pickles, and staples like Daal, bhaat (rice), roti, palak, and mushroom. The culinary options are truly endless.

1.Royal Blue

Royal Blue is a premium restaurant on the outskirts of Hazaribagh with quality food. It has an exotic atmosphere and a good menu with various cuisines at a reasonable price. And the hall is perfect for 50-80 people parties.

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2.Frontier’s Café

Frontier’s Cafe is a flawless spot for bakery and sweets enthusiasts. You can also have lunch or dinner at the Frontiers Cafe. The environment is calm and soothing, customer service is good, and pastries are a little costly, but you get what you pay for. You will get a good blend of tastes and flavors.

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3.Café Blueberries

Cafe Blueberries is a family restaurant located near the Budhwa Mahadeo Temple. The cafe serves the best food. You can visit here without any worries about the food quality. The place is very soothing plus foods are available here at a reasonable price. Service quality is outstanding. The Paneer chili and chicken are mouth-watering. They also serve biryani which tastes delicious. They have the right amount of spice and are freshly prepared. Students must try this restaurant. I think you love this restaurant.

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4.Lockup Restaurant

LockUp Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Hazaribagh. It is known for its taste and desi-style food. Management is along with the station view. The whole place is very hygienic, and staff behavior is good too. Most importantly, the food is very delicious, and the prices are decent.

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Pyala is into the flavored tea and coffee business, which includes exotic cookies flavor. It is a cozy corner for some good veg Chinese, pasta, and tea. It has an assortment of burgers, pizza, sandwiches, mocktails, and shakes available here.

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6.Momo Nation Café

Momo Nation Cafe is a go-to destination for momo enthusiasts in the area. It has classic to innovative options for momos with a comfy atmosphere that adds to the enjoyable dining venture with quality meals. Hospitable hosts, delicious food, excellent interior, and welcoming and charming atmosphere have left the best impressions. It is a go-to destination for momo enthusiasts in the area.

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If you want to have some lip-smacking Chinese or rejuvenate your taste buds, come here and relish the delicious momos at Momomia Hazaribagh. It has hot delicious, mouthwatering stuff with a variety of momos and Chinese to satisfy your evening cravings and more. While you have hot momos or Chinese for your tummy, get your bike/car at Momomia, PTC Chowk Hazaribagh.

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8.Pepper And Salt Restaurant

Pepper and Salt Restaurant is impressive for kitty parties and other family gatherings. It has an excellent staff and services with a rooftop. It is a great place for having proper meals or snacks. The quality of the food is too good. They take care of personal choices as well. The ambiance is soothing and has a sprawling dining area to enjoy your food and feel unwatched.

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9.Hunger Vunger

Hunger Hunger is quite fantastic and probably the best restaurant near Hazaribagh bypass. The meal is delicious, and cheesy chura tikka is the chef’s special here. The staff is friendly and polite. The restaurant is slightly overpriced, but that’s what you might expect with mind-blowing decor and maintenance. It is worth enjoying television on a big screen projector. At last, the place is worth a try.

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10.Kaka Ka Sekuwa

Kaka ka Sekuwa is one of the best in town, serving the tastiest food. Service is fast with a good place for people who love food in a calm environment. Relatively cheaper and service is up to the mark, lightning, decoration is very positive. Grilled, Chinese, veg, and non-veg dishes are available with reasonable pricing making a difference.

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11.Chilli Vanilla

Chilli Vanilla is the best Chinese restaurant in town! The food is marvelous, from preparation to presentation, and very pleasing- must try their hot sour soup and spicy and crusty chili (Go for mushroom chili). It has friendly staff. Potato Chillia and Paneer Chilli must try once you are in Hazaribagh.

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Daalchini is a newly opened and pretty good restaurant. The staff behavior is too good. The inner and outer view of the restaurant is gorgeous. The chicken roll and chicken kabab, and biryani taste delicious. They have the right amount of spice, and they are freshly prepared. They also have the takeaway option, which becomes convenient to carry and eat at any place you like. People who live in Hazaribagh try this restaurant.

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13.One Bite

One Bite, located within the town area opposite SBI’s main Branch, is a fast-food restaurant. The interior of this place is quite vibrant, colorful, and photogenic. Talking about the food and services, it is satisfactory. The taste and quality of the food are unbeatable, and in bonus, you would enjoy the great ambiance.

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14.Food Junction

Food Junction is a Bollywood-themed family restaurant. It has a lawn area decorated with light. Coming to the food, starter items and non-veg are tasty, like chicken sizzler, chicken afghani, and veg Manchurian are very tasty. In vegetarian veg seek kabab has an acceptable taste. The price of the dishes is reasonable. The staff members are honest and helpful.

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15.Grill Inn

Grill Inn is a restaurant with a pleasant ambiance and decor with average food. The food they serve is very fabulous, mouth-watering. The atmosphere is refreshing. They also have a guitarist playing and singing songs, creating a romantic environment. However, Pizza is a good option at this place was good in taste, and rolls as well.

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16.New Kwality Restauarnt

New Kwality is a restaurant in the middle of the city of Hazaribagh. It has vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and a large and beautiful garden on its campus, which caters to the photography needs of the visitors. The atmosphere of this place is lovely, the selfie zone and celebration zone are unique, and all decorations are appreciable. Moreover, it’s affordable, and the service is also pretty good.

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17.French Bean

French Bean is an exquisite restaurant with delicious and a variety of food. It has a spacious dining area with an amiable staff. The restaurant is clean and photogenic. It is at a prime location in Hazaribagh with a parking area available.

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Mirchi is one of the best restaurants in Hazaribagh. It is known for its lollipop masala, mutter paneer is best, and naan roti is marvelous. The food is very delicious, but it’s a bit costly, and if you are looking for peace and comfort, try Mirchi.

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19.Litti Darbar

Litt Darbar, Here I found a tasty preparation of Litti Choka. The place is neat and clean, with a new stylist in a short space. It is in a prime location and a comfortable area. But I think Management can also improve in variety Quality of the Preparation in litti Chokha. The food is delicious, and the service is exceptionally well. The atmosphere is cozy. I would recommend it to others.

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20.V’s Foodie Café

V’s Foodie Corner is a multi-fast-food counter which serves desi Chinese, burgers, pizzas, momos, tandoor mocktails. The food is good but a little expensive, and the service is satisfactory. Staff are exceptionally knowledgeable and make great recommendations.

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