Top 20 Dishes To Try In Ghatkopar Khaugalli, Mumbai

top 20 ghatkopar khaugallu mumbai
top 20 ghatkopar khaugallu mumbai

Mumbaikars love street food. Khaugallis are small lanes filled with different types of food joints. And when we recall khaugallis, Ghatkopar comes first in our minds. Ghatkopar is a vegetarian’s paradise. It is situated in Ghatkopar East. The place has a blend of numerous cultural food items, we just can’t miss out. Here’s a list of 20 dishes to try in Ghatkopar Khaugalli, Mumbai:

1. Multi-Flavoured Pani Puri

No street food is complete without a plate of yummy Panipuri. Devnarayan panipuri stall serves some amazing flavorful panipuri all day long. This place is situated opposite WTC pasta. Available in guava, mint, garlic, regular, and hajma hajam flavours, these round balls will burst some unique yet tasty flavours in your mouth. Do not miss their sukhipuri.

Multi-flavoured Pani Puri

2. Pink Sauce Pasta

WTC Pasta at Ghatkopar Khaugalli serves some amazing pocket-friendly pasta. They have a wide range of Italian pasta with an Indian twist. Do not forget to try their popular pink sauce pasta. The pink sauce pasta is a combination of white sauce as well as red sauce. Garnished with a load of cheese, enjoy this steaming hot dish along with your college mates.Pink Sauce Pasta

3. Cheese Grilled Sandwich

Jai Shree sandwich simply known for its classic sandwiches is a gem for sandwich lovers. Their cheese grilled sandwich is loaded with raw veggies, authentic chutneys, and lots of cheese all over it. One shouldn’t miss this one out.Cheese grilled sandwich

4. Dosa And Manchurian Dosa

Get spoiled for choices as Sai Swad Dosa serves over 45 variants of dosas along with some coconut chutney. They try to load the entire world in their single dosa. Do not forget to try out their Jini Dosa and Manchurian Dosa.Dosa and Manchurian Dosa

5. Dabeli

This authentic Gujju dish is a sweet-n-spicy mixture of potato/ banana filled inside a soft bun along with onions, chutneys, masala peanuts and garnished with coriander and sev. Tempted right? Do try this quick bite from any stall you find.Dabeli

6. Roller Coaster Ice-Cream

This gem in Ghatkopar khaugalli prepares some fresh fruit ice cream right in front of you. There is a huge cylindrical roller that continuously rotates. The ice cream is served in a shredded form. Do try this unique dish.Roller coaster Ice-cream

7. Dry Fruit Malai Gola

Pooja Gola serves the finest golas in town. These are colourful snowballs topped with flavoured syrups, coated with a layer of their homestyle malai, and garnished with tons of dry fruits. This dish is a paradise for sweet lovers.Dry fruit Malai Gola

8. Pizza Shots

Are you someone who loves to try atarangi fusion food? If your answer is YES, this place is where you should head to. Cheese on fire at Ghatkopar khaugalli is a joint which serves appetizing food. Pizza shots is a must-try. Veggies, pizza sauce, seasonings, and plenty of cheese are stuffed in a Puri. They use a kitchen blowtorch to melt the cheese. Tempting right?Pizza Shots

9. Masala Thumsup

Have a chilled and refreshing glass of Masala Thumsup to beat the heat. Café Jethwa sells this drink by adding some spices to our favourite cold drink- Thumsup.

10. Paneer Schezwan Frankie

Om Sai Sagar is a famous frankie stall in the gullys of Ghatkopar. They serve frankies which has a burst of flavours rolled in between a roti. Their paneer schezwan frankie is loaded with paneer, schezwan sauce, chillies, spices, mayo/cheese, and fried in loads of butter.Paneer Schezwan Frankie

11. Jalebi Fafda

How can our Ghatkopar khaugalli be complete without any authentic Gujrati snack? Purshottam Kandoi HaribhaiDamodarMithaiwala sells some amazing Gujrati snacks for years. Dive into their Jabeli made with pure ghee and Fafdas.Jalebi Fafda

12. Tandoori Rolls

Hot Spot is a go-to stall in Ghatkopar Khaugalli that offers some mouth-watering juicy paneer tikka, baby corn, and mushroom rolls. They prepare everything on a tandoor. Do add this one to your list.Tandoori rolls

13. Dahi Dhokla

The khatta-meethaDahi Dhokla at Varsha Chaat Centre is a total blend of Mumbai’s chaat and Gujrat’s dhokla on one plate. Dahi, chutneys, spices, sev, and coriander are topped on pieces of Dhokla.Dahi dhokla

14. Breadless Sandwich

This is a perfect snack for fitness freaks as Jai Shree Sandwich gives a healthy twist to your classic sandwich. All raw vegetables are layered as similar to a normal sandwich without bread.Breadless sandwich

15. Potato Twisters

A potato twisted and coated with a spiced batter, deep-fried in piping hot oil, and served with spices and dressings. Sound superb right? Café Jethwa at khaugalli serves a wide range of potato twisters you just cannot miss out on!Potato Twisters

16. Strawberry Blossom

This drink at Patel Juice Centre is a blend of frozen strawberries, milk, and ice cream. Served in a large glass with fresh strawberries and a dollop of vanilla ice cream, this drink will satisfy your belly.Strawberry blossom

17. Paneer Tandoori Momo

Momos are loved by all. Try some delicious tandoori momos at cheese on fire to satisfy your taste buds.Paneer Tandoori Momo

18. Ice Cold Pani Puri

Enjoy a plate of ice-cold panipuri at Jai Durga Center. The stall only serves cold panipuri available in meetha and teekhaflavours.Ice Cold Pani Puri

19. Bhaji Cones

Ever tried a bhaji in a cone before? If not Brijesh is a go-to place to try it now! A spicy stuffing is filled inside a crispy fried cone and garnished with sev, masala peanuts, and coriander. This is a perfect quick bite.Bhaji Cones

20. Sev Khichiya Papad

Khichiyapapad is an absolute favourite snack. Papad is roasted on hot coal and topped with tomatoes, onions, raw mango, sev, boondi, coriander, and loads of chutneys. You can try this at any local stall nearby.Sev Khichiya Papad