Top 20 Dishes To Make With Sattu

Top 20 Dishes To Make With Sattu

Sattu is a flour made from cereals and pulses. Basically filled in as a sharbat by road merchants at the pinnacle of summer, sattu, commonly made of cooked Bengal gram, has a close moment cooling impact on the body.
What’s more, when made into balls, to in with curry, it turns into a powerhouse of vitality. The ‘poor man’s protein’ as it, too is top notch, as well as pressed with a ton of medical advantages also. The old school technique for making state would include drying cooking Bengal gram in the sand (as peanuts are on the streets), utilizing a strainer to strain the sand, and after that beating the simmered gram to a powder.

1.Sattu Paratha

Sattu parathas are quick to make. For a working mother like me, they are a blessing. I frequently make these parathas for my son’s tiffin. My kid finishes his lunch whenever I pack Sattu Parathas. His friends also love the dish.


2.Sweet Sattu Sharbat

Sattu Sharbat is popular in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It cools down the body. I ensure that my child drinks this sharbat before he goes out to play with his friends. Not only does Sattu prevent heat strokes, but it is also organic. Sattu drink is easy to make. Peddlers sell it in the summer season. Next time when you go for grocery shopping, but a packet of sattu instead of Rasna or Tang.


3.Sattu Kachoris

Everybody in my family loves Sattu Kachoris. My husband frequently pesters me to make these delightful bread. Since I love my husband, I give in to his demands. At home, an iron wok to cook the gram is sufficient. Be that as it may, on the other hand with sattu accessible monetarily, one no longer wants to make the flour at home.


4.Spiced Sattu Drink

Sattu flour is rich in minerals. Also, it has great extents of iron, manganese, and magnesium, and is low in sodium as well. Spiced Sattu Drink is a variation of sweet sattu sherbet. Adults love this drink. It contains a variety of masalas.


5.Sattu Bati

Sattu Bati is a Rajasthani dish. Sattu Bati is a great accompaniment to chokha. There are two variants of Chokha- the Aloo Chokha and brinjal Chokha. It is a poor man’s lunch meal. Bati Chokha is very satisfying. You can buy it for 15 Rs per plate at any roadside store. Desi Ghee Batis come for Rs 20 per plate. The roasting of this Batis is carried out in sand.


6.Sattu Lapsi

My grandmother taught me how to make Sattu Lapsi. She came from a village. This dish may be limited to rural areas. Sweet dishes join Sattu with natural product cuts, sugar, and drain. It is a prevalent stuffing in parathas. In Bihar, Sattu is set up with toasted gram flour.


7.Sattu Laddu

My mother in law offers Sattu Ladoos to Lord Ganesha on Ganesh Chauth. My father in law loves to eat them when she makes it. He often complains that Ganesh Chaturthi comes only once a year. I wish to one day learn this recipe from her. I plan on perfecting the technique to make these ladoos.


8.Sattu Baby Food

When my son was born, I came across this simple yet nutritious baby food. I did not wish to invest in processed baby foods. So I chose organic, unprocessed and authentic Indian food for my darling child. Sattu is easy to digest.


9.Sattu Namkeen

For a person in a hurry, Sattu Namkeen will come to their rescue. Sattu Namkeen pairs well with evening chai. In rainy evenings, you must try this dish with a cup of hot tea. You can thank me later.


10.Baked Sattu Khasta

Every weekend, on Sundays, my family loves to eat Khasta Chhole and Dahi Jalebi. Since my father in law is diabetic, he has to watch what he eats. Being the ideal daughter in law that I am, I bake them for him. Serve it with potato curry or Rasedar Chholey.


11.Sattu Halwa

Families from Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar make Sattu Halwa. Everybody with a sweet tooth will love this dish.I put on some weight after I gave birth to my child. I wanted to lose weight. To satisfy my sweet cravings, my mother in law used to cook Sattu Halwa for me. This dish helped me shed those extra pounds.


12.Sattu Onion Fritters

Indians love to eat warm and fresh fritters. Adding Sattu makes the fritters tastier. Chop the onion into thick slices. Keep them aside. In a bowl add roasted Sattu flour, salt, pepper, cumin seeds and mix it well. Add water slowly to it. Whisk until smooth. Coat the onions in the batter. Fill a wok with oil. Heat the oil. Deep fry on medium heat until golden brown.

onion baji

13.Sattu Ki Barfi

Sattu Ki Barfi is a Bhojpuri dish. It is a dessert containing Sattu flour, sugar, and nuts.


14.Dahi Ke Kebab

On my visits to Lucknow, I always have Dahi Ke Kebabs as starters. Dahi Ke Kebabs melt in your mouth.


15.Sattu Daliya

When I get sick, I eat Sattu Ka Daliya. It aids digestion.


16.Chicken Satay With Sattu

Chicken Satay with Sattu is an Indian take on an Indonesian dish.


17.Sattu Bread

Sandwiches made from Sattu Bread are nutritious. The dough of the Sattu Bread can be a little sticky. Be patient while handling it.


18.Sattu Cheela

Make a thin batter from Sattu and water. Spice it as per your preference. Pour a ladle of Sattu batter on a hot non-stick pan. Flip it after a minute. Cook it on both sides. Serve with chutney.


19.Sattu Roti

You can add roasted Sattu flour to regular wheat flour. Add a pinch of salt. Mix it well. Add water and knead into a soft dough. Make small balls. Flatten the balls with your palms. Roll it. Cook on an iron girdle.


20.Sattu flavoured Meat

A balanced meal consists of proteins. Meat is a necessity for the body. Sattu gains flavor from the spices it mixes with. Thus, Sattu is a great way to marinate meat, whether Chicken, Mutton, Lamb or Beef.Sattu Paratha