Top 20 Dishes Which Are Healthy To Eat In Winter

Top 20 Dishes Which Are Healthy To Eat In Winter

1. Khas-Khas Halwa

The sweet dish which is traditionally famous in India is Khas-Khas Halwa. The dish is made in the winters especially because the main element of the Halwa is Khas-Khas which keeps the body hot and warm. The Khas-Khas Halwa is made up of the ingredients like Khas-Khas, sugar, desi ghee and chhoti elaichi. It is always served hot with the garnishing of dry fruits. The Halwa can be preserved in the refrigerator for 2-3 days and it can be served hot.


2. Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa is another famous winter recipe of India. The dish is a sweet dish which is made at every one’s home at the time of winters. The dish is made up of the ingredients like grated gajar, mava, doodh, sugar, etc. Then it is served hot with the garnishing of the dry fruits. The Halwa is famous for guests. In the winter, the Gajar Ka Halwa is served to guests.


 3 Sarso Ka Saag

Sarso Ka Saag is a famous Punjabi dish which is popular all over the world. This is the winter special dish served hot with Makke ki Roti which is made up of corn flour. The dish is dipped in the desi ghee to give the touch of Punjab. Salad is served with it along with lassi.


4. Chicken Soup

In the winter season, the chicken keeps the body active and warm that is why mostly people prefer non-veg at the time of winters. The chicken soup is served before the meal. The little bites of chicken are put into the soup. Other ingredients which are added in the soup are seasonal salad and the Chinese sauces like soya, chilli, etc.


5. Besan Prashad

The sweet dish Besan Prashad is known as Mongi Mithai. The famous dessert is commonly served in the temples as the form of prashad. The sweet dish is made up of ingredients like besan, sugar and Mava. The Besan Prashad is a tricky dish which is only made by the elders in the house. The perfect level of sugar is very important in the dish. It is given to all at the temples or at homes.


6. Spicy Sweet Potatoes

The Sweet Potatoes are seasonal vegetables available in the winters. The taste of the potatoes is already sweet; to make the taste balance, Indian spices are added to it. The Chinese Sauces are put into it to make it more tempting. Then it is served hot as a snack.


7. Gud Ke Laddu

In winters, the human body needs warmth; that is why huge amount of Gud is consumed. The Gud is made up of sugarcane. Then taking the main ingredients as Gud, the laddus are prepared. The dessert is made up of the ingredients like dry fruits and Gud. The laddu can be preserved for the whole season.


8. Undhiyo

The Undhiyo is a famous Gujarati dish. The dish is made up of ingredients like potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, etc. In short, the dish is an overall healthy dish served hot in winters. It is the perfect combination of taste and health.


9. Carrot Ginger Soup

In winters, we all like hot, thin texture food to make us satisfy. The Carrot Ginger Soup is the perfect option. The carrot only comes in winters; that is why it is easily available in the market. The grated ginger is mixed with carrot, then they are boiled in water. The Chinese sauces are also added into it to make it tastier. Then it is served hot before the meal.


10. Chicken Pulao

The Chicken keeps the body warm and active; that is why the Chicken Biryani or the Chicken Pulao is preferred in the winters. The Pulao is very rich in Indian spices like elaichi, Cesar, long, etc. The chicken leg pieces are added in to it. Then it is served hot with salad in lunch or dinner.


11. Aloo Methi

Methi is also a winter special vegetable which is made in winters. The dish is made up of ingredients like potatoes, tomatoes, methi and Indian spices. The vegetable is served with Makke ki Roti or Butter Roti. The dish is also famous because the green vegetables like methi and palak are good for the human body in winters, it keeps it warm and active.


12. Almond Saffron Milk

The more you eat dry fruits, the more you get energy in winters. That is why, special milk is prepared at every one’s home which is popularly known as Almond Saffron Milk. The drink is made up of ingredients like milk, crushed badam and saffron. The dish is served hot as well as at room temperature. The milk is as delicious as you think.


13. Kala Chana Dal

Kala Chana Dal is also made in winters mostly because the vitamins which it consists are necessary for the body in winters. The Dal can be served with roti as well as chawal. The texture is made according to the preference. The Dal is made up of ingredients like kala chana, onion, tomato, etc.


14. Gajar Mutter

As we know, Gajar means carrot which is good for health. It increases the eye-sight as well as it helps in the growth of muscles. That is why, Gajar is used differently. The Gajar Mutter is a vegetable which is served with roti. The texture is very thick. And it also contains rich Indian spices.


15. Chole Palak

The green vegetables are grown very easily at the time of winter season. The Chole Palak is the Punjabi recipe which is very much popular in the country at the time of winters. The dish is made up of the ingredients like Chole, Palak and Indian spices. The Chole is soaked overnight in water to get sprouted. Then the dish is served with rice because the texture is like that. It is a main-course heavy dish.


16. Tomato Soup

Tomato is a good ingredient for digestion. It cleans all the dirt from the stomach as well as cleanses your skin. The tomato soup is generally made in all seasons but mostly it is made in winter season because the skin will be moisturised. The soup is very simple to cook and it is served hot before the meal. It also increases the hunger.


17. Uppma

The dish is made up of crushed potato and bread crums. The dish is generally served hot at the time of evening refreshment.


18. Masala Chai

This is a well-known winter as well as summer recipe. But it becomes double popular at the time of winters. The Masala Chai is made with chai masala added to it. The hot Chai is served hot in the cold weather.


19. Aloo Ki Tikki

The famous street food of India is mostly preferred in winters. The fun of having Aloo Ki Tikki in the cold winter makes your day happening. It is served with Chole and curd.


20. Methi Mutter Malai

The Methi Mutter Malai is a main-course dish which is well known in the Indian restaurants. The dish is made up of the winter’s special Methi and Mutter. When the dish is ready, it is served hot with the garnishing of Malai over it to make it appealing.