Top 20 Dishes To Try At Jai Bhawani, Katraj, Pune

Top 20 Dishes To Try At Jai Bhawani, Katraj, Pune

Jai Bhavani is a very famous snack centre in Katraj, Pune. It is known for its reasonable prices and tasty snacks. It is very famous among the students of Bharti Vidyapeeth University, as many of them eat here. They serve different food items, which they freshly prepare in front of the customers. They have two branches: one where they serve only snacks to the customers, and the other, which is a proper restaurant with seating facilities. The Snack Centre is the most famous; hence, we will see the top snacks you can easily find at Jai Bhawani. Let us see them one by one.

1. Manchurian Burger

The most famous snack is Jai Bhawani. It has one burger and two big-sized Manchurian balls with some sauce and mayonnaise. The price of the Manchurian Burger is very affordable, and it is loved by all the students. It is often considered a lunch rather than a snack by the students. It is their signature dish, and no one in Katraj serves Manchurian Burgers to the customers; it is a completely new concept of Jai Bhawani only.


2.Bread Patties

This is also a very famous snack called Jai Bhawani. It has a diagonally cut bread with the masala aalo inside and is deep fried in the oil. The bread used in patties is usually bigger than the normal bread we commonly use in our homes. They serve this super-tasty pattie with their signature green and red chutney. The stuffing inside can be altered as per your choice. The price of this is also very reasonable, and it tastes amazing.


3.Kokam Juice

There are so many different types of juices that are available at Jai Bhawani, but kokum juice is the most famous. Kokam is a fruit mainly produced in the Maharashtra region and famous among the Marathi people. They prepare juice by adding kokum crush to cold water and ice. This cold juice is best for the summer. The sweet and tangy flavour of kokum is liked by many customers.


4.Medu Vada

Apart from the snacks, they also serve super delicious South Indian dishes such as medu vada. Medu vada is fried lentil vada; it is also known as sambhar vada in many places in India as it is served with sambhar. They serve this with coconut chutney and sambar. They give two medu vadas on one plate, which is enough for one person.


5.Khari Patties

Khari Pattie is a very famous snack in Maharashtra. It has an outer covering of crunchy, thin sheets of flour, and inside it has a stuffing of paneer, vegetables, or potatoes. It is then baked and served hot. It has stuffing similar to the Bread Pattie, but the taste and texture of the Khari pattie are different from the bread pattie; hence, people love this too.


6.Vada Pav

Everywhere you can find vada pav in all of Maharashtra, be it a city or a small roadside stall, Vada Pav can be found anywhere, but in the back gate of the University, Jai Bhawani serves one of the best vada pavs to its customers. It has spicy potato vada, which fits perfectly with the tangy and spicy chutney and masala. They also add fried chiles to complement the dish.


7.Paneer Tikka Burger

Jai Bhawani has a wide range of burgers available for their customers, such as paneer burgers, vegetable burgers, aloo burgers, etc., but their second famous burger is the paneer tikka burger, which has paneer stuffing grilled perfectly and tastes amazing. They serve this at a very affordable rate; hence, most of the customers are students who come here to eat their food during the lunch break at the college.



Poha is another very famous breakfast that you can find all over Maharashtra. There are different types of poha that everyone enjoys, but when we talk about Maharashtra only, people like to have onion poha here with groundnut and lemon, which has a significant amount of kadi leaves in it. Jai Bhawani serves poha only at breakfast time; they don’t serve poha at other times of the day.



Samosa is yet another famous snack to enjoy all over India. It has a simple potato filling, but it tastes amazing and is heavenly to people. People like to have samosas with green and red chutney. Jai Bhawani also serves samosa with their signature red and green chutney, and they also give fried chilly and sev to complement the samosa well. The price of a samosa is pretty good compared to its size.


10.Sabudana Khichdi

Yet another famous dish of Maharashtra that people like to have in the morning. It is prepared by mixing soaked sabudana and grainy groundnut powder in equal quantities. They also add their special masala to this to enhance the taste, and last, they garnish it with fresh green coriander. This particular dish is also everyone’s favourite.


11.Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada is a deep-fried sabudana snack that consists of mild spices and binding flour. It is a super oily snack, which is not for health freaks, but people love to eat sabudana vada from Jai Bhawani Snack Centre. They serve sabudana vada with sambhar and chutney, which is the typical style of serving sabudana vada all over Maharashtra. It is served hot, as it gets chewy once it gets cold.


12.Batata Vada

Batata Vada simply means deep-fried potato balls that have a coating of chickpea flour, or besan, and a significant number of spices to excite your taste buds. Jai Bhawani serves batata vada with chutney or sambhar; it depends on your liking. You can either take chutney or sambhar, or both.


13.Sev Pav

Just like vada pav, sev pav is also a lightly grilled pav with an inside stuffing of sev and masala instead of potatoes, as we saw in vada pav. They serve this with some special green chutney, which is very spicy; they also add tamarind chutney to cut off the extra spice.



Dabeli originates from the state of Gujarat, specifically from Kutch; hence, it is also known as Kutchi Dabeli. It has a nice potato filling within the pav with sev, pomegranate seeds, spices, and different chutneys, including a spicy and tangy one. Jai Bhawani serves this at a very affordable price, and people love to eat dabeli here.



Sandwiches as a snack or as a meal are very famous among us; everyone loves sandwiches in some form or another. It can be of different types: grilled or raw. Jai Bhawani also has a wide range of options that a customer can choose from in the sandwich; you can customise it according to your taste. They serve cheese sandwiches, paneer sandwiches, and vegetable sandwiches, and they also have the option of a healthy sandwich where they use brown or multigrain bread.


16.Idli Sambar Combo

Idli sabhar is also a very common dish to eat, and at the same time, it is very healthy. Jai Bhawani has a combo of idli and sambhar where you can take either 2 idlis or one idli, one medu vada, one idly, or one batata vada. They serve this with hot sambar, which you can take extra if needed, and it has no extra charge.


17.Cold Coffee

One of the most famous drinks to drink daily is coffee. Some people like it hot, and some like it cold. Jai Bhawani sells only cold coffee, which is thick, creamy, and tasty. The price for this is also very reasonable as per the quantity they serve. Students like cold coffee a lot, and it goes best as a side dish to drink with snacks.



A flavourful, tangy, sweet, and tasty snack from India is chaat. There are so many varieties of chaat you can find all over India; here in Maharashtra, Bombay-style chaat is the most famous. Jai Bhawani also serves chaat with different choices of Tikki, papdi, etc. to its customers.


19.Paani Puri

Paani Puri in a snack centre is a must. A crispy ball with potato filling and tangy and spicy pani is what our taste buds always need. Jai Bhawani serves pani puri at a reasonable price with a very tangy taste.



A must-drink or evening drink in our homes. A simple cup of chai refreshes our mood and makes us active. Jai Bhawani serves chai at a very pocket-friendly rate, and everyone simply loves the taste of chai here. These are some other best snacks that you can find at Jai Bhawani Katraj in Pune. It is not a big shop; it is just a small shop with a huge menu. There are more things that you must try here. You can try anyone according to your liking. All the dishes are budget-friendly here and are super tasty too.