Top 20 Must-Try Brunch Meal In Ahmedabad

Top 20 Must-Try Brunch Meal In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the most famous city of Gujarat. It is a city of preserved monuments, architecture, arts, galleries, and cafes. We can’t deny that Ahmedabad food is a paradise for food lovers. It offers classic Gujarati snacks to street-style snacks. And I am sure no visit to Ahmedabad can complete without a food tour. This city is famous for its sweet and savory snacks. And popular snacks cum brunch meals of Ahmedabad are Dhokla, fafda, and Jalebi. Once in a lifetime, you try this food from Ahmedabad, which I will share in this article. I will add some brunch meals from this city.


Dhokla is a Gujarati signature snack. It is a savory sponge snack that is popular throughout the country. It is a healthy version of snacks. It consists of fermented chickpea and gram flour. Then we baked it in cake consistency. It is topped with coriander, green chilies, and sugar syrup.



It is a mixed vegetable dish which is a specialty of Ahmedabad. The name of this dish comes from the Gujarati word, which means “upside down”. This dish is cooked upside down under the ground in earthen pots called matlu. It is a mixed vegetable prepared with red lentils and seasoned with spices. It can usually eat with puri.


3.Sev Tomato

Sev tomato is the traditional sabzi of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Sev tomato is also known as Gujarati Sev Tameta nu shaak. This dish is simple to prepare. It consists of minimal and simple ingredients. It is the most tempting dish to serve for brunch. It takes you only a few minutes to prepare.


4.Gujarati Methi Thepla

Thepla are seasoned flatbreads that consist of spices, herbs, whole wheat flour, millet, and yogurt. It is a flavor and savory snack of Gujarat. Methi Thepla is a type of Thepla. It consists of fenugreek, spices, and whole wheat flour. Fenugreek is also healthy and helps to reduce inflammation. It is a healthy version of brunch.



Khandvi is a famous appetizer in Ahmedabad. It is prepared from a gram flour batter in buttermilk. It is mixed with seasoning like ginger, green chilies, turmeric powder, and salt. It appears as a small roll of cooked gram flour. It is also known as an anytime snack, garnished with chopped coriander leaves and grated coconuts.



Handvo is a Gujarati dish. It is made from fermented rice and dal. Then, it is further stuffed with vegetables, hot chili, and spices. Handvo is a tempting dish. This tasty dish serves a savory, golden, and crispy texture. It gives a golden texture from the exterior and a soft texture from the interior. It is rich in carbs and protein. It is a healthy version of brunch.



Muthiya is a vegetarian Gujarati food. Muthiya is a fist-shaped dumpling. As we all know, Gujarati loves its snacks much more than its dishes. Muthiya is one of them, made up of fenugreek leaves. And its main ingredients are gram flour. It is of two types, steamed and fried. It is primarily a vegan dish.


8.Gujarati Kadhi

It is a sweet-savory yogurt-based dish. It is made up of gram flour, curry leaves, and spices. It is a simple variant of Kadhi, made without fritters. It is the best option for a comforting lunch. Steamed rice is served with it. Kadhi are excellent for summer as they are cooling.



Patra is also known as Alu vadi. It is also a popular snack in Gujarat. Patra is a stuffed roll of Colocasia leaves. It consists of Colocasia leaves, which give a tangy and sweet gram flour spread on them. They are steamed and then deep shallowed or fried, which enhances their taste.



It is similar to dhokla, but not the dhokla. It only consists of gram flour. It is usually softer than dhokla. Its secret ingredient is baking soda (in high quantity), which makes it fluffier and spongier. It is a savory snack. It is considered a brunch-time snack in Ahmedabad.


11.Gujarati Thali

Gujarati thali is composed of two or more fried snacks known as farsans. It also contains green vegetables, a tuber, or a gourd shaak. Shaak is the main ingredient. And it is spiced together into a curry or a spicy dry dish, kathol, and yogurt dishes like kadhi. It includes raita, shrikhand, rice, khichdi, and dal (tur). In desserts, it has halwa and basundi. It is accompanied by sour and spicy chutney, pickles, ghee, and chopped salad served raw or steamed in some spices. Its detailing goes into creating balances of taste and textures. In bread, it includes paratha, bajra roti, and bhakris. It is a must-try thali.


12.Gujarati Farsans Platter

It is a combination of a variety of snacks. It contains steamed and fried snacks. It is a famous platter in Ahmedabad. It is a brunch type of snack. Gujaratis enjoy this platter with chai or tea. Most of these snacks are served with sweet and tangy chutney. This platter gives an essence of Gujarati culture and traditions.


13.Rajwadi Thali

Rajwadi Thali is a famous restaurant in Ahmedabad. It offers multiple food items, from main course to desserts. The meal begins with an appetizer (farsans), then the main course includes daal, bread (bajra roti, and paratha). The main course also consists of shaak sabzi, rice, and kadhi. It is accompanied by pickles, chutney, and papad. In dessert, including shrikhand, basundi, Gulab jamun, and jalebi.


14.Bhakri Pizza

It is also called gluten-free pizza. It is a Gujarati-style pizza made with Bhakri. And it is topped with capsicum, onion, and tomato. It is available in street-side stalls all over Ahmedabad. It is crispy and crunchy and holds the toppings of pizza beautifully. I must say that this pizza is worth trying for those, who are diet conscious.


15.Dabeli Fondue

Dabeli fondue is a traditional Gujarati snack. This is a fusion of Indian flavors with international spices. A pomegranate is added to the top, which enhances its taste. Pomegranate is the main ingredient in Dabeli. Dabeli is a mix of traditional Gujarati spices, which makes it different from other states of Dabeli


16.Kathiyawadi Brunch

Kathiyawadi brunch offers a delightful array of brunch in the region of Gujarat (Ahmedabad). It includes a variety of vegetarian dishes, which shows the unique tradition of Gujarat. It includes bharela bhindi, Kathiyawadi khichdi, Khati Mithi daal. It is a tempting and flavorful brunch for Gujaratis. It is easily available in restaurants in Ahmedabad.


17.Gujarati Daal

Gujarati Daal is also known as khatti meethi daal. It is a healthy dish prepared from tur daal and many spices. It is part of everyday meals. It tastes a mild sweet-sour as compared to another Indian daal. You can enjoy it with chapati. It’s famous for its authenticity and taste.


18.Bajra Rotla

Bajra rotla is also called healthy pearl millet roti. It is a flatbread consisting of pearl millet. It is extensively healthy as it is a rich source of proteins. In the village, it is usually cooked over cow dung, which enhances its taste. If you are looking for a gluten-free option as brunch, then it is the best option.


19.Bharela Bhindi

Bharela Bhindi is a Gujarati curry. Like all other Gujarati dishes, it also has a sweet-savory Texture. It also has some flavors of peanuts, sesame, and gram flour. It is perfect for your everyday brunch. You can give a try to this Bhindi. You can eat it along with chapati, and ghee loaded on it.


20.Fafda jalebi

It is an all-time favorite snack for Gujaratis. Although it is not a healthy option, it is delicious. It is a tempting combination of sweet and savory. Fafda consists of gram flour and Indian spices. Jalebi is made up of Maida and sugar syrup. Fafda and Jalebi are worth trying as a combination.