Top 20 Dishes to satisfy your midnight cravings


1. Butter Naan with Chicken Curry

The first thing that hits our mind when we think about midnight cravings is hot butter naan with soft creamy chicken curry. Chicken always satisfies your cravings.


2. Biryani

Biryani can satisfy any type of craving. Steaming hot biryani at late night fast food centers for people who attend midnight parties but are not interested in emptying their pockets.


3. Paneer Butter Masala

Here comes the all time favorite paneer butter masala and roti. It is everyone’s comfort food and satisfies the midnight craving too.


4. Saag Chicken Kebab

For winter nights, one should try saag chicken kebab. Kebabs are made with minced chicken, and barbecued on charcoal. They satisfy midnight cravings for chicken lovers who tend to explore different varieties of chicken.


5. Pav Bhaji

This dish itself is a whole meal. The soft crunchy bread with bhaji masala and slight touch of butter & onion will satisfy your spicy cravings when you hangout with your friends.


6. Kathi Rolls

These tortillas are filled with mixture of onions and chicken. The piping hot tortillas along with chicken can satisfy your midnight cravings.


7. Vadapao

Being the only breakfast, lunch, and dinner for many mumbai people, vadapao can even satisfy your midnight cravings. The soft bread is stuffed with mashed potato and masalas.


8. Falooda

When you crave for something sweet at midnight, then falooda would be a great choice. Firstly, ice-cream is added along with rice noodles, jellies, strawberry and sauce. This is filled with crunchiness and sweetness.


9. Jalebi

These are made by deep frying maida flour in circular shapes. Then soaked in sugar syrup and served with chilled and sweetened yogurt.


10. Momos

These are stuffed with chicken and then steamed in pressure cooker. They are served with mayonnaise, and red chutney. One can eat them fried or steamed as per their choice. Momos are available at every fast food center.


11. Waffles

These are made with pancake batter in a special machine which are used to make waffles. Waffles when eaten along with maple syrup and ice-cream can satisfy your midnight sweet cravings.


12. Bread-Pizza

This dish doesn’t need too much effort. All you need to do is take a bread slice, add ketchup, onions, salt and some grated cheese on top. Heat the bread on the pan for few minutes and it is ready to be eaten.


13. Roasted Potatoes

Potatoes are yummy and everyone’s favorite. All you need to do is boil the potatoes for few minutes and then roast them with butter, salt, thym,e and pepper.


14. Spiced Bhujia

It consists of bhujia, tomato, onion, lemon juice, chat masala, peanuts, and chilly. This dish takes less that 10 minutes to prepare but fills your stomach to the mark. After a long restless day at work, you can make this at home and satisfy your midnight cravings.


15. Chocolate Sandwich

Chocolate is all time favorite of many people. For chocolate sandwich all you need is bread, nutella, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. Apply nutella on both sides of bread, add chocolate chips & marshmallow, and simply bake them.


16. Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is the favorite dish of many Indians. It is made with maida flour, deep fried in oil, and then soaked in sugar syrup. They are also served with ice-cream.


17. Homemade Pizza

Instead of going out and ordering pizza, we can also make them at home. These are best for people who love cheese and wants that in every food item they eat. These pizzas can satisfy your midnight cravings to a large extent.


18. Donuts

Donuts filled with chocolate and covered with brown sugar can satisfy your late night cravings because the sweet and crunchy texture of the donut and the chocolate inside will just melt into your mouth.


19. Tacos

Chicken tacos in special case can satisfy your midnight cravings because the spiciness of the taco just hits your mouth and makes you want more. Tacos are crunchy when compared to tortillas which are soft and gooey.


20. Milkshakes

Milkshakes can satisfy your sweet cravings whether at home or while you are with your friends. All you need is ice-cream, chocolate, honey, ice cubes, and milk. These items are enough to make a milkshake that can fill your mouth with deliciousness.